.                 Edmund Connelly, s/o Constantine Connelly
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.                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

.      Edmund Connelly,2                                                                                                                                       (Constantine,1)
.          The only source for the early Connelly generations is
William Elsey Connelley (#D2311) (late 19th and early 20th centuries).
.          According to him, the Connelly brothers Thomas, Edmund, and possibly John and Henry, came from County Armaugh, Ireland and
.          ca 1689 settled at Old Albemarle Point, which became Charleston, SC.  Edmund Connelly, the youngest son of Henry Connelly,
.          supposedly married in SC to Mary Edgefield and had sons Thomas and Harmon.  Harmon married the dau of a physician named
.          Hicks and Thomas married a "Pennsylvania Dutch woman".  Thomas died about two years after suffering wounds at the Battle of
.          Kings Mountain (which was fought in Oct 1780).  Thomas' son was
Capt Henry Connelly/Conley (#D).

.          Supposedly Edmund was b 2 Jul 1700 Charlestown, SC (or b 2 Jul 1688), and d ca 1750 Guilford Co, NC, and his wife was Mary
.          Edgeield, b ca 1700 Charlestown, and d ca 1750 Guilford Co, d/o Col Arthur Edgefield.  Edmund was supposedly the s/o Henry Con-
.          nelly and Betsy Vaux Buckley, and supposedly this Henry was the s/o an older Henry Conley, of County Armaugh, Ireland.  The
.          source of these details are unknown and are oft repeated.  I'm relegating most of these "legendary" Connelly/Conley history to the
.          page:  
Henry Connelly, legendary ancestor of Eastern Ky Conleys.

.          I am offering an alternative theory of Thomas' ancestry in the notes below, which at least has supporting documentation.  Namely,
.          Thomas' father Edmund was probably the same Edmund, s/o Constantine Connoly/Conelly, whose will was prob 1741 Chester Co,
.          Pa, naming son Edmund as administrator.  It is still possible that Thomas was in the lineage as Henry's father, meaning that he was
.          in the Chester Co area around 1750, but left no record there other than the birth of a son Henry in 1751.  Thomas was in the records
.          of the Braddock 1755 expedition, apparently in the Western Maryland area.  If so, then Thomas likely was born in 1720s or 30s, and
.          Edmund born in the 1680s to 1700s, and Constantine born in the 1650s to 1670s, all possible, and making Constantine's age at death
.          in the 60-90 range.  Various sources say Thomas was b ca 1725, d ca 1783 and Edmund was b ca 1688, and one says Edmund was b
.          2 Jul 1700, d ca 1650.  All the online sources claim the standard Connelly story that Edmund's father was Henry Connelly.

.          1715 Essex Co, Va: Quit Rent Roll: Edmond Connely, 200 acres.  (May not be same Edmund)
.          1741, 16 Dec: prob of estate of Constantine Connoly, listing son Edmund as the administrator.
.                    The estate documents contain the following notes: "expense of John Cloather for coming from Maryland to give me an acct,
.                    my father was dead", and "To cash 8 days Riding to gether ye effects of ye Decd."
.          1742, 26 Jan: Inventory & appraisment of estate of Constantine Conelly, by Thomas Gregg and John Nickols, which included
.                    in his estate a number of items of Maryland money, plus the statement "what was brought to our view by Edmund Con-
.                    nelly administrator".
.          1747/48 Chester Co tax list, Kennet, Edmond Conoly.
.          1749/50 Chester Co tax list, Edmond Connelly.
.          1756 Chester Co tax list: Edmund/Edward Connelly.

.          Acc to Capt Henry Conley's pension application, he moved with his father from Chester Co, Pa to Guilford Co, NC, where he was
.          living at the time of entry into RW service.  So far, no record of Edmund (or Thomas) Connelly in the Guilford Co, NC area has been
.          found.

.          issue: (possible list, but no public records found for proof)

B     ?  
1.   Thomas Connelly, supposedly b ca 1725, and reputedly m Mary Van Harlingen.
.                There was a Thomas Conley who d prior 1792 Montgomery Co, Va whose wife may have been Susannah Smith, who was the
.                 mother of Thomas and Garland Conley of Logan Co, Va (WVa) .  Or he could be this Thomas, or the s/o
Arthur Connely (#E1)
.                 of Augusta Co, Va.
.                 1755, 14 May: records of the 48th Regmt, serving under Genl Braddock mention Thomas Connelly.  See below.
.                           This is consistent with the family history by William Elsey Connelley who stated that Capt Henry Conley's supposed
.                           father Thomas Connelly served in "General Braddock's army in its disastrous march on Fort Du Quesne" in 1755.  He
.                           also claimed that he was the same Thomas that "served during the winter of 1779-1780 in the First South Carolina Regi-
.                           miment, commanded by Col. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney...."   Capt Henry Conley had relatives in Montgomery Co, Va
.                           acc to family tradition, and he lived there 3 years during the Rev War acc to his pension application.

.                 Also there was a Thomas Connolly, b ca 1741, from Chester Co, Pa, who was too young to be Capt Henry's father, but who
.                 could have been a brother
.                 1758: Thomas Connolly, age 17, from Chester Co, Pa, served in Genl Forbes expedition to Fort Duquesne.

.                 An otherwise undocumented family history by William Elsey Connelley is that Thomas Conley was the father of Capt Hen-
.                 ry Conley.  Other sources say Thomas m Mary Van Harlingen.  Later sources claim without documentation that he was b ca
.                 1725 "Charlestown, SC".  Both William Elsey Connelley and Capt Henry Conley's pension papers just say that Capt Henry's
.                 mother was a Pennsylvania Dutch woman.  So the claim she was Mary Van Harlingen may be correct, but so far it is undocu-
.                 mented.  In Note 5 below, I've recorded what Mr. Connelley said in his 1897 Kansas SAR application.

.                 The following shows that there was an older Thomas Connelly associated with Genl Braddock:
.                 From "
History of Frederick County, Maryland, Braddock's Orderly Books", 1910, p 61: Camp at Fort Cumberland, Wednesday
.                 14, May 1755: Thomas Connelly, James Fitzgerald and James Hughes, Soldiers of the 48th Regiment and tryed for theft by the
.                 said Court Martial whereof Maj Sparks was President, are by the sentence of the s'd Court Martial to suffer the following pun-
.                 ishment: Thomas Connelly, one thousand; James Fitzgerald, eight hundred; James Hughes, eight hundred, lashes at the Head of
.                 the Line.  Also that they be obliged to make satisfaction for the Kegg of Beer stolen by them to the value of 33 shillings Mary-
.                 land Cury, and that proper stoppages be made out of their pay by their officers for that purpose.   His Excellency [Genl Brad-
.                 dock] has approved the sentence but has been pleased to remit 100 lashes from the punishment of Connelly and 200 from each
.                 of the other two;  Connelly is to receive 900 lashes at 3 different times, 300 each time....
.                 The above information is quoted verbatim in "
History Of Washington County, Maryland", Vol 1, 1906, Thomas J. C. Williams,
.                 p 51.
.                 [Maj Gen Edward Braddock's expedition in Jul 1755 was also called the Battle of the Wilderness (Battle of Monongahela), and
.                 involved two regiments - the 44th and 48th]

.                The following is the only source found (by me) so far consistent with a Thomas and Mary Connelly in SC:
.               "
South Carolina Estate Inventories and Bills of Sale", 1732-1872", p 313, South Carolina, 22 Nov 1781: Mary Connelly of
.                 Charles Town, wife of Thomas Connelly, late of North Carolina, for 15 pounds sterling, sold to John Mills, a Negro girl named
.                 Nancy, aged about 10 years.

A     ?  
2.   John Connely, b 28 Jun 1744, m Sarah Wilson.
.                 Some descendants say he was born in Ireland.  He is is listed as poss s/o Edmund Connelly, since along with Capt Henry
.                 Connelly/Conley, they both had descendants named Edmund and the unusual name Constantine.
.                 Moved to Ashe Co, NC, and descendants moved to Indiana and Illinois.

C     ?  
3.   David Conley, b ca 1747, m Susannah ____.
.                 No proof of his ancestry, and he is listed as poss s/o Edmund Connelly, since he lived in the same area as Capt Henry Con-
.                 nelly/Conley.  Evidence to the contrary is that the names Edmund, Henry, and Constantine were not used by descendants.
.                 Moved to Wilkes Co, NC, Russell Co, Va, and Floyd Co, Ky.  Of the possible sons of Edmund listed on this page, David is
.                 the least likely, however there may be some more distant relationship, as David's son Carter marred Edmund Conley's daughter
.                 Mary, and lived near Edmund, indicating some connection between Capt Henry's and David's families.

D     ?  
4.   Henry Connelly/Conley (Capt), b 2 May 1751 Chester Co, m(1) Ann MacGregor, m(2) Temperance Hitchcock (Tempy).
.                 Moved to Wilkes and Ashe Co, NC, Montgomery Co, Va, and Floyd Co, Ky.
.                 Note:  Many (most) websites say Henry was born in 1752, but I have seen his actual pension application and it says 1751, and
.                            his tombstone says he was b 1751.

G     ?  
5.   William Connelly, b early 1760's, d 25 Dec 1813, m 28 Nov 1788 Cambridge, Dorchester Co, Md to Priscilla ____.
.                 She was a resident of Worcester Co, Md when she filed for a widow's pension in 1841, mentioning Thomas Connelly a brother
.                 of her husband.  (This could be Thomas the father of Capt Henry, or Thomas, b ca 1741, or neither.)

.          The following are speculative, and not likely sons of Edmund Connelly, although could be brothers, but that is in the highly spec-
.          ulative range, with no evidence:

.      ?   
1.   Harmon Conley, m ____ Hicks.
.                 Undocumented claim by William Elsey Connelley that he was a brother of Thomas Connelly/Conley and was b ca 1722 Charles-
.                 town, SC, d 1794, and m Mary Hicks, and served in the RW.  No public record of him has ever been located.

X    ?   
2.   John Connelly, b 1720 Fairfax Co, Va, m Mary Virginia Ramey.
.                 There is no proof of this relationship, but it is insinuated by
William Elsey Connelley's (#D2311) claim that Capt Henry
.                 Conley (#D) was either a brother or 1st cousin of John Donaldson Connelly (#X3), the father of Henry B. Connelly
.                 (#X32), the 1st governor of NM.  Since John Donaldson Connelly wasn't Capt Henry's brother, then he "must" have been his
.                 1st cousin, assuming that Mr. Connelley's claims are correct, although there is no independent information to prove or disprove
.                 this.  Capt Henry's brother was apparently
John Connely (#A) of Ashe Co, NC.  Possibly contradicting the theory that John
.                 Connelly, b 1720 is related to Edmund is the claim by one of his descendants (Ref 6 below) that John and his brother Sanford
.                 came from Ireland "at an early day", which is inconsistent with the claim that Edmund and his brothers came to Charleston, SC
.                 about 1689, which is 30 years before John's birth.

.           The following are claimed to be sons of Edmund Connelly and Mary Edgefield, by the descendants of Arthur Connelly/Conley.  I
.           cannot verify if they have documented knowledge of this, or if this is another example of common claims of descent from this same
.           Edmund Connelly family.  This is from "
The History Of the Pioneer Families of Conley and Sage", Glen Harrison Sage.  Other
.           sources say Arthur Conley was b 1730 Ireland, which is inconsistent with him being the s/o Edmund Connelly and Mary Edgefield.
.           Acc to Roger Connelly, taken from the bible of Gilmore Franklin Connely: "
Thomas Connely, his brother Arthur & sister Mary,
.           together with their father & mother, emigrated from Ireland to the State of Virginia.."
.           These seem highly unlikely to be sons of Edmund:

1.   James Conley.  In Augusta Co, Va as early as 1746, d 1751 Augusta Co (murdered).  No descendants.
.                 1752, Aug and part Nov: Draper vs Connolly and Breckinridge - Eleanor Draper complains of John Collony, otherwise John
.                           Connolly, and George Breckenridge, administrator of James Connolly (or Collony).  Bond d 1749.
.                           [From "
Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia", Vol 1, Augusta Co, Va, p 306]

2.   John Conley.  Went from Augusta Co, Va to North Carolina.  Supposedly had no descendants.

3.   Arthur Conley Sr, b 1730 Ireland, m Jean ____.
.                 Reportedly named after his grandfather "General" Arthur Edgefield.
.                 Lived in Augusta Co, Va.

4.   Thomas Conley, b ca 1740, m prior 1767 in Augusta Co, Va to Margaret Walker.
.                 He lived in Augusta Co, Va.

.           Note:  Further detailed research in early Maryland and Virginia records may provide more clues on this family, but no broad, detailed
.                      searches have yet been undertaken.  There is a Charlestown in Chester Co, Pa, and perhaps this was where the Connelly's
.                      lived, and not Charleston, SC.  There is also a Charlestown in Cecil Co, Maryland, providing more possible confusion.  In the
.                      late 1600s and 1700s there are a number of refernces to Conley/Connellys with similar names in the eastern Virginia area.
.                      Such as the will of Edmond Connelly in 1738 in Essex Co, Va.  One online source claims that Edward (Edmund) Conolly, b ca
.                      1665 Armagh, d after 1704 Essex Co, Va, was s/o Henry Conolly, b ca 1630 Armagh, and Edward/Edmund's sons were of his
.                      sons were Thomas Connoly, b ca 1685 Essex Co, who m Anne Mayfield, and Edmund, b ca 1697, d 1738, and John, b ca
.                      1700.

.           Ref:   1.  Sharon May Thasen has recorded on her web site more info on early Conley generations:
www.geocities.com/sharont3/Conley.html   On this site, she states that Thomas Conley's prob son David Conley
.                          was born in "Fairfax, Albermarle, Va," raising the possibility that the story that the early Connellys actually settled
.                          in Albemarle Co, Va (Charlottesville area), instead of Albemarle Point, SC.  There is an Albemarle Parish in Surry Co,
.                          Va, also another possible area of search.
.                    2.   Barbara L. Weir, 402 Rockland Ave, West Chester, Pa 19380.
.                          She was a professional genealogist, who researched the Connelly/Conley family in 1981.
.                    3.   Arnold R. Kegel, 12125-29th Ave, SE, Everett, Wash 98204.  In 1980, provided me with info on the Connelly/Conley
.                          family in Chester Co, Pa and in the Wilkes/Ashe Co, NC area.
.                    4.   Jerry Conley (email:
jerry@jerryconley.com) has an excellent website on the Conley family:
.                    5.   Doug Conley (email:
conley_corner@yahoo.com), also has an excellent website on the Conley family.
.                    6.   James Connelly Duncan, "
An Historical Account of the Duncan Family", 1902:
.                    7.   Mandy Colgan's email: mcolgan@ecfs.org She has recently found info in the Chester Co area that could relate to the
.                          Connelly family.
.                    8. "
U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970".  See Note 5 below.
.                    9. "
A Hidden Phase of American History", Michael J. O'Brien, 1919, lists officers and enlisted men of Irish descent who were
.                          soldiers in the Rev War.  These total about 90, for the name Connelly and similar spellings, from NC, Va, Penn, and Mary-
.                          land, plus many more from other states.
.                  10. "
South Carolina Estate Inventories and Bills of Sale", 1732-1872", p 313, South Carolina, 22 Nov 1781: Mary Connelly of
.                          Charles Town, wife of Thomas Connelly, late of North Carolina, for 15 pounds sterling, sold to John Mills, a Negro girl
.                          named Nancy, aged about 10 years.

.           Note:  1.   I've listed Capt Henry's ancestry as Edmund, s/o Constantine, but with no proof.  This differs from William Elsey Con-
.                            nelley's version, in that it eliminates Thomas in the direct line.  Because of the name Constantine being used by the
.                            descendants of both
Capt Henry Conley (#D) and his apparent brother John Connely (#A), it is likely that they are
.                            descendants of Constantine Connelly of Chester Co, Pa, and probably through his son Edmund mentioned in Constan-
.                            tine's 1741 estate.  The elimination of Thomas is based on the evidence that he was born ca 1741, too young to be Hen-
.                            ry's father.
.                      2.   Since the estate of Constantine Connelly, prob 16 Dec 1741 Chester Co, Pa, lists son Edmund as the administrator,
.                            and Capt Henry Conley says he was born in Chester Co, I think there is the strong possibility that Thomas' father was
.                            Edmund, son of Constantine, instead of the traditional anestry of Thomas being son of Edmund, son of Henry.  The
.                            fact that the unusual name Constantine was used by Capt Henry's descendants and Capt Henry's apparent brother
.                            John's descendants, adds weight to this possibility.  Constantine's estate documents contain the following notes:
.                           "expense of  John Cloather for coming from Maryland to give me an acct, my father was dead," and "To cash 8 days
.                            Riding to gether ye effects of ye Decd."  Perhaps some of the Connelly's were living in Maryland then.  Mrs Weir's
.                            (above) search of the Chester Co records found no other records of this Conelly family, except that Edmond Conoly
.                            was listed in Kennett in the 1747/48 tax list and Edmond Connelly was listed in 1749/50.  Kennet Twp is adjacent to
.                            New Castle Co, Del, and about 15 miles NE of Cecil Co, Md.
.                      3.   Supposedly Thomas Connelly and his brother Harmon were in a party that explored the Big Sandy Valley of Kentucky
.                            in 1763, which included Daniel Boone.
.                      4.   Ernest Watson stated that
Capt Henry Conley (#D) may have been a s/o Edmund, not Thomas, who may have been
.                            his uncle, and who may have raised him.  This line of reasoning is based on the fact that Henry named his eldest son
.                            Edmund, and lack of evidence that Thomas was his father, other than Mr. W. E. Connelley's claim.  Ernest died prior to
.                            providing me his documentation to support his reasoning.  I have altered Ernest's theory by speculating that Thomas
.                            was Henry's older brother, and it may be he who took Henry to NC and Virginia.
.                      5.   1897 Kansas City, Mo, William Elsey Connelley himself filed an application with The Kansas Society of the Sons of the
.                                     American Revolution.  He gives an alternative Connelly family ancestry, not exactly the same as other versions,
.                                     namely he lists the wife of Thomas Conley, son of Capt Henry, as Susan Gians, as opposed to the name Joynes
.                                     normally assigned to her.  He also lists Capt Henry's wife as Mary (Roberston or Robinson), and Henry's father
.                                     Thomas' wife as Mary Hicks.  Then he lists Edumd's wife as the standard version Mary Edgefield.
.                            1910 Mr. Connelley published his book "
Eastern Kentucky Papers, The Founding of Harmon's Station....", 13 years after
.                                     he filed the above SAR application.  In it he said his previous info that Henry and his brother Harmon married
.                                     sisters, dau's of Dr. Hicks, was in error.  He also said that Henry's son "uncle" Edmund Connelly was the source of
.                                     the claim that Capt Henry married a " Pennsylvania Dutch woman".  Actually Edmund was William Elsey's great
.                                     uncle.  He also lists Capt Henry's son Thomas' wife as Susan Joynes, who had an uncle Henry Guyan.  This book
.                                     also says Thomas Conley was in Braddock's 1755 expedition to Fort Duquesne, which is consistent with the
.                                     records of the 48th Regmt, under Genl Braddock, listing a Thomas Connelly.