.              Constantine Connelly, d 1741, of Chester Co, Pa
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.                                                                   author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

.       Constantine Connelly,1                                                                                                                     (ancestry unknown)
.            The traditional history of the ancestry of
Thomas Conley (#1), father of Capt Henry Conley (#D) of Floyd Co, Ky) is that his
.            parents were Edmund Connelly and Mary Edgefield.  The source for this history is
William Elsey Connelley (#D2311) (1855-
.            1930) who supplied the names and the story (see note below).  He claimed that Edmund Connelly, his brother Thomas, and pos-
.            sibly brothers John and Henry, supposedly came to Charlestown, SC ca 1689.  Edmund, s/o Henry Connelly, marr Mary Edge-
.            field.  Others, unidentified, have added detailed birth years, and miscellaneous other factoids for Thomas, his brother Harmon, and
.            their ancestors, all of which are undocumented and apparently not in the public records.  These have been blindly copied and
.            recopied by many genealogists and are on many internet sites, as well in the LDS records.  Supposedly Edmund was b 2 Jul 1700
.            Charlestown, SC (or b ca 1688), and d ca 1750 Guilford Co, NC, and his wife Mary Edgefield, was b ca 1700 Charlestown, and d ca
.            1750 Guilford Co, and Mary's father was Col Arthur Edgefield.  Edmund was supposedly the s/o Henry Connelly and Betsy Vaux
.            Buckley.  There is no documentation offered to support any of this, although there are likely elements of truth in that lineage.  I am
.            offering an alternative theory of Thomas' ancestry, namely: Edmund was probably the s/o Constantine Connelly, whose will was
.            prob 1741 Chester Co, Pa, naming son Edmund as administrator (see below).  Besides the fact that Capt Henry Conley's pension
.            application stated that he was born in Chester Co in 1751, both Capt Henry and his apparent brother
John Connely (#A) had
.            descendants named the very unusual name Constantine.  A professional genealogist, Mrs Weir, searched the Chester Co records
.            in the 1980's, and Karen Higgins searched again in 2008, and found no other records of the Connelly's.  Perhaps some of the Con-
.            nelly's were living in nearby Maryland.  Further detailed research in early Maryland and Virginia records may provide more clues
.            on this family, but no broad, detailed searches have yet been undertaken.

.            1741, 16 Dec:  prob of estate of Constantine Connoly, listing son Edmund as the administrator.
.                      His estate documents contain the following notes: "expense of John Cloather for coming from Maryland to give me an acct,
.                      my father was dead", and "To cash 8 days Riding to gether ye effects of ye Decd."
.                      These papers clearly show that Constantine was living in Maryland when he died.
.            1742, 26 Jan: Inventory & appraisment of estate of Constantine Conelly, by Thomas Gregg and John Nickols, which included
.                      in his estate a number of items of Maryland money, plus the statement "what was brought to our view by Edmund Con-
.                      elly administrator".

.            issue:

1.   Edmund Connoly.   He may be Edmund Connelly who married in SC to Mary Edgefield acc to Mr. Connelley.  Acc to other
.                  undocumented sources he was born ca 1788 or 2 Jul 1700 Charlestown, SC.
.                  1747/48 Chester Co tax list, Kennet Twp, p 30, Edmond Conoly, 0160.
.                         (Kennet Twp is adjacent to New Castle Co, Del, and about 15 miles NE of Cecil Co, Md)
.                  1749/50 Chester Co tax list, Kennet Twp, p 20, Edmond Connelly, 8003.
.                  1756 Chester Co tax list: Edmund/Edward Connelly.

.            Other individuals of same last name in early Chester Co, Pa, but no proof of any connection to the above family::

Rachel Connoly: listed as d/o David Meredith in his will of 20 Apr 1754, prob 13 Dec 1754 Chester Co WB C, p 521.
.                Wife Sarah, and other children Joseph, William, David, Rebecca Jenkins, Hannah Guest, and Mary Bane listed.

John Connolly, d 1747, marr Susanna Howard, d 1753, d/o Gordon Howard Sr.  She had m(1) James Patterson and m(2) Thomas
.            Ewing, b ca 1700, d 1741.
.            John's and Susanna's wills were recorded in Lancaster Co, Pa.  Susanna named children James Ewing, John Ewing, Rebecca Poulson,
.            son-in-law James Lowry, and her son George Poulson.  And son-in-law Benjamin Chambers, grandson James Chambers s/o Ben-
.            jamin, and son John Connolly.  John Connolly's will mentions "friend" Dennis Connolly.
.            1747, 9 Jul: Susanna Lowry & husband James and Rebecca Patteron (spinster) all of Lancaster Co, Pa to John Connolly, share of
.                      200 acres in Conestoga Manor.  Susanna's 3rd husband was John Connolly, d 1747.
.            1747 John Connolly's will: Lancanster Co, Pa Will Bk A, p 141.
.            1753 Susanna Connolly's wlll: Lancaster Co Will Bk B, Vol 1, p 13:  names sons John Ewing, James Ewising, John Connolly (< age
.                     21), dau Rebecca Poulson, son-in-law James Lowry.  The administration of Susanna's estate is mixed with her husband John
.                     Connolly's.  Included in that is a note of Dennis Connolly and James Miller.  Dennis was mentioned in John's will as a friend.
.            Dr. John Connolly was the half-brother of General Ewing associated with Lord Dunmore and his "War".

Arthur Connally: 1747/48 Chester Co tax list, Kennet, 0600.

Terance Conley.  
.            1753 Chester Co, Pa tax list, Whiteland Twp, Terance Conley.
.                      (this is part of the Welsh Tract and is adjacent to Charlestown Twp)

John Connolly, d 1747.

.            Notes:

.            1.   William Elsey Connelley, the prime source for the early Connelly generations, only states in his papers that Edmund Con-
.                  nelley was one of four brothers, but did not state their father's name.  So my theory that Constantine Connelly of Chester
.                  Co, Pa is the father of Edmund Conley, father of both Thomas and Capt Henry, is inconsistent with Mr. Connelley's papers.
.                  Unnamed others have claimed the four brother's father was Henry Conley.  Some sources interpret Mr. Connelley's papers as
.                  meaning that Thomas was s/o Edmund, who was son of Henry, one of the four brothers, instead of Thomas' father Edmund
.                  being one of the four original brothers, whose father was Henry.  There are no currently known public documents supporting
.                  Mr. Connelley's version.  The quite numerous online early Conley lineages are nothing more than restatements of Mr. Con-
.                  nelley's papers, with no public documents cited.  However many undocumented details of siblings of that lineage have been
.                  added by persons unknown, with detailed birth and death dates that appear to be no more than estimates.

.             2.   Edmond Connelly:
.                   Essex Co, Va Wills and Administrations (1692-1800), p 137-138: Inv & appr, rec 18 Jul 1738.
.                                                                                                          p 147-148: Accounts, rec 19 Sep 1738.
.                                                                                                          Wills No 6, 1735-1743 (Reel 42).
.                   Albemarle Parish is in Sussex Co.

.             3.   Bryant Conolly, b 1714, s/o Thomas Conolly (b ca 1685 Essex Co, Va, d 9 Apr 1713 Lancaster Co, Va, and Anne Mayfield,
.                   b ca 1690).  Thomas s/o Edward/Edmund Conolly (b ca 1665 Armagh, Ulster, Ire, d 1704 Essex Co, Va).  Edward/Edmund s/o
.                   Henry Conolly (b ca 1730 Armagh).  Bryant m Elizabeth Hopkins.
.                   Another version: Bryant Conolly, b ca 1780.  Had son Bryant Conolly, b ca 1710, d 21 Jun 1784 Goochland Co, Va, m
.                   Elizabeth Hopkins.  Ref:
.                   Another source said he was b ca 1704 and had children born 1730-34.
.                   He was supposedly born in Prince William Co, Va.

.             4.   Thomas Connally, b 1680 Essex Co, Va, d ca 1713 Lancaster Co, Va, m 3 Dec 1614 Essex Co to Anne Mayfield, b 1786
.                   Essex Co, d/o Robert Mayfield and Sarah Harner.
.                   Thomas s/o Edward Conally, b ca 1665 Armagh, Ulster Co, Ire, d ca 1704 Essex Co, Va.  Edward s/o Henry Conally (b ca
.                   1630 Armagh) and Polly Hawes.  Henry s/o John D. Connelly, b 1610 Armagh, who was s/o Henry Conley, b 1585 Ire.
.                   issue:
.                   a.   Bryant Conally Jr, b ca 1710 Prince William Co, Va, d 21 Jan 1784 Goochland Co, m Elizabeth Hopkins, d 1808 Gooch-
.                         land Co, d/o George Hopkins and ____ Taylor.

.                   This source says Henry, b ca 1630, had children:
.                    a.   Henry Connelly, b 1662 Ire; d 1687 Charlestown, SC.
.                    b.  Thomas Connelly, b 1665 Ire.
.                    c.   Edmund Connelly, b 1665 Charlestown, SC, d 1750 Charlestown, SC.
.                    d.   John Connelly, b 28 Jun 1744 Ire, d 24 Jul 1798 Roaring River, Wilkes Co, NC.
.                          (dates identical for
John Connely (#A).  (his birth date too late to be a son of this family)

.             5.   James Connally was father of Thomas Connally, b 1648 Ire, who m Ann Mayfield.  Other sources give Thomas' birth year
.                   as 1673.

.             6.   Edward (Edmund) Conolly, b ca 1665 Armagh, d after 1704 Essex Co, Va, was s/o Henry Conolly, b ca 1630 Armagh.
.                   Edmund Connelly m 10 Jan 1692 Essex Co to Margaret Noel, b 1671 Essex Co, d/o Cornelius Noel and Elizabeth Page.
.                   issue:
.                   a.   Thomas Conolly, b ca 1685 Essex Co, d bef 9 Apr 1713 Lancaster Co, Va, m ____  Mayfield.
.                   b.   Edmund Conolly, b ca 1697 Armagh, d 1738 Essex Co.
.                         1715 Essex Co: Quit Rent Roll: Edmund Connely, 200 acres.
.                   c.   John Conolly, b ca 1700 Armagh, m(1) 22 Jun 1724 Stafford Co, Va to Hellen Foy.  He m(2) 13 Jun 1725 Stafford Co, Va
.                         to Elenor Ormond.

.             7.   1790 Huntingdon Co, Pa census, p 123, Thomas Connely, 1 WM
> 16, 3 WM < 16, 2 females.

.             8.   Thomas Connelly served in the RW, from Maryland.

.             9.   Pension application of Jane Connelly, widow of Capt John Connelly, b 1737, d 1826.  In a 1937 letter from his great-granddau
.                   Mrs. C.H. Conley to the Veterans Administration, and now in John's pension file, she lists the children of John Connelly and
.                   his wife Jane Ballew:
.                   a.   John Wesley Connelly.  Grandfather of Mrs. C. H. Conley (Mary Lee Conley)
.                   b.   William Connelly.
.                   c.   Jane Connelly, m ____ Cobb.
.                   d.   Susan Connelly, m ____ Sherrod.
.                   e.   Joshua Connelly.
.                   f.   Betsy Connelly.
.                   g.   Mary Connelly, m ____ Bowman.
.                   h.   George Connelly.   [m Myra Perkins]
.                    i.   Calib Connelly.  Single.
.                    j.   Allen Connelly.  Alive in 1876.  [m Elizabeth Perkins]
.                   k.   Joseph Connelly.  Alive in 1876.
.                   In her letter she says: "I have been told that he was decendent of one of FOUR brothers who came to old Albermale Point (now
.                   Charleston, S.C.) in 1680.  The name was O'Congalaigh (meanng a light) and changed to Connelly and then to Conley.  Was he
.                   a descendnt of one of these four brothers?  If so, which one?".
.                   Another letter in same file says that John Conley, d 16 Jul 1826, m Aug 1773 Rowan Co, NC o Jane Bellew, b 31 Oct 1851
.                   McDowell Co, NC.

.           10.   Thomas Connelly, b 1648 Ireland, d Lancaaster, Va.