.                                  John Connely, 1744 - 1798
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.                                                                   author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

A    John Connely,4                                                                                                        ?   (Thomas,3,Edmund,2,Constantine,1)
.          b 28 Jun 1744; d 24 Jul 1798 Wilkes Co, NC.  His birth date may be from son Josiah's bible, but not shown in images below.
.             No proof of his parentage, but:
.             John was probably related to Capt Henry Conley in some way, since they were living closely in the Wilkes/Ashe Co, NC area, and
.             like Henry had descendants named Constantine and Edmund, but no definitive proof.  Some of John's descendants think he was
.             born in Ireland, possibly Limerick, and he and Sarah were married on the boat to America, and was the Dr. John Connolly from
.             Lancaster or York Co, Pa - see Note below.  If so he did a lot of traveling between western NC and western Va and Pa.  He was
.             imprisoned 1775-80, when some of the children listed below were born.  This relationship is inpossible - see discussion in Note 3
.             below.  Apparently some of his descendants think he was this same John and was born in Ireland.  Some of the researchers of this
.             family apparently have confused some of the descendants of John Conley of Shelby Co, Ky with those of John of Wilkes Co, and
.             I have indicated those with question marks below.  See Note 1 below.
.          m Sarah Wilson.  Her tombstone: "In memory of Sarah Connelly, consort of John Connelly born April 16th, 1746, departed this life
.              July the 12th 1824, aged 77 years, 2 months, 27 days".  She died Spice Valley, Lawrence Co, Ind.
.              Her death date is given in son Josiah's bible, see page below.  One online source says that Josiah's bible gives her birth date as 20
.              Oct 1746.  One source says Sarah's father was John Wilson of Augusta Co, Va.

.          1782 Washington Co, Va tax list: John Conley.  (I don't know if this is the same John, but John and Sarah were in Va for a while
.                    about that time, since son Josiah was b 1783 Va.)
.          1783-84: John settled on land along the Little River, Wilkes Co, NC.  The Little River area was included in Ashe Co, when it was
.                   formed in 1800.
.          1787 NC state census, Wilkes Co, Capt Hardin's dist, John Conley, 1 WM > 21, 4 WM < and  > 60, 6 WF, no blacks.
.          1790, 4 Jul: Montgomery Co, Va: John Conally had 50 acres surveyed on branch of Little River adjacent to the county line and
.                    James Robinson.  (I don't know if this was the same John.)
.          1799, 5 Feb - 5 Nov: Wilkes Co Will Bk 1, p 521: Inv of estate of for John Conley: wife Sarah and son William were adm of the
.                    estate.  See
image below.
.          1800 Ashe Co, NC census, p 75, Sarah Conly, 01201-00101.                  

.          issue: (some are probably the issue of John Conley of Shelby Co, Ky - see note 1 below)

1.   William Henry Connely, b 29 Aug 1768 Guilford Co, NC, m Nancy Ann Cokenhour.  Or he was b 22 Jul 1768.
.                Moved to Lawrence Co, Ind.

2.   Effie Connely, b ca 1775, d ca 1829, m John Collins, b 1777 Sussex Co, NJ, d 1850, s/o Mahlon Collins and Phoebe Webster.
.                Or she was b 29 Dec 1762 Ashe Co, NC, d 24 Sep 1828 Cal.

3.   John Connely, b 30 Aug 1775 Guilford Co, m(1) Catherine Miller, m(2) Nancy Shelton.
.                Moved to Lawrence Co, Ind and Clay Co, Ill.

.      ?  
4.   Elizabeth Connely, b Dec 1778, d 24 Sep 1828, m Daniel Hardin.
.                The placement of her in this list of children probably comes from confusion with the John Conley of Shelby Co, Ky.

5.   Elijah Connelly, b 7 Jul 1779 Washington Co, Va, m Elizabeth Edwards.
.                The claim that his middle name was Jesse probably comes from confusion with the John Conley of Shelby Co, Ky.
.                Moved to Lawrence Co, Ind.  

.      ?  
6.   Stephen Edmund Connely.  Supposedly b 1782 Ashe Co, NC. This place of birth apparently comes from the erroneous
.                assumption that the will of John Conley of Shelby Co, Ky is the same John of Guilford Co, NC.

7.   Josiah Connely, b 21 Aug 1783 Washington Co, Va, m(1) Mary Elizabeth Miller, m(2) Sarah Elizabeth Terrell (Elizabeth),
.                m(3) Sarah Dixon Robinson (Sally).
.                Moved to Lawrence Co, Ind and Clark Co, Ill.

.      ?  
8.   Sarah C. Connely, b ca 1784 Wilkes Co.  Or b 1807 Lawrence Co, Ala, d 1891 Clark Co, Ill.
.                The placement of her in this list of children probably comes from confusion with the John Conley of Shelby Co, Ky.

.      ?  
9.   Nancy C. Connely, b 1784 Va or 1789 Wilkes Co.
.                The placement of her in this list of children probably comes from confusion with the John Conley of Shelby Co, Ky.

10.   Joel Connely, b 10 Mar 1788 NC (prob Wilkes Co), m Effie Pennington.
.                Moved to Lawrence Co, Ind and Coles Co, Ill.

.         Note:  1.   This John has been confused by some researchers as the John Conley of Shelby Co, Ky who d about the same time, and
.                          whose will was prob 1798, listing wife Sarah, and children William, Mary, Sarah Thompson, Elizabeth, Jesse James,
.                          Nancy, and Stephen.  These researchers have included as children of John of Ashe Co, NC the following: William H.,
.                          Sarah C., Jesse Elijah, James Josiah, Nancy C., Stephen Edmund, and Joel, which may be an incorrect blend of the two
.                          groups.  One version of John of Shelby Co's will lists sons Thompson, Jesse, and James as separate sons, instead of
.                          Sarah Thompson and Jesse James.
.                    2.   Many websites claim that John Conley was born in Ireland, give him a middle intitial of "C.", and claim that his father's
.                          name was Henry.  Other websites give his father's name as Bryan.  His wife's maiden name of Wilson, and the birthdates
.                          for John and Sarah may also represent confusions with other Johns.
.                    3.   The following Dr. John Connolly has no known connection to the above John Conley family, although his birth and death
.                          dates are similar.  The life of this John is well documented and an excellent summary was given by Gary Nelson Conley
.                          on genforum, and with other sources, I've summarized his life:  John was b ca 1744 Lancaster Co, Pa (or Wright's Ferry,
.                          York Co, Pa), died a little before 1800, and was the s/o John Connolly Sr, who had wife Susanna (Howard) Patterson
.                          Ewing, who had marr Thomas Ewing, s/o James Ewing of Chester Co, Pa.  John Jr was a "loyalist conspirator", became a
.                          doctor, and settled in Pittsburgh, and became acquainted with George Washington.  He had been granted land by Virgina
.                          and with a view of making a forture in land speculation, sided against his native province to become an agent of Lord Dun-
.                          more, the royal governor of  Virginia.  He had a part in instigating Dunmore's War in 1774.  John was captured in Frede-
.                          ricksburg, Md in Nov 1775, enroute to Detroit, and was imprisoned in Baltimore and Philadelphia until Oct 1780.  He
.                          violated his parole and entered into service with Cornwallis in Virginia, was recaptured near Yorktown in 1781, was im-
.                          prisoned again, released in 1782, and went to London where he published his biography.  His will was filed in Philadelphia
.                          on 3 Jan 1800, and it indicated that he prob m Sarah Francis Mifflin while imprisoned.
.                          One source says Dr. John Connelly, Jr "The Loyalist" was b ca 1742 Lancaster, Pa, d 30 Jan 1813 Montreal, Canada, m
.                          Susanna Semple, d/o Samuel Semple, and he was the s/o John Connolly Sr, a native of Ireland, and Susanna Howard, sister
.                          of Gordon Howard.
.                          Wikipedia says he was b ca 1741 Lancaster Co, Pa, d 1813, but says a sentence later that he was captured and killed near
.                          the end of the Rev War.
.                        "
The Other Loyalists", 2009, says he was b 1742 or 1743, d 30 Jan 1813 in Montreal and his wife was Margaret at that
.                          time.
.                    4.   One source at trees.ancestry.com, owner price.dye, says John Connelly was s/o John Bryan O'Connelly and Mary Sanor
.                          Cooper.  The list of children is so long, that this appears to be a blend of more than one John Connelly's family.

.          Ref:  1.   Paula Conley Grant, 5160 Pawnee Dr, Silver Springs, NJ 89429 (in the 1980's).
.                   2.   Mrs Don Howard, 503 E Main, Casey, Ill 62420 (in the 1980's): info on Josiah Connely, above.
.                   3.   Arnold R. Kegel, 12125-29th Ave, SE, Everett, Wash 98204 (in the 1980's): info on the Conley family of Ashe and Wilkes
.                         Co's, NC.
.                   4. "
Ancestors of Jo Ann and Jim Cornelius", at www.gencircles.com/users/joannjim/1/data/1648.html,
.                         email:
.                   5. "Descendants of John Connelly", Connie Conley Crosby, 118 Woodhill Dr, Bedford, Ind 47421, email: drcrosby@kiva.net
.                         She claimed that her ancestor John Connelly above, was the same person as Dr. John Connolly, who had similar birth and
.                         death dates, and was a physician and Tory.  See note 3 above.  Given the locations where these two Johns lived, and birth
.                         dates of her ancestor John's children, and Dr. John's life story, this seems impossible.
.                   6.   trees.anestry.com, owner shuffman99:  Bible of Josiah Connelly.  See
image below.
.                   7.   Gary Nelson Conley's entries on genforum
.                   8. "
Collins Family Genealogy, 1994, O. A. Pickett.
.                   9.   Mark Backus' letter in the 1990s.  He says he is descended from John Conley Sr, b 30 Aug 1775 Ashe Co, NC, who m 7
.                         Mar 1799 to Catharine Miller, b 17 Dec 1782 Ashe Co, through their dau Mahala Conley, b 17 Mar 1812 Lawrence Co,
.                         Ind, who m 30 Jan 1832 to Eli Burton, b 15 Oct 1807 Ashe Co, d 25 Mar 1899 Lawrence Co.  I have no way to differen-
.                         tiate this John Conley from the John Connely, b 28 Jun 1744.
Images below from trees.ancestry.com, owner: shuffman99