.                     Thomas Connelly/Connely, d before 1792
.                                    poss s/o Thomas Conley
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.                                                                   author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

B    Thomas Connelly/Connely,4                                                                 ?   (Thomas,3,Edmund,2,Constantine,1)
.          d before 8 Dec 1792 Montgomery Co, Va.  (poss b ca 1741, from Chester Co, Pa, see discussion below)
.             This may be the legendary Thomas Conley, supposed father of Capt Henry Conley:
Thomas Conley (#1), but he may be the
.             Thomas Connelly, b ca 1741, of Chester Co, who may be Henry's older brother.  Or he could be the s/o
Arthur Conley (#E1) of
.             Augusta Co, Va.

.          I had previously surmised he was the "unknown" Connelly whose wife was Susannah Smith, of Montgomery Co, Va.  Descendants
.          of Garland Conley of Logan, his supposed son, and Thomas Hackett Conley, either his son of nephew, both of Logan Co, Va (WVa)
.          have changed their website from "unknown" Conley to Thomas Conley, possibly after seeing my website that said the "unknown"
.          may have been Thomas, or from their own deductions.

.          m Susannah Smith.
.          Wid, Susannah m(2) 5 May 1790 Montgomery Co, Va to Richard Chapman.
.          Her 1790 2nd marriage date isn't necessarily inconsistent with her being Thomas' widow, since even though his estate's date was
.          1792, he may have died a few years earlier.

.          Papers on Arthur Connelly of Augusta Co, Va claim that his son James Connelly was this unknown (to some) Conley that I had
.          previously tentatively identifed as Thomas Connelly (see below).

.          This Thomas was possibly the Thomas Connolly, age 17, from Chester Co, Pa, who served in the 1758 Forbes successful expedition
.          against Fort Duquesne, after which its name was changed to Fort Pitt.  This was 3 years after the disastrous 1755 Braddock's expedi-
.          tion against Fort Duquesne.
.          Thomas was possibly a s/o Edmund Connelly and the same Thomas who was later in Montgomery Co, Va.  But the evidence is cir-
.          cumstantial: namely that Capt Henry Conley was also in Montgomery Co for about 3 years, according to his pension application.
.          Acc to family tradition, he was visiting relatives there.  William Elsey Connelley, the ONLY historical source for the ancestry of Capt
.          Henry Conley, says that Henry's father was Thomas and was a soldier in Braddock's 1755 expedition, and docments on that expedi-
.          tion list a Thomas Connelly.  The Thomas Connolly, mentioned below in documents on the later 1758 Forbes Expediton, was age 17,
.          and obviously too young to be Henry's father, but may be an older brother.  This Thomas was too young to have served in Brad-
.          dock's 1755 expedition, so these records show that there were two different Thomas Conellys serving in the 1755 and 1758 expedi-
.          tions.

.          From Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Vol II:
.                Provincial Officers and Soldiers, 1757-1764:
.                    p 553  
An Account of What Soldiers Captain John Singleton Inlisted from May the First to May the 8th 1758
.                                Privates: Connolly, Thomas, 17, Chester, Pennsylvania
.                    p 597  A Return of Recruits Inlisted for ye Pennsylvania Service, by Capt David Hunter, May 26, 1759
.                                Connolly, Thomas

.          From: History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania / Henry Graham Ashmead
.                     Philadelphia: L.H. Everts & Co. 1884
.                     Chapter VI pg 36
.                     The Colonial History to the War of the Revolution
In the summer of 1758, Brig-Gen John Forbes, as before stated, with three hundred and fifty Royal Americans, twelve
.                         hundred (thirteen companies) of Montgomery's Highlanders, twenty-six hundred Virginians, and twenty-seven hundred
.                         Pennsylvania Provincials, besides a thousand wagoners, 1 set out from Philadelphia intending the reduction of Fort Du
.                         Quesne.  In the same month and year Capt. John Singleton enlisted a company of soldiers for Forbes' expedition.  The
.                         list of that organization shows that the following men were certainly from Chester County, and probably the number from
.                         this location was greater than here represented:
(includes) Thomas Connolly, aged 17, resident of Chester, Pa.

.          1788, 17 Mar: Montgomery Co tax list: Thomas Connely, no WM 16-21, no slaves, 1 horse.
.          1792, 8 Dec: Montgomery Co: Apr of estate ret, Thomas Connelly.
.          1793, 1 Jan: Montgomery Co Will Bk B, p 190: Appraisement of estate of Thomas Connely.
.          1793 Montgomery Co Court Order Bk 6, p 63: Inv and Appr of estate of Thomas Connelly.
.          1793 Montgomery Co Court Order Bk 7, p 94: Appr of estate of Thomas Connelly.

.          The family tradition of the Conley family of Logan Co, Va (WVa) states that they came from Montgomery Co, Va, and that Thom-
.          as, b ca 1770, was born in Dublin, Ireland, and his father's name unknown.  One source says this family went to Dublin, Pulaski Co.
.          This raises the possibility that Thomas (#B) is this
unknown Conley (#Z), who apparently died in the 1780's in Montgomery Co.
.          Currently there is scant evidence available for these early Conley generations.  If Thomas Conley, b ca 1770, was actually born in
.          Ireland, that would contradict the theory that his father was Thomas Conley, probable brother of
Capt Henry Connelly/Conley
.          (#D), who was on the 1789 Montgomery Co tax list.  But if the family tradition is in error, and actually there was a true Irish con-
.          nection, but Thomas himself was of Dublin, Pulaski Co, Va, although not born there since the area wasn't settled that early, then my
.          theory could be correct.  Another supporting clue is that the sons of this unknown Conley were named Thomas and Garland and
.          Garland had sons Henry and Thomas.  This family moved from Montgomery Co to Logan Co, Va (WVa).
.          See more discussion below.

.                 The following shows that there was an older Thomas Connelly associated with Genl Braddock:
.                 From "
History of Frederick County, Maryland, Braddock's Orderly Books", 1910, p 61: Camp at Fort Cumberland, Wednesday
.                 14, May 1755: Thomas Connelly, James Fitzgerald and James Hughes, Soldiers of the 48th Regiment and tryed for theft by the
.                 said Court Martial whereof Maj Sparks was President, are by the sentence of the s'd Court Martial to suffer the following pun-
.                 ishment: Thomas Connelly, one thousand; James Fitzgerald, eight hundred; James Hughes, eight hundred, lashes at the Head of
.                 the Line.  Also that they be obliged to make satisfaction for the Kegg of Beer stolen by them to the value of 33 shillings Mary-
.                 land Cury, and that proper stoppages be made out of their pay by their officers for that purpose.   His Excellency [Genl Brad-
.                 dock] has approved the sentence but has been pleased to remit 100 lashes from the punishment of Connelly and 200 from each
.                 of the other two;  Connelly is to receive 900 lashes at 3 different times, 300 each time....
.                 The above information is quoted verbatim in "
History Of Washington County, Maryland", Vol 1, 1906, Thomas J. C. Williams,
.                 p 51.
.                 [Maj Gen Edward Braddock's expedition in Jul 1755 was also called the Battle of the Wilderness (Battle of Monongahela), and
.                 involved two regiments - the 44th and 48th]

.          issue: (supposedly, plus possibly others - see theory above)

1.   Thomas Hackett Conley (Hackett,Tom), b ca 1770 Va, m(1) Susannah White (Susan), m(2) ____ Brumfield.
.                 Actually, supposedly a cousin to Garland Conley, below.  Also supposedly born in Dublin, Ireland, but perhaps Dublin, Pulas-
.                 ki Co, Va, adjacent to Montgomery Co, is where he was born.

2.   Garland Conley, b ca 1777-82 Montgomery Co, Va, m Elizabeth Farley (Betty).

3.   Bailey Conley.  Supposedly b ca 1775-78 and poss the Bailey Conley who m ____ Hatfield, d/o James C. Hatfield and Zurilda
.                 Dunlap.

4.   Obedience Bridget Conley (Biddy), b 1780 supposedly in Montgomery Co, m Robert Lilly.

.       ?  
5.   Fluvania Conley, m John Payne.  Acc to one source.

.          other possible issue (plus possibly others - see below)

.      ?   
6.   John Connely.   
.                 There were two John Connelly/Conley's in the Montgomery Co area.  One m 18 Jul 1808 Montgomery Co, Va to Delilah Ship,
.                 Francis Munsey surety.  This John is probably the one referred to in "
The Conley Clan of Eastern Kentucky", p 554.
.                 Another is:
John Connelly/Connely/Conley, b ca 1775 Montgomery Co, Va, m Mary Munsey.
.                 Moved to Giles Co, Va.

.          Note: Other SW Virginia Conley's/Connely's, relationship to Thomas, if any, unknown:

1.   Solomon Connely, m 6 Sep 1825 Montgomery Co to Mary Brown, Thomas Brown surety.
.                Poss s/o John Conley, above.  He isn't located in the 1830, 1840, or 1850 census'.

2.   Wesley Connely, b ca 1802 Montgomery Co, m 6 Sep 1825 Montgomery Co to Elizabeth Anderson, John Scott surety.
.                Poss s/o one of the above John Conley's, but not the one who m Mary Munsey.
.                More info on the page for
John Connelly (#B1) above.

3.   Daniel Conley, b 1780's, and Alexander Conley, b ca 1810.
.                1810 Montgomery Co census, p 4, Daniel Conley, 10010-40010-00.
.                1820 Washington Co, Va census, p 929, Daniel Conley, 101101-23010.
.                1830 census, Daniel not located.
.                1840 Washington Co, Va census, p 208, Daniel Connelly, 00010001-00010001.
.                1840 Washington Co census, p 208, Alexander Connelly, 20001-00001.  (listed adj to Daniel)
.                1850 Washington Co census, Dist 67, p 184, #1699/1699, Alexander Connally,40 Va, farmer, Rosana,30 Va, Daniel,14 Va,
.                          Barbary,10 Va, Joseph,5 Va, Susan,1 Va.

.          4.   
Susannah, Nancy, and Easter Conley:  They are probably closely related to this Conley family, since Susannah and
.                Nancy were living with John Conley Jr (s/o the above John Conley) in their later years, and Susannah and Easter were
.                connected in a law case.
.                1805 Russell Co, Va Law Order Bk 3, p 372: Susanna and Easter Conley were plaintiffs in case against Ambrose Harmon.
.                         This case was dismissed, Bk 3, p 388.  (
David Conley (#C) and his wife Susannah were living in Russell Co, Va
.                         during this time, but they were in Floyd Co, Ky in the 1810, 20, and 30 census'.)
.                1804 Russell Co Law Order Bk 3, p 290: Easter Conley: "theft-acquit".
.                1820 Giles Co census, p 114, Susannah Conley, 100000-00210.
.                1830 Giles Co census, p 217, Susanah Conly, 001-1100111.
.                1840 census, Susannah and Nancy not located.
.                1850 Giles Co census, 20th Dist, p 408, #566/560, Susanah Conly,65, Nancy,46, living with the above John Conley's son
.                         John's family.
.                1860 Giles Co census, p 911, # 977/898, Susannah Conley,75, ---, $100, superanuated, Nancy Conley,60, $1500, $100,
.                         living with John Conley's family.

5.   Mary Conley, b ca 1775, d before 1850 Giles Co, Va, m 18 Sep 1792 Montgomery Co to Zachariah Perdue, b ca 1765 Lunen-
.                burg Co, Va, d 1863 Giles Co, Va, prob s/o William Perdue.

Thomas Conley, b ca 1770, and Garland Conley, b ca 1777:  Living in Logan Co, Va in 1830, and ancestors of the Logan Co,
.          WVa Conley clan, which also includes Thomas Jr and Henry, who were all listed in Logan Co in 1830.  None of these were lis-
.          ted in the 1820 census.  Logan Co was formed in 1824 from Giles, Tazewell, Kanawha, and Cabell Co's.  There was a Thomas
.          Connelly of the right age, and with a number of sons of the right age, living in Halifax Co, Va in 1820, listed near a George C.
.          Connelly.  Anderson Connelly was also in Halifax Co in 1820.  This Thomas was supposedly born in Dublin, Ireland, and d
.          after 1860 in Logan Co.  Garland was supposedly born ca 1777 in Montgomery Co, Va, where his son Col Henry Conley was
.          also born.  Thomas, Garland, Bailey, and Obedience Bridget (Biddy) were children of Susannah Smith Conley and an unknown
.          Conley.  Susannah  m(2) 5 May 1790 Montgomery Co to Richard Chapman.  This marriage date isn't necessarily inconsistent
.          with her being Thomas' widow, since even though his estate's date was 1792, he may have died a few years earlier.

.          Ref:  1.   Info on the Logan Co Conleys from Joel Hager's notes at
www.rootsweb.com, email: hagerj@us.army.mil    
.                   2.   
http://www.genfan.com/getperson.php?personID=I31626&tree=MASTER states the Garland Conley was a s/o
.                         Thomas Conley and Susannah Smith.
.                         I don't know if this claim comes from my own website speculations, deductions by that author, or another source.  Joel
.                         Hagar is quoted as a source.  Also cited as a reference: Sue Conley:
.                         This site says that Thomas' children were Thomas, Bailey, Garland, and Bridget.