.            David Conley, c1747 - 1836, poss s/o Thomas Conley
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.                                                                   author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

C    David Conley,4                                                                                                       ?    (Thomas,3.Edmund,2, Constantine,1)
.          b ca 1747; d 21 Feb 1836 Floyd Co, Ky.
.             No evidence that he was a s/o Thomas Connelly.  The only reason for recording that as a possibility is that he lived in the same
.             places as Capt Henry Connelly/Conley.  Evidence to the contrary is the fact that the names Edmund, Henry, and Constantine
.             were not used by David's descendants, and no sons were named Henry or Thomas.  But since his son Carter married Edmund's
.             daughter Mary, this leans towards some type of relationship, perhaps more distant than he being Henry's brother.
.          m Susannah ____, b ca 1750, d 15 Feb 1835 Floyd Co.

.          David was a Rev War soldier in NC, living near
Capt Henry Conley (#D) in 1788-90.  David was living in Va in the 1790's, was in
.          Russell Co, Va by 1800, and was in Floyd Co, Ky by 1810, when he was listed with 4 young sons.  He and Henry applied for RW
.          pensions on the same day in Floyd Co.

.      ?  1777 Caswell Co, NC census, Gloverston Dist, David Connelly.  (Caswell Co is adjacent to Guilford Co, but no proof this is the
.                   same David)
.      ?  1782-84 (ca): David Connely listed on Capt John Adam's Co of Montgomery Co, Va militia.  No proof this is same David.
.      ?  1782, 23 Aug: Washington Co, Va (parent county of Russell Co and adjacent to Wilkes/Ashe Co, NC) court records: David "Comer-
.                    ley" mentioned in matter involving trespass.  (I haven't checked the original record to see if it is "Connely".)
.          1788, 89, 90: Wilkes Co, NC tax lists, David Connely living near Henry Conley's clan, and prob Henry's brother John Conley.      
.          1800 Russell Co, Va Court Law Order Bk 3, p 45: Noble Hamilton plaintiff, David Donally defendant, "petition and summons".
.          1802 Russell Co tax list: David Conley.  (conceivably this could be Capt Henry Conley's son
David H. Conley (#D3), however
.                   the younger David was apparently with his father in the 1800 Ashe Co, NC census and the younger David was on the 1805
.                   Wilkes Co, NC tax list)
.          1804 Russell Co Court Law Order Bk 3, p 290: Easter Conley, "theft-acquit".  (don't know who this is but she is associated with
.                   Susanna, below)
.          1805 Russell Co Court Law Order Bk 3, p 372: Susanna and Easter Conley were plaintiffs in case against Ambrose Harmon.  This
.                   case was dismissed, Bk 3, p 388.  (this is prob David's wife, but the alternative is that she could be the wife of Capt Henry's
.                   son
Thomas Conley (#D2), who was on the Russell Co tax list in 1807)
.          1810 Floyd Co, Ky census, p 98, David Conley, 13001-00001.
.          1818 Floyd Co Court Order Bk 3, p 26: David Conley, "exonerated", application for pension.
.          1820 Floyd Co census, p 22, David Conley, 000101-00001.
.          1823 Floyd Co Court Bk 4: David Conley made deposition for Thomas Lovelady's pension application: "... he states that he is
.                   well acquainted with Thomas Lovelady, an old Revolutionary Soldier, that he knew him in the sevice of the United States as
.                   an enlisted soldier upwards 15 months, that he knew that he was in the battle of Cross Creek against the Scotch.  (S) David
.                   Conley"
.          1823, 25 Aug: Floyd Co Court Bk 4: David Conley filed a statement giving his age as 76, currently a resident of Floyd Co, having
.                    served as a Rev War soldier in the 67th NC Regmt, under Col John Williams, and later under Col James Martin.  His wife
.                    Susannah was aged 73, and his occupation was farmer.  Both were living with their children, and indigent.
.          1823 Floyd Co Court Order Bk 5, p 80: David Conley appl for pension.
.          1827-28 Floyd Co: A number of deeds recorded involving "David Conley", but these are apparently for
David H. Conley (#D3),
.                    s/o Capt Henry Conley, since they involve land on the water courses where the families of Capt Henry and David H. lived.
.          1830 Floyd Co census: David Conley not listed, but he and Susanna may be the older male (80-90) and female (70-80) living with
Joseph Conley (#C5) (their apparent son, see below).
.          1835 Floyd Co Court Order Bk, p 354: Susannah Conley estate, committee settlement.
.          1836 Two entries made after 13 Feb in Minutes Book of the Stone Coal Church in Floyd Co gives the death dates of Susannah and
.                   David Conley.

.          probable issue: (These individuals were listed near each other in the Floyd Co census' and tax lists, and signed each others deeds
.                                    and marriage bonds.  Some could be cousins, that is, possible sons of the probable brothers of Capt Henry:
.                                    Thomas and John, who both died in the 1790's.)

1.   David Conley, b ca 1784-87 Va, m 21 Oct 1813 Floyd Co to Margaret (Peggy) Phillips, b ca 1797 Va, d/o Elijah Phillips.
.                David lived in Floyd Co through the 1860 census, and was listed in the Breathitt Co, Ky census' in 1870 and 1880.  This David
.                was misidentified by "
The Conley Clan of Eastern Kentucky" as the David Conley, b 1781, s/o Capt Henry Conley, although
.                with the comment that he could be the son of the older David.  This David was clearly associated with the elder David Conley
.                in the tax and census' record.  Capt Henry's son David was David H. Conley, who m Mary Fugate Davis, and was listed close
.                to Capt Henry's clan in tax and census records.  David H. disappeared from the Floyd Co records after 1842, which has caused
.                him to be overlooked by "researchers" who haven't studied the tax, census, and deed records.

2.   Sampson Conley, b ca 1792 Va, m 17 May 1818 Floyd Co to Mary (Polly) Smith, d/o Susanna Smith.  Marriage bond
.                signed by Joseph Conley and Jeremiah Hackworth.  Sampson was in the Floyd Co 1820 and 1830 census', and then moved to
.                Greenup Co, Ky, where he was in the 1833 tax lists and census' until 1856, except not located in the 1840 census.

3.   Abner Conley, b ca 1775-80, m 8 Aug 1811 Floyd Co to Elizabeth Rose, by Simeon Justice, MG.  Bond signed by Abner
.                Conely and Ezekiel Morris on 1 Aug 1817.
.                Mentioned in Floyd Co court records 1817-1820, when he sold land and apparently left the area.  Probably the one who was
.                listed in Scott Co, Ind in 1820 and Washington Co, Ind in 1830.

4.   John Conley, b 1780's, m(1) (bond) 21 Jun 1813 Floyd Co to Polly "Fillips", dau of Elijah.  Bond was signed by John Conley
.                and Thomas May.  John m(2) Sarah ____, b 1790's (she was wife in an 1824 deed).
.                John signed the marriage bond for Carter Conley in 1821.
.                1820 Floyd Co census, p 31, John Conley, 200010-30010.  (listed adjacent to Joseph Conley)
.                1821, 21 Feb: Ky Land Warrants Bk H, p 528: 50 acres surveyed for John Conley on Ginneys Creek in Floyd Co.
.                1821, 22 Feb: Floyd Co: John Conly, along with Clay Conley,  signed Carter Conley's marriage bond.
.                1824, 18 Mar: Floyd Co Deed Bk B, p 391: D.K. Harris sold tract on the Trace Fork of Middle Creek to John Conly for $1.
.                          Signed by D.K. Harris.
.                1824, 24 Jul: Floyd Co Deed Bk C, p 424: John Conley and wife Sarah Conley sold 50 acres in Floyd Co to Henry Conley
.                          (Elder) for $600, signed John Conley and Sarah Conley.  wit: Alfred Davis and Edmund Conley.
.                1826, 10 Jun: Floyd Co Deed Bk C, p 17: John Conley sold tract in Floyd Co to James Smith for $100.
.                1826, 10 Jun: Floyd Co Deed Bk C, p 18: John Conley purchased 50 acres on Trace Fork of Middle Creek from David K. Har-
.                          ris for $30.
.                1827, 8 Oct: Floyd Co Deed Bk C, p 82: John Conley sold 25 acres on Trace Fork of Middle Creek to John Bradley for $30.
.                1830 census, John not located.  The John Conley, 2101101-020001 on p 102, listed next to Carter Conley, was the son of Capt
.                         Henry Conley.
.                Similar in age and spouse as the following, but he was a different person and in the 1820 and 1830 Rutherford Co, Tenn census':
John W. Conley, b 1780's NC, m Sarah ____, b 1790's Ky.
.                Lived in Rutherford and Gibson Co's, Tenn.

5.   Joseph Conley, b ca 1798 Va, m 22 Mar 1827 Floyd Co to Susannah Jones, b ca 1807 Tenn.
.                He was in the Floyd Co tax and census' 1820-37, and in Greenup Co, Ky census' and tax lists from 1840 until 1857.  A descen-
.                dant said he moved to De Kalb Co, Ind ca 1846, but it was probably in the late 1850's.
.                Joseph was misidentified in "
The Conley Clan of Eastern Kentucky" as the Joseph Conley, son of Capt Henry Conley, but
.                Henry's son probably died young.   This Joseph was clearly associated with the elder David Conley, living close to him in tax
.                and census records, and additionally signed the marriage bond in 1818 for Sampson Conley, who was also apparently David's
.                son.  Carter Conley signed an 1825 deed for Joseph.

6.   Carter Conley, b ca 1806 Ky, m 22 Feb 1821 Floyd Co (by Thomas C. Brown) to Mary (Polly) Conley, b ca 1802 NC, d/o
Edmund Conley (#D1).  Bond was signed  by Clay and John Conly.  Mary Conley was listed in Edmund's 1878 list of heirs.
.                In 1825 Carter Conley signed a deed for Joseph Conley.  Joseph and Sampson Conley each had  a son named Carter, and so
.                Carter was probably their brother, even though Carter was living near Edmund Conley in 1830.  Carter had sons named David,
.                Joseph, and Abner, apparently for his probable brothers.

.          Notes:   1.   Clay and Jarris/Jarrus Conley were mentioned in early Floyd Co records.  Clay signed Carter Conley's 1821 marriage
.                              record, and Jarris/Jarrus was mentioned in 1825 court records.  They could be other sons of David Conley, above, or
.                              grandsons.  These and other unidentified eastern Ky Conleys, most likely related to this Conley family, are cited at:
Misc Unidentified Conleys of Eastern Kentucky.
.                        2. "
The Conley Clan of Eastern Kentucky", 1984, The Magoffin County Historical Society, mentioned the deaths of David
.                              and Susannah, with their ages, but made no mention of possible children, nor of the numerous younger Conley males in
.                              the Floyd Co area, who weren't children of Capt Henry.  Except the book does mention David and Joseph above, but
.                              unfortunately they are listed as the sons of Capt Henry.