.                                 Capt Henry Connelly/Conley, 1751 - 1840
.                                                               reputed s/o Thomas Conley
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.                                                               author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

D    Capt Henry Connelly/Conley,4                                                                  ?  (Thomas,3,Edmund,2,Constantine,1)
.           b 2 May 1751 Chester Co, Pa; d 7 May 1840 Johnson Co, Ky, bur William Rice Cem, Floyd Co, Ky.
.              See his tombstone
picture below.  His reputed father Thomas Connelly may have been the Thomas Connelly, who participated in
.              the 1755 Braddock's expedition, as claimed by William Elsey Connelley.
.           m(1) 1774 to Ann MacGregor, b 14 Feb 1756, d 1830 Oil Springs, Ky, d/o Archibald MacGregor and Edith MacAlpine, according
.                    to William Elsey Connelley's account.
.                    She was Ann Langley McGregor acc to a 1930 letter from Eula Conley Moore, in the files on Henry Conley's pension.  This
.                    same letter states that Henry was the s/o Thomas Connelly.
.           m(2) 8 Mar 1832 Floyd Co, Ky to Temperence Hitchcock (Tempy), b 22 Mar 1781 NC, d after 1860, widow of John Hitchcock.

.           Henry was a Capt in the Rev War, enlisting 1777 in Guilford Co, NC.  In 1784 he settled in Wilkes Co, NC.  In 1789 he was living
.           in Montgomery Co, Va, and in 1790 he was again in Wilkes Co.  In 1800 he was in Ashe Co, NC, and in 1802 he was back in Ashe
.           Co.  In 1806-07 some of Henry's sons were in Russell Co, Va, and Capt Henry and some of his sons were in Floyd Co, Ky by
.           1809.  Acc to his pension application (see link below), he lived in Montgomery Co for 3 years during the war.

.           1777, 7 Jul: Henry Conley was living in Guilford Co, NC at the time of his enlistment with the NC militia.  He served as a Captain
.                     in a cavalry company, in the NC and SC area against the Tories.  In Sep 1781 he went to Montgomery Co, Va to raise a vol
.                     company to join Gen Washington at "Little York", but that was over before they arrived, so the company was discharged in
.                     Oct, and he returned to Guilford Co.  This information came from his pension application, see link below.
.           1784 Henry settled in the area know as Glade Creek on the Little River Branch of New River in Wilkes Co, NC, along with his
.                    probable brother John.  In 1800 this part of Wilkes became the new Ashe County, and later became Alleghany Co.
.           1787 NC state census, Wilkes Co, Capt Hardin's dist, Henry Conley, 1 WM > 21, 4 WM < 21 and > 60, 3 WF.
.           1789, 30 Mar: Montgomery Co, Va tax list C, Henry Connally, 1 WM > 21, no WM 16-21, no slaves, 3 horses, living on "head
.                     waters of S Fk Holston, Middle Fk Holston, & Cripple Creek, Blue Spring".  (Henry's pension papers state that he lived in
.                     Montgomery Co for 3 years, but it was not specified if that was the same time he there raising militia, or later.  Family tra-
.                     dition is that he was visiting relatives in Montgomery Co, but that wasn't stated in the pension papers.)
.           1790 NC census, Wilkes Co, 6th Company of Morgan Dist, Henry Conally, 1 WM > 16, 5 WM < 16, 4 WF.
.           1800 Ashe Co, NC census, p 74, Henry Conly, 21001-11010-00.
.           1802 By this year, Capt Henry Conley and sons had moved to the Roaring River area of Wilkes Co.  Henry and Thomas worked
.                    on the road crew that year, while Edmund did in 1801 and 1802, acc to Wilkes Co court records.  There are a number of deeds
.                    for Henry and sons for this area, but I don't presently have copies.
.           1807 Henry Conley and son Thomas sold their land on the Roaring River, with son Edmund acting as power of atty.  Son David
.                    was a witness to several of Henry's purchases of land.
.           1806-07  Some of Henry Conley's sons appeared in Russell Co, Va records:  Thomas, "Harry Jr" (?Henry Jr), and John were
.                    assigned to the tithable list in 1807, and David was mentioned in the reords from 1808 (poss as early as 1806) to 1819.
.                    There is no record of Capt Henry in Russell Co.  The family tradition that the Conleys stopped in Botetourt Co, Va enroute
.                    to Kentucky has no basis, and this may have been a confusion with Russell Co, which was part of early Botetourt Co.
.           1809 The Conley clan supposedly moved to Floyd Co, Ky.
.           1810 Floyd Co, Ky census, p 97, Henry Conley, 01001-00001.  His probable brother David and sons John and Thomas were also
.                    listed, while Edmnd was still in Wilkes Co, NC and son David was still in Russell Co, Va.  Henry Jr was married in Clay Co,
.                    Ky in 1810, but no record of him in Floyd or Clay Co.
.           1818, 15 Jun: Floyd Co Order Bk 3:  Henry Conly and David Conly were certified to the Secretary of War as old Rev Soldiers.
.           1820 Floyd Co census, p 35, Henry Conley, 000001-00001.
.           1820, 7 Feb: Ky Land Warrants Bk G, p 300:  50 acres surveyed for Henry Conley on Fk Abbots Creek, Floyd Co.  (some of the
.                     surveys/deeds for Henry Conley don't specify Sr or Jr, so they may be for either)
.           1820, 1 May: Ky Lant Warrants Bk G, p 408:  50 acres surveyed for Henry Conley on Fk Paint Lick Cr in Floyd Co.
.           1821, 27 May: Ky Land Warrants Bk M, p 124:  100 acres surveyed for Henry Conley Sr in Floyd Co.
.           1822, 14 Dec: Floyd Co Deed Bk B, p 333, recorded 12 Dec: Henry Conley deeded 50 acres on Abot Creek a branch of Sandy
.                     River to James Davice for $150, signed Henry Conley.  wit D.K. Harris.
.           1823, 23 Mar: Ky Land Wrrants Bk R, p 22:  50 acres surveyed for Henry Connolly on Fk Paint Lick Cr in Floyd Co.
.           1824, 24 Jul: Floyd Co Deed Bk B, p 424, rec 24 Jan 1825:  John and Sarah Conley deeded deeded 50 acres (Commonwealth of
.                     Ky Land Office Warrant #5172) to Henry Conley (Elder) fo $600, signed John Conley, Sarah Conley.  wit Alfred Davis,
.                     Edmund Conley.
.           1824, 26 Jul: Floyd Co Deed Bk B, p 424, rec 28 Feb:  "Henry Conley of 1st part to Henry Conley (Elder)... Henry Sen for $4000
.                     to Henry C. (Elder) tract of land granted by Commonwealth of Ky Land Office Warrant #4491, dated 5 May 1820.....50
.                     acres."  signed by Henry Conley, Sary Conley.  wit William Phillips, David Dean.  (It appears that Henry C. (Elder) was
.                     Capt Henry, since the deed was signed by Henry and Sary, indicating that Capt Henry's son was Henry Sen.)
.           1824, 1 Dec: Ky Land Warrants Bk W, p 262:  50 acres surveyed for Henry Connelly Sr on Fk Paint Lick Cr in Floyd Co.
.           1825, 15 Apr: Ky Land Warrants Bk T, p 56:  50 acres surveyed for Henry Connelly on Fk Paint Lick Cr in Floyd Co.
.           1826, 17 Apr: Floyd Co Deed Bk C, p 93:  Henry Conley Sen deeded 30 acres on Paint Creek to Edmon Conley fo $300.  signed
.                     Henry Conley.  wit John Roberson, Thomas Conley, Constantine Conley.
.           1826, 26 Jul: Floyd Co Deed Bk C, p 93, rec 17 Mar 1828:  Henry Conley Sen Deeded 70 acres on Paint Creek to John Conley for
.                     $500.  signed Henry Conly.  wit Sam Hana, Daniel Auxier, Edmon Conly.
.           1827, 12 Jan: Ky Land Warrants Bk W, p 363:  100 acres surveyed for Henry Connelly on M Fk Paint Lick Cr in Floyd Co.
.           1828, 26 Jul: Floyd Co Deed Bk  C, p 163, rec 28 Oct 1829:  Henry Conley Sr deeded tract on right hand fork of Jenes Creek to
.                     Samuel Rice for $500.  signed by Henry Conley.  wit Sam Hanner, Daniel Auxier, John Conley.
.           1828, 6 Aug: Floyd Co Deed Bk C, p 159, rec 28 Oct 1829:  Samuel Riee deeded tract on Jennis Creek to Henry Conley Sr for
.                     $350.   signed by Samuel Rice (X).  wit James Remy, Edmond Conley, Joshua Collins.
.           1828, 6 Aug: Floyd Co Deed Bk C, p 167, rec 28 Oct 1829:  Henry Conley Sr deeded tract on Jenneys Creek to John Collins for
.                     $400.  signed by Henry Connelly (X).  wit James Remy, Thomas Connelly, Edmond Conley, Samuel Rice.
.           1829, 20 Jun: Floyd Co Deed Bk C, p 161, rec 28 Oct 1829:  Henry Conley Sr deeded 100 acres on the Oil Spring Fork of Little
.                     Paint Creek to David Conley for $400.  signed by Henry Conley.  wit Alfred Davis, John Tackett (X), James Remy.
.           1830 Floyd Co census, p 98, Henry Conley Sr, 0000000001-0000000001.
.           1830, 23 Apr: Floyd Co Deed Bk C, p 184, rec 26 Apr:  Robert Spradlin deeded 50 acres on on Jeneys Creek to Henry Conley Sr
.                     for $250.  signed by Robert Spradlin.  wit James Remy, Daniel Littrell, David Conley, Elias Barnet.
.           1831, 28 Feb: Floyd Co Deed Bk C, p 286, rec 28 Oct:  Henry Conley deeded 100 acres on east side of Paint Lick Creek to Lewis
.                     Perkins for $50.  signed by Henry Conley (his D mark).  wit James Remy, Jon House, Daniel Litteral.
.           1831, 15 Sep: Floyd Co Deed Bk C, p 458, rec 31 Oct 1834:  Elias Davis deeded 50 acres on Barnetts Creek to Henry Conley for
.                     $150.  signed by Elias Davis (X).  wit Asi I. Fairchild, Edmond and Constatine Conley.
.           1832, 31 Dec: Floyd Co Deed Bk C, p 412, rec 26 Sep 1833:  Henry Conley Sr deeded 50 acres on Jennys Creek to Constantine
.                     Conley for $250.  signed by Henry Conley.  wit Jas Remy, Wm Harris, Levi Blare.
.           1833, 15 Aug: Floyd Co: Henry Connelly, age 81, filed a pension application, based on Rev War service.  This is copied in "
.                     Conley Clan of Eastern Kentucky
", Magoffin County Historical Society, and on my webpage:
Henry Conley pension copied from online sites, such as:
.                     Also copied on Jerry Conley's website:
.                     His pension file is considered to contain the best account of the Rev War activities in North Carolina, and many men testified
.                     to his service in NC, especially in the Rowan Co, NC area.
.           1834, 8 Jan: Ky Land Warrants Bk L-2, p 377: 50 acres surveyed for Henry Conly on Holly Br in Floyd Co.
.           1834, 6 Feb: Ky Land Warrants Bk D-2, p 384: 100 acres surveyed for Henry Conley Sr on Oil Spring Fk in Floyd Co.
.           1834, 6 Feb: Ky Lant Warrants Bk L-2, p 371: 50 acres surveyed for Henry Conly on Barnetts Cr in Floyd Co.
.           1837 Floyd Co tax list, p 9, lines 12 and 13:  Henry Conley Sr, 200 acres on Paint, and 150 acres on B. Creek, 1 WM > 21.
.           1837, 1 Dec: letter in Tempy Connelly's pension file states: "Allow me to call up the case of Mrs Connelly, widow of Captn Henry
.                     Connelly, late of Kentucky...."  (This is inconsistent with a death date of 1838 or 1840.)
.           1839, 1 Oct: Floyd Co Deed Bk D, p 362, rec 11 Nov:  Henry Conley Sr deeded tract to Harston Littrell for $10.  signed by Henry
.                     Conley.  wit John H. Hannah, Jacob Saliers, David Connely, Daniel Littrell.
.           1840 Floyd Co Will Bk A:  will of Henry Conley.  (This book has been lost, and only a reference to it survives.)
.           1840 Floyd Co Order 7, p 390-91, 415, 464: last will and testament of Henry Conley (? or estate settlement - I haven't checked).
.           1840 Floyd Co Order Bk 7, p 398: pension provided for Capt Henry Conley.
.           1840 Floyd Co census, Henry not listed, but Temperance may be one of the older females living with her grandsons Constantine
.                    and Thomas.
.           1840 Floyd Co tax list, p 5, l ines 18 and 19:  Henry Conley Sr, 130 acres and 35 acres on L. Paint, 1 WM > 21, 2 child 7-17.
.           1842 Floyd Co tax list, p 4, line 29:  Temperance Connelly, 30 acres on Paint.
.           1844 Johnson Co, Ky tax list:  Temperance Conley, 2 horses - $60, total value - $60.
.           1845 Johnson Co tax list:  Temperance Conley, 1 horse - $40, total value - $40.
.           1845, 2 Jun: Johnson Co Deed Bk A, p 87, rec 2 Jun:  Temperance Conley deeded 30 acres on Oil Spring Branch of Paint Creek to
.                     Matthew and William Caudill for $100.  signed Temperance Conley.
.           1846 Johnson Co tax list:  Temperance Conley, 1 horse - $50, total value - $50.
.           1848 Johnson Co tax list:  Tempy Conley, 1 horse - $40, total value - $40.
.           1850 Johnson Co census, p 107, #371/371, Temperance Conley,69 NC, living with John Hitchcock family.
.           1851 Johnson Co tax list, Tempy Conley, 1 horse - $40, total value - $40.
.           1853, 7 Mar: Tempy Conley, aged 73 yrs, resident of Johnson Co, appled for a pension based on Henry's service, and it was
.                     allowed.
.           1855, 13 Jun: Tempy Connelly filed a Declaration For Widow (Act of 1855), saying she and Henry Connelly married on 7 May
.                     1838 Floyd Co by Ezekiel Stone, and that Henry died 27 May 1838.  Witnesses to her declaration were John and Mahalah
.                     Hitchcock.  The marriage return is part of this file.  (other documents in her file state Henry d 7 May 1840)

.           issue:

1.   Edmund Conley, b 2 Jun 1775 NC, d 1865 Magoffin Co, Ky, m(1) Lydia Joynes, ?m(2) Rachael ____, m(3) 16 Apr 1835
.                 Floyd Co, Ky to Nancy Tackett, b ca 1795 Tenn or Va.
.                 Edmund was in the 1800 and 1810 Wilkes Co, NC census', and moved to Floyd Co, Ky between 1815-20, and later to Magof-
.                 fin Co, Ky.

2.   Thomas Conley, b 25 Jan 1777 Guilford Co, NC, d ca 1828 Floyd Co, Ky, m Susannah Joynes (Susan), b 5 Jul 1780 NC,
.                 d 25 Mar 1877 Johnson Co, Ky.
.                 Thomas was in the 1800 Ashe Co, NC census, was assigned to the Russell Co, Va tithable list in 1807, and was in the 1810
.                 Floyd Co, Ky census.

3.   Peggy Conley, b 8 Aug 1779, m Elijah Cantrell.

4.   David H. Conley, b 24 Jun 1781, m(1) Jane ____, m(2) Mary Fugate Davis (Polly), dau of Francis Fugate and the widow of
Richard Davis, who died 1808 in Russell Co, Va.  David was the admistrator of Richard's estate, and in 1819 in Russell Co,
.                 David Connelley and wife Mary and heirs of Richard Davis deeded property.  David was the Ashe Co, NC 1805 tax list and
.                 was in Russell Co by 1806-07, until 1819, and was in Floyd Co, Ky for the 1820 census.  He disappeared from the Floyd Co
.                 records after the 1842 tax list.  Other researchers have confused David H., the s/o Capt Henry, with David Conley, b ca 1784-
.                 87Va, who m Margaret Phillips (Peggy), who was apparently the s/o the elder
David Conley (#C).  This confusion has come
.                 about because David H. left the county early, with only one son, David M. Conley, left behind, and he isn't apparent to those
.                 who haven't used the tax lists, census records, and other court records to construct the Conley genealogy.

5.   Rachel Conley, b 8 Apr 1783 NC, m James S. Spradlin.

6.   John Conley, b 8 Aug 1785 Guilford Co, NC, m Leah Joynes.
.                 Moved to Morgan Co, Ky.

7.   Henry Connely/Conley, b 1 Dec 1787 Johnson, Guilford Co, NC, m Sarah Phillips.
.                 Moved to Crawford and Grant Co's, Wisc.

8.   Elizabeth L. Conley (Becky), b 8 Apr 1789 Guilford Co, m Aaron Tate.
.                 Moved to Warren Co, Tenn and DeKalb Co, Ala.

9.   William Conley, b 8 Jul 1791, d ca 1818 Floyd Co, Ky.  Single.
.                 1818 Floyd Co Court Order Bk 3, p 30, 42, 47, 476: appointment of adm of William Conley's estate.
.                 Acc to William Elsey Connelley, William was single, a millwright, and drowned in the Big Sandy River while building a dam.

10.   Joseph Conley, b 8 Jul 1795.  Apparently died young.  One family tradition was that he d in 1860, and one source said he m
.                 Susannah Jones, but that was the
Joseph Conley (#C5), b ca 1798, s/o David Conley.

.           Ref: "
The Conley Clan of Eastern Kentucky", The Magoffin County Historical Society, 1984, 2 volumes.  This source tentatively
.                     listed Capt Henry's son David, b 1781, as David, b ca 1784-87, who m Peggy Phillips, but allowed the possibility that the
.                     latter was the older David Conley's son.  These volumes concentrate mainly on the descendants of Capt Henry Conley, and
.                     did not mention the descendants of David and Susannah Conley, except those of David's sons David and Joseph.  The un-
.                     mentioned:  Sampson, Abner, John, Carter, Clay, and Jarris (Jarrus) Conley, some or all were the elder David's sons.  The
.                     1820 Floyd Co census recorded David with 4 sons, but it is possible that some hadn't moved in from Virginia by then.  In
.                     addition to David, "
The Conley Clan..." also records the elder David's apparent son Joseph as the son of Capt Henry.  This
.                     publication was apparently based mainly on contributors' genealogies, and didn't use the public records much.  The tax lists
.                     and census records show two clans of Conleys living in 2 different sections of Floyd Co.  One was the elder David with his
.                     apparent sons, and the other was Capt Henry with his known sons.  Although there is no document that clearly proves who
.                     all the sons of the elder David Conley were, some of them can be deduced from the records.

.            Note:  some unidentifed eastern Ky Conleys, prob related to this Conley family are cited at:
Misc Unidentified Conleys of Eastern Kentucky  

.            According to Jerry Conley's website, the above birth dates of Henry Conley's children were {taken from the family bible of Temp-
.            erance Hitchcock Connelly.  Widow of Captain Henry Connelly}  Comment by me: since none of these were her children, this was
.            probably Capt Henry's bible, the current location of which is unknown.

.            The following are apparently for a different Henry Conley:
.            1.   1767 NC tax payers, Cumberland Co, Henry Conley.
.            2.   Cumberland Co, NC, 1770 will of Michael Conely, Margaret (wife), Michael, John, Ann, Henry and Bridget, Mary Morrison,
.                  and Elizabeth Pickett (daughter).
.            3.   Colony of NC Land Patent Bk 15, p 379, #5195, 22 Jul 1774: Henry Connelly, 100 acres in Cumberland back of Daniel Thomp-
.                  son, joining a pond.
.            4.   Same, p 399, #5295, 22 Jul 1774: Daniel Thompson, 200 acres in Cumberland on the lower side of Lower Little River, joining
.                  (a point) back of Connelly's old Survey, a path, a swamp, and Henry Connelly.
.  Picture from www.findagrave.com
.           Added by Don Cheek