.       William Elsey Connelley, 1855 - 1930, s/o Constantine Conley
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.                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

D2311   William Elsey Connelley,8                                                D231   (Constantine,7,Henry,6,Thomas,5,Henry,4)
.                    b 15 Mar 1855 Jennies Creek, Johnson Co, Ky; d 15 Jul 1930 Topeka, Kans.
.                    m(1) 18 Feb 1874 Johnson Co to Julia Frances Witten, b ca 1857 Johnson Co, d 9 Apr 1881 Johnson Co, d/o William P. and
.                             Mary J. Witten.
.                    m(2) 13 Jan 1885 Council Bluffs, Iowa to Sarah Atalanta Fife, b 17 Jun 1858 Plymouth, Ind (b Jul 1858 acc to 1900 census).

.                    1880 Johnson Co census, Paintsville, Pct 1, p 129D, #234/237, William E. Connelly,25 Ky (son-in-law), teacher, Julia F.,23
.                             Ky (dau), Bernadette,5 Ky (gd), Walter,10/12 Ky (gs, Aug), living with William P. and Mary J. Witten.
.                    1900 Shawnee Co, Kans census, 4th Pct, ED 161, sheet 3B, 717 Clay St, #69/71, William L. Conneley, Mar 1855 Ky, book
.                             writer, Sarah A., Jul 1858 Ind (marr 15 yrs, 1 ch, 1 living), Martha E., Sep 92 Kans.
.                    1910 Shawnee Co census, Topeka, Ward 6, ED 188, sheet 7B, 816 Lincoln St, #168/168, William E. Connelley,55 Ky (2nd
.                             marr, auther, historical wks, Sarah A.,52 Ind (marr 25 yrs, 2 ch, 1 living), Edith M.,17 Kans.
.                    1920 Shawnee Co census, Topeka, Ward 6, ED 183, sheet 12B, 816 Lincoln St, #298/322, William E. Connelley,64 Ky, sec-
.                             retary, historical society, Sarah A.,59 Ind.
.                    1930 Shawnee Co census, Topeka, 3rd Ward, ED 89-24, sheet 2A, 915 Topeka Ave, #25/40, William E. Connelly,75 Ind
.                             (marr age 25), secretary, historical society, Sarah A.,71 Ky (marr age 26), Edith Ross,36 Kans (dau, div), Elaine,12 Kans
.                             (gd), Edith Vaughn,27 Kans, lodger.

.                    issue:

1.   Bernadette Connelley, b 11 Aug 1875 Johnson Co, m(1) 17 Apr 1894 Johnson Co to James M. Coldiron, b Dec 1868
.                          Ky, s/o Jesse Coldiron and Levina Blanton.  She m(2) ____ Lewis, and m(3) William Geibel, b ca 1872 Pa.

2.   Walter Contantine Connelley (Dr), b 23 Aug 1879 Ky, m(1) Virgie Vencill, m(2) Grace Bayes, m(3) Lucy Dyer.
.                          Lived in Magoffin and Johnson Co's, Ky.

3.   Edith Louise Connelley, b 28 Nov 1890 Christian Co, Mo, d 31 Dec 1892 Gage Co, Nebr.

4.   Martha Edith Connelley (Edith), b 29 Sep 1892 Wyandotte Co, Kans, m August A. Ross, b 18 Sep 1888 Pottawatomie
.                          Co, Kans, d 1958, bur Topeka Cem, Topeka, Shawnee Co, Kans.  They div by 1930.
.                          Her name given as Edith MacGregor Connelley by Ref 4 below.
.                          1920 Shawnee Co census, Topeka, Ward 6, ED 184, sheet 4A, 1117 Arch, #88/91, August A. Ross,30 Kans, teacher,
.                                   school, Edith,26 Kans, Elaine,1 9/12 Kans.
.                          issue:
a.   Elaine Ross, b ca 1918 Kans.

.                    Ref:  1. "
The Conley Clan of Eastern Kentucky", 1984, The Magoffin County Historical Society, Vol II, p 327-330.
.                             2.   Doug Conley's website:
www.conleycorner.com, email: conley_corner@yahoo.com  
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.                             5.   The above William Elsey Connelley was the author who wrote down the early Connelly family history, and is
.                                   quoted below in the following exerpts from his writings, plus his 1897 application to the Kansas SAS.
.                             6. "
Eastern Kentucky Papers, The Founding of Harman's Station, With an Account of the Indian Captivity of Mrs. Jennie
.                                  Wiley and the Exploration and Settlement of the Big Sandy Valley in the Virginias and Kentucky, To Which is Affixed
.                                   a Brief Account of the Connelly Family and Some Its Collateral and Related Families in America
", 1910.
.                                   p 95. "Thomas Connelly and his brother Edmund, and perhaps two other brothers, John and Henry, came from
.                                              County Armagh, Ireland, and settled at Old Albemarle Point about the year 1689.  This settlement moved
.                                              later, to become Charlestown, in the colony of South Carolina; it is now the metropolis of the state of South
.                                              Carolina, and the name is written
.                                   p 97:   Referring to Dr. Henry Connelly, governor of NM: "His father was John Donaldson Connelly, born in Vir-
.                                              ginia, and either a brother or first cousin to Capt Henry Connelly...."
.                                              This was
John Donaldson Conley (#X3) and since Capt Henry's brother was apparently John Connely
.                                              (#A) of Ashe Co, NC, and if Mr. Connelley was correct, then John Donaldson Connelly would be Capt
.                                              Henry's 1st cousin, and a grandson of
Edmund Connelly.  That is, Henry B.'s grandfather John Connelly
.                                              (#X), b 1720 Fairfax Co, Va, was Edmund's son.  However if the quote in Mr. Connelley's other writing
.                                              below is true, namely that Dr. Henry Connelly was a descendant of Thomas, Edmund's brother, then Dr.
.                                              Henry was Capt Henry's 2nd cousin.
.                                   p 98: "Edmund Connelly, the youngest son of Henry Connelly, is said to have married, in South Carolina, a lady
.                                              named Mary Edgefield.  They left sons and daughters, among them, Harmon and Thomas.  Harmon Connelly
.                                              moved to North Carolina, where he owned lands on the frontier.  Tradition says that he there married the
.                                              daughter of a physician named Hicks."
.                                   p 99:   Referring toThomas Connelly: "Whom he married is not known, but in the light of recent reliable information
.                                               it must have been a Pennsylvania Dutch woman."  Footnote on that page: "Before coming into possession of
.                                               all these facts and when I supposed I had obtained complete infomation I believed Harmon and Thomas mar-
.                                               ried sisters, daughters of this Dr. Hicks, and so wrote it in my application for memership in the Society of
.                                               the Sons of the American Revolution.  The family Bible of Captain Henry Connelly disproves this, and I had
.                                               learned before seeing it, from the pension papers of the Captain, that this was an error."  Another footnote:
.                                              "Uncle Edmund Connellly, son of Captain Henry Connelly, always said that his grandmother was a Penn-
.                                                sylvania Dutch woman.  We never gave it credit until I saw the pension papers of Captain Henry Connelly."
.                                   p 100: "Captain Henry Connelly, the Revolutionary Soldier, was the son of the above mentioned Thomas Connelly.
.                                                He was born in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and came with his father to Guilford County, North Caro-
.                                                lina, while yet a child, probably soon after Braddock's defeat.  Thomas Connelly was a soldier in Braddock's
.                                                defeat.  And it is probable that it was the expedion and its disastrous results which caused him to return to
.                                                North Carolina."
.                             7. "
Doniphan's Expedition and the Conquest of New Mexico and California", John Taylor Hughes, William Elsey Con-
.                                   nelley, 1907.
.                                   p 177.  Referring to Dr. Henry B. Connelly, the first Governor of NM:  "The descendants of Thomas are far more
.                                               numerous than those of Edmund.  Dr. Henry Connelly was one of the descendants of Thomas."
.                                   p 279:  with respect to John Donaldson Connelly and Sanford Ramey Connelly: "I  have not succeeded in securing
.                                               the records of the family, and cannot state positively which one of a number of brothers was their father.
.                                               However, there is little doubt that it was Thomas....."  
.                             8.   Other quotes from Mr. Connelley:
.                                   Thomas Connelly served in "General Braddock's army in its disastrous march on Fort Du Quesne."  He also claimed
.                                   that he was the same Thomas that "served during the winter of 1779-1780 in the First South Carolina Regiment,
.                                   commanded by Col. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney...."  On page 279 in "Doniphan's Expedition...." above: ..
.                                 "Thomas, who, in his old age, visited Charleston, South Carolina, to look after some property or business connected
.                                   with large tracts of land in South Carolina.  While about this business the British threatened Charleston, and he
.                                   enrolled himself in Captain Linning's company, and served under his friend and attorney, Charles Cotesworth
.                                   Pinckney, in the defense of the city."
.                             9.   1897 Kansas City, Mo, William Elsey Connelley himself filed an application with The Kansas Society of the Sons
.                                            of the American Revolution.  He gives an alternative Connelly family ancestry, not exactly the same as other
.                                            versions, namely he lists the wife of Thomas Conley, son of Capt Henry, as Susan Gians, as opposed to the
.                                            name Joynes normally assigned to her.  He also lists Capt Henry's wife as Mary (Roberston or Robinson),
.                                            and Henry's father Thomas' wife as Mary Hicks.  Then he lists Edumd's wife as the standard version Mary
.                                            Edgefield.
.                                   1910 Mr. Connelley published his book (see Ref 5 above), 13 years after he filed the above SAR application.
.                                            In it he said his previous info that Henry and his brother Harmon married sisters, dau's of Dr. Hicks, was in
.                                            error.  He also said that Henry's son "uncle" Edmund Connelly was the source of the claim that Capt Henry
.                                            married a " Pennsylvania Dutch woman".  Actually Edmund was William Elsey's great uncle.  He also lists
.                                            Capt Henry's son Thomas' wife as Susan Joynes, who had an uncle Henry Guyan.  This book also says
.                                            Thomas Connelly was in Braddock's 1755 expedition to Fort Duquesne, which is consistent with the records
.                                            of that expedition, which mention Thomas Connelly, on 14 May 1755, when he was tried for theft of beer.
.                           10.   William Elsey Connelley entered what he says is his copy of "Swift's Journal" in "
The Border Settlers of North-
.                                   western Virginia, from 1768-1795
", p 398, 1915. by Lucullus Virgil McWhorter.  This concerns a legendary silver
.                                   mine in Eastern Kentucky.  I've entered all of this material on a 2nd page addendum of this page at:

.                    Note:   Other unknown individuals have added dates and other names to Mr. Connelley's writings, with respect to the early
.                                Connellys in NC and SC.  The dates apparently coming from simple estimates based on average ages of having child-
.                                ren, and none of the added material seems to come from the public records.  Therefore much of the online information
.                                is without source or documentation, but is still copied and recopied and seems to grow over time, as I've seen in books,
.                                letters, and recently online, over the past 30 years.  The details of these Connelly families and their children, including
.                                the dates of births and deaths, are so different from source to source, that one can only conclude that there is no true
.                                original source, else they would all be similar.