.                              Thomas Connely, c1740 - 1795  
.                                       of Augusta Co, Va
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.                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com
E2   Thomas Connely,2                                                                                                                                                (unknown)
.            b ca 1740 Ireland; d 1795 Augusta Co, Va.
.            m ca 1760 Augusta Co to Margaret Walker, d/o Alexander Walker and Elizabeth Patterson.  Margaret apparently died by 1794, as
.                son Thomas was the only surviving executor.
.             According to "
The History Of the Pioneer Families of Conley and Sage", see Ref 1 below, he was a son of Edmund Conley and
.             Mary Edgefield, but this is highly unlikely.  Roger Connelly's info, see Refs below has detailed Bible records and contradicts that
.             claim.  Sage also claims that Arthur Connelly was s/o Arthur Sr, but he appears to be the s/o Thomas Connelly, brother of Arthur.
.             This family's immigration from Ireland to Augusta Co, Va is inconsistent with them being closely related to Edmund Connelly of
.             SC.

.             1768, 15 Mar, p 497:  Thomas Connelly is appointed surveyor of the high Way in the room of Hugh Donaho....
.             1777, 16 Sep: John Campbell, Thomas Connerley, guardians of Jane, Elizabeth and Alexander Walker Jr.
.             1783 Augusta Co: tithables Thomas Conoly and sons Arthur and Thomas.
.             1785, 24 Jun: Augusta Co Will Bk 6, p 535: Alexander Walker's estate settled, 1774, paid to legatees, Robert and Mary Walker,
.                       to Thomas Connelly, husband to Margaret, to Isabella Walker, paid to John Erwin for teaching the children.  1780.  Paid
.                       John Young, ditto, 1785.  Legatees Andrew and Martha are dead.  Legatee Elizabeth is dead.
.             1789 Augusta Co: Walker vs Campbell (Connelly): Bill filed: Isabella and Barbara Walker, infants, by Hugh Donaghe, against
.                      Robert and and Elizabeth Walker; oratrices were daus of Alexander Walker, who died testate in Augusta, will dated 20 Nov
.                      1774: adm accts show, 1774, cash paid Thomas Connelly, husband to Margaret (dau of Alexr), May 1793, abates as to Isa-
.                      bella by her marriage to Robert Reed.
.             1794, 28 Jul: Augusta Co Will Bk 8, p 147: Thomas Conally's Will.  To wife Margaret, to three sons, Thomas, Aleander, and
.                       Robert; to each of my daughters, viz: Martha, Mary, Elizabeth, Barbarea, Jean and Isabella; to son Arthur, 200 acres in Ky.;
.                       to son Thomas, 240 acres in Ky.; to Alexander, 200 acres in Ky.; to son Robert.  Executors, wife Margaret and son Thomas.
.                       Teste, John Campbell, John Connely, John Hooke.  Proved Jan. 20, 1795.  (Presented by Thomas. Connelly, surviving exe-
.                       cutor.)  By Connely and Hooke.  Thomas qualifies.

.             issue:

1.   Martha Connely, b 19 Jun 1761 Augusta Co, m her 1st cousin Arthur Connely, b 2 Jul 1756 Augusta Co, d 4 Nov 1813
.                   Boone Co, Ky, s/o
Arthur Connely (#E1) and Margaret Walker.

2.   Thomas Connely, b 27 Apr 1763, d 30 Mar 1835 Ky.
.                   Poss same as follows:
 Thomas Conley (Tom,Hackett), b ca 1770, m Susannah White (Susan).
.                   Moved to Logan Co, Va (WVa).
.                   Reportedly a 1st cousin of
Garland Conley (#Z2).

3.   Arthur Connely, b 24 Oct 1764 Augusta Co, m Jane Dale.
.                   Moved to Montgomery Co, Ky.

4.   Mary Connely (Polly), b ca 1768, m 24 Sep 1792 Augusta Co to George Berry.
.                   1792, 18 Sep: George Berry and Polly Connelly, daughter of Thomas Connelly (consent).  Witnessed by Alexander Connelly,
.                             John Conelly, James Crawford, surety Thomas Connelly.

5.   Elizabeth Connely, b ca 1772, m 13 Dec 1798 Augusta Co to Saml Thorpe.  
.                   1798, 5 Dec: Samuel Thorp and Elizabeth Connally, dau of Thomas Connally, dec.  James Patterson swears that Elizabeth is
.                             21 years of age.

6.   Alexander Connely, b 30 May 1774, m 5 Jan 1801 Augusta Co to Nancy Jackson, b ca 1779.
.                   1801, 3 Jan: Alexander Connelly and John Walker surety, Alexander Connelly and Nancy Jackson, dau of ___ Jackson, dec.
.                             Nancy is 22 years of age.

7.   Barbara Connely, b ca 1776, d Jul 1795.

8.   Jean Connely (Jenny) (?Jane), b ca 1778.

9.   Robert Connely, b 1781, d 1850 Boone Co, Ky, m 24 Apr 1806 Montgomery Co, Ky to Margaret T. Davis, b 17 ?Mar 1787,
.                   d 18 Aug 1853 Boone Co, d/o John Davis.
.                   issue:
a.   Greenville Connely (Green), b 7 Feb 1815 Boone Co, Ky, d 17 Feb 1877 Boone Co, m 24 May 1837 Campbell Co, Ky
.                         to Mary Ann Northcutt, b ca 1819, d/o George F. Northcutt and Rebecca Morgan.
.                         More on descendants, see Ref 10 below.

10.   Isabella Connely, b 18 Mar 1786, 1838 Ohio, m Robert Reed.

.            Ref:  1. "
The History Of the Pioneer Families of Conley and Sage", Glen Harrison Sage.
.                     2.   Following from archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com, by Benjamin H. Walker, 1997:
.                           The following was taken from the book "
Virginia Valley Records" by John W. Wayland.
.                           JOHN WALKER Sr. of AUGUSTA Co. VIRGINIA married Miss Sarah CONNELLY of Augusta Co. Va. The Walker
.                           and Connelly families immigrated to America about the middle of the 17th century [Lin: sic - later it says they landed
.                           in 1720]. They were Scotch-Irish Protestants, and in church connection Presbyterians. Alexander (Arthur) Connelly had
.                           four sons and one daughter, named Arthur, Alexander, Samuel, Williamson and Sarah Connelly.  Arthur Connelly was
.                           killed by Indians to procure his rifle, which he had refused to sell to them.  Alexander Connelly rode under a tree for
.                           shelter in a thunder storm.  Lightning struck the tree, killing man and horse.  Samuel Connelly moved to KENTUCKY,
.                           married and raised a family.  Williamson Connelly went to MISSISSIPPI and engaged in surveying land for the govern-
.                           ment. He never married that his relatives knew of. Those Connellys were back to Virginia to visit relatives, the writer
.                           recollects them, about the year 1834. The writer also recollects seeing his old great-grandmother Connelly when she was
.                           nearly 90 years old, and living in her daughter's family.
.                           JOHN WALKER Sr. and Sarah (CONNELLY) his wife raised eleven children, to wit: Elizabeth, Alexander, John, Jane,
.                           Robert, Pollie, Sallie, Thomas, Patsie James, Rebecca.
.                     3.   From Chalkley, Vol 2, p 300, 8 Sep 1791:  John Walker and John Connelly, surety. John Walker and Sarah Connelly,
.                           daughter of Arthur Connelly (consent); witnesses, Thomas Connely, Saml. Frame.  (Note by RRC: Sarah 'Sally' CON-
.                           NELLY, b 11 Mar 1768, Augusta Co., VA, d 7 Sept 1842, Augusta Co., VA, bur Old Stone Cem, F.D., VA, m 8 Sept
.                           1791, Augusta Co., VA, to John Walker, b 31 Aug 1768, VA, d 17 Apr 1836, Augusta Co., VA, bur Old Stone Cem, F.D.,
.                           VA. The CONNELY family came to Augusta Co., VA, in 1745 from PA having been in that state since 1735.)
.                     4.   From Chalkley, Vol 2, p 337, 8 Sep 1791: John Walker and John Connelly, surety. John Walker and Sarah Connelly,
.                           daughter of Arthur Connelly (consent); witnesses, Thomas Connely, Saml. Frame.
.                     5.   From Chalkley, Vol 2, p 338, 3 Jan 1801:  Alex. Connelly and John Walker, surety. Alex. Connelly and Nancy Jackson,
.                           daughter of ____ Jackson, deceased. John Walker swears that Nancy Jackson has lived with him for eight years and when
.                           he engaged her, her mother told him she was fourteen.
.                     6.   From Chalkley, Vol 2, p 337, 8 Sep 1791:  By Rev. Wm. Wilson: September 8th, Jno. Walker and Sary Conaldly;
.                     7. "
Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia", Augusta Co, Va, Vol 1, p 45, 15 Mar 1768: Thomas Connolly
.                           appointed surveyor of highway, vice Hugh Donaho.
.                     8.   
www.normconley.info/family/family.htm   Info on Robert Connely, s/o Thomas Connely.
.                     9.   
.                           Alexander Walker is said to have had 21 children ( "
Genealogical History of the Descendants of John Walker of Wigton,
.                           Scotland, 1600-1902
" by Emma Siggins White, 1902). probably by 2 wives ("A Record of the Ancestry and Descendants
.                           of James Alexander Walker and Sarah Ann Poage From 1730 To 1930", page 36, unpublished manuscript submitted to me
.                           by M. Caldwell Butler). I know a great deal about his descendants through his daughter Margaret (she married Thomas
.                           Connely; this is my direct line) and through his son John (he married Sarah Connely d/o Arthur Connely; Arthur was the
.                           brother of my Thomas Connely) but I know little about his other children.
Bible Record of Gilmore Franklin Connely
(A transcription of 1 1/2 pages from the Bible of Gilmore Franklin Connely. All entries made by the
same hand. Probably recorded about 1850 by GFC. Some punctuation added by the transcriber, Roger
R. Connelly. Bible now in the possession of W. Alexander Ostheimer, Houma, Louisiana.)
____________________________________ ________________________________
Arthur Connely born 24th Oct 1764 died 9th Aug 1815
Jane Dale " 10th Nov 1766 died 12 July 1839
Married 6th Dec 1785 - Issue -
Isabella Connely born 27th Sept 1786 died Dec 1849
Thomas Connely born 24th Nov 1787
Alexander Connely " 17th May 1789
Arthur Connely " 19th Dec 1790
Margaret W Connely " 1st Nov 1792
Robert Connely " 20th Dec 1794
Elizabeth Connely " 1st March 1797 died 15th Sept 1798
Gilmore Connely " 5th May 1799
Maria Connely " 29th Dec 1800 died 16 Aug 1831
____________________________________ _________________________________
Thomas Connely, his brother Arthur & sister Mary, together with their father & mother, emigrated from
Ireland to the State of Virginia in the year (blank). They left behind them a married sister who never
had any children. Said Thomas married a Virginia Lady named Walker who bore him 9 children, to
wit, Arthur, Thomas, Alexander, Robert, Martha, Mary, Jane, Elizabeth & Isabella. Of the above
named 9 children of Thomas, Arthur's family genealogy is given above. Thomas married & emigrated
to Boone County in Kentucky where he died leaving 5 children. Alexander settled & still lives in
Covington Ky where he raised 8 children. Robert settled in Boone County Ky where he died leaving
11 children. Martha married her cousin Arthur Connely. Mary married George Berry but never bore
children. Jane married Charles Patterson by whom she had 2 children, a son & daughter, the former
was killed by a fall from a horse. Elizabeth married Samuel Tharp to whom she bore several children,
most of whom emigrated to Springfield Illinois. Isabella married Samuel Gowdy & settled in Xenia
Ohio where she died in 1838 leaving a large family.
Arthur Connely, brother of first above named Thomas, married in Virginia & raised 9 children, to wit,
Thomas, Robert, John, David, Arthur & James, Mary, Jane & Sarah. Thomas was killed in the
revolutionary war. Robert was killed by the Indians while on a surveying expedition in Kentucky. John
never married, he died near Xenia Ohio. Arthur married his cousin Martha & settled in Kentucky.
James left a family in Scott County Kentucky & David left a family near Xenia Ohio - _____ _____
_____ lived in Ohio, Illinois & Mississippi. Mary married Joseph McCauley. Jane married David
Williamson and Sarah married John Walker, brother of her Uncle Thomas' wife. She lived to a very
great age & died in Augusta County Virginia.
Thomas Connely senrs wife had a sister Barbara who married Wm Donaldson & settled in Kentucky in
1793 where she left a numerous family. Alexander was the _____ member of the Walker family.
Arthur Connely, oldest son of the first above named Thomas, married in 1785 Jane Dale, daughter of
Alexander Dale & Isabella Gilmore, both natives of Ireland & emigrated from Augusta County Virginia
to Montgomery County Kentucky in 1791 where he died - his wife Jane Dale had 7 brothers & 7 sisters,
to wit: Robert, Thomas, Alexander, James, William, Joseph & Samuel, Martha, Elizabeth, etc. All but
one of the above married & ____ ____ ______.
Of the above family of Arthur Connely, Thomas married Elizabeth Petit by whom he had 9 children.
Isabella married her 2nd cousin Witt Donaldson by whom she had 1 child. Alexander married Eliza
Steele by whom he had 7 children - he married a second wife by whom he raised 4 children. Arthur
will be found on next page. Margaret W married Samuel Logan by whom she had 11 children. Robert
married Mary Ann Campbell but had no children. Gilmore had two children by a Miss Robertson & 7
by Jane Long. Maria married Arthur McNara & John Pircy but never had any children.
Mary Connely, the other emigrant from Ireland, married Wm Johnston of Virginia but died ____, he
married a second time.

____________________________________________ ________________________________
Arthur Connely born 19th Dec 1790
Jensey Steele born 18th Nov 1793
Married 2nd March 1815 - Issue
Gilmore Franklin Connely born 7th Dec 1815
Ninian Connely born 7th Nov 1817
Elizabeth Connely born 18th Nov 1819
Robert Alexander Connely born 23rd Jany 1822
Cynthia Connely born 2nd June 1824
Mary Osborne Connely born 1st Sept 1827
Arthur Connely Junr born 27 Sept 1829