.                                James Conley, prior 1755 -
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.                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com
F    James Conley,1                                                                                                                                          (ancestry unknown)
.         b prior 1755.  Claimed to be s/o Arthur Conley (
Arthur Connely #E1)) by Glen Harrison Sage, a descendant of Gordon Cloyd Con-
.            ley below.  Some simply list him as an unknown Conley, father of Garland Conley and others.  Some list Susannah's husband as
.            Thomas Conley, who may have died in the Rev War.  I have also listed him as
Unknown Conley (#Z), that page being similar to
.            this page.
.         m Susannah Smith.
.             Wid, Susannah m(2) 5 May 1790 Montgomery Co, Va to Richard Chapman.  (This could be the widow of Thomas Connely of
.             Montgomery Co.)

.         1776 James Conley served as scout in Tazewell Co, Va, according to "
The History of Tazewell County and Southwestern Virginia"
.                  by David Johnson.
.         1790 Montgomery Co, Va tax list: James Conley.
.         1793, 24 Dec, Montgomery Co (now Giles Co), James Conley purchased land on Little Sugar Waters of Walker Creek, a branch of
.                   New River, from John White.
.         1805 Russell Co, Va Law Order Bk  3, p 372: Susanna and Easter Conley were plaintiffs in case against Ambrose Harmon.
.                  This case was dismissed, Bk 3, p 388.
.         1804 Russell Co Law Order Bk 3, p 290: Easter Conley: "theft-acquit".
.         1820 Giles Co census, p 114, Susannah Conley, 100000-00210.
.         1830 Giles Co census, p 217, Susanah Conly, 001-1100111.
.         1840 census, Susannah and Nancy not located.
.         1850 Giles Co census, 20th Dist, p 408, #566/560, Susanah Conly,65, Nancy,46, living with the above John Conley's son
.                  John's family.
.         1860 Giles Co census, p 911, # 977/898, Susannah Conley,75, ---, $100, superanuated, Nancy Conley,60, $1500, $100,
.                  living with John Conley's family.

.         James' children were supposedly in Tazewell Co, Va by 1803.  Some sources don't list James.  Many list Thomas Conley and Gar-
.         land Conley of Logan Co, Va (WVa), as brothers and sons of either an unknown Conley or Thomas Conley of Montgomery Co, Va.
.         Some claim that Thomas and Garland were 1st cousins.  Hence there is a high degree of unreliability for this page.

.         issue:

Z1  ?  
1.   Thomas Hackett Conley (Hackett,Tom), b ca 1770 Va, m(1) Susannah White (Susan), m(2) ____ Brumfield.
.               Actually, supposedly a cousin to Garland Conley, below.  Also supposedly born in Dublin, Ireland, but perhaps Dublin, Pulas-
.               ki Co, Va, adjacent to Montgomery Co, is where he was born.
.               Moved to Logan Co, Va (WVa).

.      ?  
2.   James Conley, b ca 1776 Va, d 1871, m 11 May 1806 Tazewell Co to Rachel Stobouth, b ca 1789 Va, d/o John Stobough and
.               Leah Corder.
..              Listed in Montgomery Co Tax lists, and was later in Tazewell Co, beginning with 1805 tax list.
.               1805 Tazewell Co, Va: James Conley purchased land from his father-in-law.
.               1820 Tazewell Co census, p 246, James Connely, 110001- 31010.
.               1830 Tazewell Co census, p 198, James Conley, 22110001-0111101.
.               1832 James purchases 100 acres in Burks Garden, Tazewell Co for $100 from the Stoboughs.
.               1840 Tazewell Co census, p 48, James Conley, 021220001-00001001.
.               1850 Tazewell Co census, James Conley,74 Va,
.               1860 Tazewell Co census, James Conley, Rachel,71 Va.
.               issue:
a.   James F. Conley, b 1820, m Nancy Ann Gibson.
.                     issue:  See Ref 2 and 3 below.
b.   Robert Conley, b ca 1827 Va, m Tabitha ____, b ca 1826 Va.
.                     issue: see Ref 3 below
.                     1850 Tazewell Co census, Roberta Conley,23 Va, Tobytha,24 Va.
c.   Ambrose Grayson Conley, b 1830, m 8 Jul 1856 Tazewell Co to Sarah Ann Malloy.
.                     issue: See Ref 2 below.
d.   Gordon Cloyd Conley, b 1833, m 16 Jul 1854 Tazewell Co to Mary Jane Boling, d/o Harrison and Martha Boling.
.                     issue:
(1)  Harrison Conley, b 13 Oct 1854 Tazewell Co.
(2)  Ablijah T. Conley, b 1 Nov 1855 Tazewell Co, m 27 Apr 1877 McDowell Co, WVa to E. J. Barnett, b 1855 Taze-
.                            well Co.
(3)  Rufus Britton Conley, b 24 Dec 1857 Tazewell Co, d 30 Apr 1937 Tazewell Co, m 12 May 1880 to Susan
.                            Howard Stratton, b 17 Jan 1862 Tazewell Co, d 30 Apr 1937.
.                            issue:  see Ref 2 below.
(2)  Andrew P. Conley, b 1860 Va.
(3)  Viola M. Conley, b 2 Sep 1861 Tazewell Co.
(4)  John W. Conley, b 10 Mar 1864 Tazewell Co.
(5)  Mary M. Conley, b 23 Nov 1865 Tazewell Co.
(6)  George G. Conley, b ca 1868 Va.
(7)  Thomas Eldridge Conley, b ca 1869 Va.
(8)  Walter V. Conley, b ca 1871 Va.

Z2  ?  
2.   Garland Conley, b ca 1777-82 Montgomery Co, Va, m Elizabeth Farley (Betty).
.               Moved to Logan Co, Va  (WVa).

.      ?  
3.   Bailey Conley.  Supposedly b ca 1775-78 and poss the Bailey Conley who m ____ Hatfield, d/o James C. Hatfield and
.               Zurilda Dunlap.

.      ?  
4.   Obedience Bridget Conley (Biddy), b 1780 supposedly in Montgomery Co, m Robert Lilly.

.          Ref:  1. "
The History Of the Pioneer Families of Conley and Sage", Glen Harrison Sage.
.                   2.   
www.coalexchange.com/smith/mcdowella/pafg1447.htm#39215  (McDowell and Wyoming Co's, WVa families)
.                   3.   
wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=hagerj&id=I180916  (Joel Hager's website)
.                         This lists James Conley, b ca 1776, as s/o unknown Connelly, and with siblings Sheila and John.
.                   4.   Following from archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com, by Benjamin H. Walker, 1997:
.                         The following was taken from the book "
Virginia Valley Records" by John W. Wayland.
.                         JOHN WALKER Sr. of AUGUSTA Co. VIRGINIA married Miss Sarah CONNELLY of Augusta Co. Va. The Walker
.                         and Connelly families immigrated to America about the middle of the 17th century [Lin: sic - later it says they landed
.                         in 1720]. They were Scotch-Irish Protestants, and in church connection Presbyterians. Alexander (Arthur) Connelly had
.                         four sons and one daughter, named Arthur, Alexander, Samuel, Williamson and Sarah Connelly.  Arthur Connelly was
.                         killed by Indians to procure his rifle, which he had refused to sell to them.  Alexander Connelly rode under a tree for
.                         shelter in a thunder storm.  Lightning struck the tree, killing man and horse.  Samuel Connelly moved to KENTUCKY,
.                         married and raised a family.  Williamson Connelly went to MISSISSIPPI and engaged in surveying land for the govern-
.                         ment. He never married that his relatives knew of. Those Connellys were back to Virginia to visit relatives, the writer
.                         recollects them, about the year 1834. The writer also recollects seeing his old great-grandmother Connelly when she was
.                         nearly 90 years old, and living in her daughter's family.
.                         JOHN WALKER Sr. and Sarah (CONNELLY) his wife raised eleven children, to wit: Elizabeth, Alexander, John, Jane,
.                         Robert, Pollie, Sallie, Thomas, Patsie James, Rebecca.
.                   5.   From Chalkley, Vol 2, p 300, 8 Sep 1791:  John Walker and John Connelly, surety. John Walker and Sarah Connelly,
.                         daughter of Arthur Connelly (consent); witnesses, Thomas Connely, Saml. Frame.  (Note by RRC: Sarah 'Sally' CON-
.                         NELLY, b 11 Mar 1768, Augusta Co., VA, d 7 Sept 1842, Augusta Co., VA, bur Old Stone Cem, F.D., VA, m 8 Sept
.                         1791, Augusta Co., VA, to John Walker, b 31 Aug 1768, VA, d 17 Apr 1836, Augusta Co., VA, bur Old Stone Cem, F.D.,
.                         VA. The CONNELY family came to Augusta Co., VA, in 1745 from PA having been in that state since 1735.)
.                   6.   From Chalkley, Vol 2, p 337, 8 Sep 1791: John Walker and John Connelly, surety. John Walker and Sarah Connelly,
.                         daughter of Arthur Connelly (consent); witnesses, Thomas Connely, Saml. Frame.
.                   7.   From Chalkley, Vol 2, p 338, 3 Jan 1801:  Alex. Connelly and John Walker, surety. Alex. Connelly and Nancy Jackson,
.                         daughter of ____ Jackson, deceased. John Walker swears that Nancy Jackson has lived with him for eight years and when
.                         he engaged her, her mother told him she was fourteen.
.                   8.   From Chalkley, Vol 2, p 337, 8 Sep 1791:  By Rev. Wm. Wilson: September 8th, Jno. Walker and Sary Conaldly;
.                   9. "
Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia", Augusta Co, Va, Vol 1, p 45, 15 Mar 1768: Thomas Connolly
.                         appointed surveyor of highway, vice Hugh Donaho.
.                 10.   
.                         Alexander Walker is said to have had 21 children ( "Genealogical History of the Descendants of John Walker of Wigton,
.                         Scotland, 1600-1902" by Emma Siggins White, 1902). probably by 2 wives ("A Record of the Ancestry and Descendants
.                         of James Alexander Walker and Sarah Ann Poage From 1730 To 1930", page 36, unpublished manuscript submitted to me
.                         by M. Caldwell Butler). I know a great deal about his descendants through his daughter Margaret (she married Thomas
.                         Connely; this is my direct line) and through his son John (he married Sarah Connely d/o Arthur Connely; Arthur was the
.                         brother of my Thomas Connely) but I know little about his other children.
.                 11.   
http://home.comcast.net/~rogerconnelly/GGGGGGC2.pdf.  This has considerably more info on James' descendants.