.   Henry Connelly, legendary ancestor of the Eastern Ky Conleys
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.                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

.      Henry Connelly,1                                                                                                                                     (ancestry unknown)
.          The only source for the early Connelly generations is
William Elsey Connelley (#D2311) (late 19th and early 20th centuries).
.          According to him, the Connelly brothers Thomas, Edmund, and possibly John and Henry, came from County Armaugh, Ireland and
.          ca 1689 settled at Old Albemarle Point, which became Charleston, SC.  Edmund Connelly, the youngest son of Henry Connelly,
.          supposedly married in SC to Mary Edgefield and had sons Thomas and Harmon.  Harmon married the dau of a physician named
.          Hicks and Thomas married a "Pennsylvania Dutch woman".  Thomas died about two years after suffering wounds at the Battle of
.          Kings Mountain (which was fought in Oct 1780).  Thomas' son was
Capt Henry Connelly/Conley (#D).  

.          An interesting alternative ancestry by William Elsey Connelley himself was filed by him on 15 Mar 1897 in his application to
.        "The Kansas Society of the Sons of the American Revolution".  In this he lists Henry Connelly's wife as Mary (Robertson or
.          Robinson), and Thomas Connelly's wife as Mary (Hicks) Connelly.  This application was signed by William E. Connelley, Kan-
.          sas City, Kansas, Real Estate Dealer.  He also gave Henry's son Thomas' wife's name as Susan (Gians) Connelly.  Later he says
.          Susan was a Joynes and her uncle was Henry Guyan.  This new info was in his book "The Founding of Harmon's Station ...",
.          published in 1910, and in that he says uncle Edmund Connelly (actually his great uncle) was the source of the claim that Capt
.          Henry's mother was "a Pennsylvania Dutch woman".  In this book he also says his earlier belief that Capt Henry and his brother
.          Harmon married sisters, daus of Dr. Hicks, was an error.  Other sources say Thomas m Mary Van Harlingen and later claim without
.          documentation that he was b ca 1725 "Charlestown, SC".  Both William Elsey Connelley and Capt Henry Conley's pension papers
.          just say that Capt Henry's mother was a Pennsylvania Dutch woman.  So the claim she was Mary Van Harlingen may be correct, but
.          so far it is undocumented.  In the above claims, Mary Hicks is claimed to be the mother of Capt Henry and the wife of Harmon
.          Conley.

.          This story has evolved to state that the four brothers were the sons of Henry Connelly of County Armaugh, Ireland.  Others,
.          unidentified, have added birth years for Thomas' ancestors, and their siblings, going far beyond Mr. Connelley's brief sketch of the
.          early generations.  These additional "facts" are undocumented and apparently not in the public records.  Some are exact dates and
.          some appear to be estimates  based on average ages for having offspring.  No sources are cited, but these have been blindly copied
.          and recopied by many and are on many internet sites, as well in the LDS records, which only store submitted genealogies without
.          any editorial review:
.              Supposedly Edmund was b 2 Jul 1700 (or 2 Jul 1688) Charlestown, SC, and d ca 1750 Guilford Co, NC, and his wife was Mary
.              Edgefield, b ca 1700 Charlestown, and d ca 1750 Guilford Co, d/o Col Arthur Edgefield.  Edmund was supposedly the s/o Henry
.              Connelly and Betsy Vaux Buckley, and supposedly this Henry was the s/o an older Henry Conley, of County Armaugh, Ireland.
.              Supposedly Thomas was b ca 1725 in "Charlestown", SC and Harmon was b ca 1722 in "Charleston", SC, and Harmon's wife was
.              Mary Hicks. There is no documentation offered to support any of these added names and dates, although there are possible ele-
.              ments of truth in these stories.  There is a frequent claim that Thomas Conley, supposed father of Capt Henry, is the same
.              Thomas who served in the RW in SC.  This appears to be a presumption that he is the same Thomas from Chester Co, Pa, but
.              there is no evidence for that.

.          In summary, Capt Henry Conley was b 1751 in Chester Co, Pa acc to his RW pension application.  Thomas Conley was age 17 when
.          he participated in Braddock's expedition, so he was b ca 1741.  Edmund Conoly/Connelly was the son of Constantine Connoly/Con-
.          nelly, named in the latter's 1741 estate papers.  Edmund was listed in the Chester Co tax lists in 1747/48, 1749/50, and 1756.  There
.          were no other Connellys in Chester Co at this time, or at least in the records found to date, having been researched by a professional
.          genealogist.

.          Acc to Capt Henry Conley's pension application, he moved with his father from Chester Co, Pa to Guilford Co, NC, where he was
.          living at the time of entry into RW service.  So far, no record of Edmund (or Thomas) Connelly in the Guilford Co, NC area has been
.          found.  Henry's RW pension states that he went to Montgomery Co, Va during the war, and that is where Thomas Conley live

William Elsey Connelley changed his version of Capt Henry's wife's and mother's names (see above).  He incorrectly claimed that
.          the "famous" Henry B. Connelly, 1st territorial governor of NM, was closely related to Capt Henry.  That family's history is fairly
.          well documented and it appears there is no liklihood of him being related to Capt Henry.  Henry B. was a son of John Donaldson
.          Connelly, son of
John Connelly (#X) of Fairfax and Loudon Co's, Va.   William also totally overlooked the existence of the other
.          large Conley clan in Floyd Co, namely the elder David Conley and his likely sons.  See below for the specific quotes from Mr. Con-
.          nelley's writings.

.          I am offering an alternative theory of Capt Henry Conley's ancestry, which at least fits the small amount of available records.
.          Namely Capt Henry's father was likely Edmund Conley, and Henry's claimed father Thomas was likely a brother, and possibly the
.          Thomas Conley who died prior 1792 in Montgomery Co, Va.  Edmund was probably the same Edmund, s/o Constantine Connoly/
.          Conelly, whose will was prob 1741 Chester Co, Pa, naming son Edmund as administrator.  The main reasoning in stating that Thomas
.          was likely Henry's brother and not his father, is that Thomas Conley, age 17, was listed as a participant in 1758 Braddock's expedi-
.          tion, and hence b ca 1741, too young to be Henry's father.

.          Further detailed research in early Maryland and Virginia records may provide more clues on this family, but no broad, detailed
.          searches have yet been undertaken.  There is a Charlestown in Chester Co, Pa, and perhaps this was where the Connelly's lived,
.          and not Charleston, SC.  There is also a Charlestown in Cecil Co, Maryland, providing more possible confusion.  In the late 1600s
.          and 1700s there are a number of refernces to Conley/Connellys with similar names in the eastern Virginia area.  Such as the will of
.          Edmond Connelly in 1738 in Essex Co, Va.  One online source claims that Edward (Edmund) Conolly, b ca 1665 Armagh, d after
.          1704 Essex Co, Va, was s/o Henry Conolly, b ca 1630 Armagh, and Edward/Edmund's sons were of his sons were Thomas Connoly,
.          b ca 1685 Essex Co, who m Anne Mayfield, and Edmund, b ca 1697, d 1738, and John, b ca 1700.  Conceivably Constantine Con-
.          nolly who d ca 1741 Chester Co, Pa could be related to the Essex Co, Va group, such as son of the Edmond Connelly who d 1738.

Alternative ancestry of the the Eastern Kentucky Conley's :

.          Constantine Connoly/Conelly, d ca 1741 Chester Co, Pa:
.          issue:
1.   Edmund Conoly/Connelly.   
.                issue: (possible)
a.   Thomas Connelly.   Participated in the 1755 Braddock's expedition.
(1)  Thomas Connolly, b ca 1741.  From Chester Co, Pa.  Poss the same Thomas Connelly/Thomas whose estate was
.                              probated in 1792 Montgomery Co, Va.
(2)   John Conley, b 28 Jun 1744, d 24 Jul 1799 Ashe Co, NC.
(3)   Capt Henry Connelly/Conley, b 1751 Chester Co, Pa, d 1840 Johnson Co, Ky.

.         The "legendary"
Thomas Conley (#1), oft claimed father of Capt Henry Conley.

William Elsey Connelley's exact quotes:

    From  1. "Eastern Kentucky Papers, The Founding of Harman's Station, With an Account of the Indian Captivity of Mrs. Jennie
.                         Wiley and the Exploration and Settlement of the Big Sandy Valley in the Virginias and Kentucky, To Which is Affixed a
.                         Brief Account of the Connelly Family and Some Its Collateral and Related Families in America", 1910, by William Elsey
.                         Connelley:
.                               p 95. "Thomas Connelly and his brother Edmund, and perhaps two other brothers, John and Henry, came from
.                                          County Armagh, Ireland, and settled at Old Albemarle Point about the year 1689.  This settlement moved
.                                          later, to become Charlestown, in the colony of South Carolina; it is now the metropolis of the state of South
.                                          Carolina, and the name is written Charleston."
.                               p 97:   Referring to Dr. Henry Connelly, governor of NM: "His father was John Donaldson Connelly, born in Vir-
.                                          ginia, and either a brother or first cousin to Capt Henry Connelly...."
.                                          This was
John Donaldson Conley (#X3) and since Capt Henry's brother was apparently John Connely (#A)
.                                          of Ashe Co, NC, and if Mr. Connelley was correct, then John Donaldson Connelly would be Capt Henry's
.                                          1st cousin, and a grandson of Edmund Connelly.   However this close relationship appears to be impossible,
.                                          leaving the only possible relationship between these two Henry's as a distant one going back to Ireland.
.                               p 98: "Edmund Connelly, the youngest son of Henry Connelly, is said to have married, in South Carolina, a lady
.                                          named Mary Edgefield.  They left sons and daughters, among them, Harmon and Thomas.  Harmon Connelly
.                                          moved to North Carolina, where he owned lands on the frontier.  Tradition says that he there married the
.                                          daughter of a physician named Hicks."
.                               p 99:  Referring toThomas Connelly: "Whom he married is not known, but in the light of recent reliable information
.                                          it must have been a Pennsylvania Dutch woman."
.                               p 100: "Captain Henry Connelly, the Revolutionary Soldier, was the son of the above mentioned Thomas Connelly.
.                                            He was born in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and came with his father to Guilford County, North Carolina."

.                     2. "Doniphan's Expedition and the Conquest of New Mexico and California", John Taylor Hughes, William Elsey Connelley,
.                           1907, p 177.  Referring to Dr. Henry B. Connelly, the first Governor of NM:  "The descendants of Thomas are far more
.                           numerous than are those of Edmund.  Dr. Henry Connelly was one of the descendants of Thomas."

.                     3.  Other quotes from Mr. Connelley:
.                          Thomas Connelly served in "General Braddock's army in its disastrous march on Fort Du Quesne."  He also claimed that he
.                          was the same Thomas that "served during the winter of 1779-1780 in the First South Carolina Regiment, commanded by
.                          Col. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney...."