.                            John Connelly, 1720 - bef 1767/68
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.                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

X    John Connelly,1                                                                                                                                        (ancestry unknown)
.          b 1720; d before 1767/68.
.          m 1749 to Mary Virginia Ramey, b 1730, d 1787, d/o Sanford Ramey and Ann Carter.  (See Sanford's will below.)  Her death date of
.              "1787" may be incorrect, as the 1767 deed below seems to imply that both John and Mary were deceased by 1767.

.          From Jim Scott's website;
.          John Donaldson Connelley's father is cited in a deed transfer from Robert Carter to Sanford Reamy of land to be held for John Don-
.          aldson Connelly and his brother Sanford Reamy Connelly.  This deed identifies John Donaldson Connley's father as "John Connelly".
.          John Donaldson and Sanford Reamy Connelly were entrusted into Sanford Reamy's care, upon the early demise of their parents.
.          (Source: gnconley@fuse.net  Gary Conley)  (this may be dated 15 Sep 1767, Loudoun Co, Va Deed Bk F, p 137.)

.          Acc to Note 5 below, written by the grandson of John Connelly in 1902, John and Sanford Connelly came from Ireland to Va when
.          they were young, along with their uncle John Remey.  John Remey died without issue and John and Sanford inherited his estate, and
.          they later moved to Nelson and Shelby Cos, Ky.

.          He may have been the John Conlee, who witnessed a 1756 mortgage of Hugh Conn (jr) in ?Loudoun Co, Va.

.          issue:

1.   Sanford Ramey Connelly, b 1751 Loudoun Co, Va, d Oct 1832 Shelby Co, Ky, m 1770 to Mary Caldwell/Cardwell, b ca 1751.
.                He served in the RW War.  (Some sources give his birthdate as 22 Aug 1757, including Jim Scott, see below.)
.                Shelby Co, Ky Will Bk 10, p 19: will of Sanford lists wife Mary, sons Daniel, Sanford, and Thomas, and daus Nancy, and
.                Mary "Polly" Lyne.
.                issue:
a.   John Connelly.  Named in Sanford Ramey's will.
b.   Ann Sanford Connelly.  Named in Sanford Ramey's will.
c.   Nancy Connelly, b 1780 Fluvanna Co, Va, d 20 Aug 1853 Liberty, Clay Co, Mo, m 22 Sep 1796 Fluvanna Co to James
.                      Lyne, b 1775 Loudoun Co, d 1807 Fluvanna Co, s/o Thomas James Lyne and Mary Padgett/Pagitt.
d.   Mary Connelly (Polly) b 26 Nov 1789 Fluvanna Co, d 1870 Versailles, Woodford Co, Ky, m 25 Oct 1804 Fluvanna Co,
.                      Va to Thomas Lyne IV, b 26 Mar 1783 Loudoun Co, d 1848 Versaillies, s/o Thomas James Lyne and Mary Padgett/Pagit.
e.   Sanford Connelly, b ca 1793 Va, d after 1850 Union Co, Ky, m 6 Aug 1818 Shelby Co, Ky to Eleanor Tyler, b ca 1804 Ky,
.                      d/o Robert Langley Tyler and Margaret ____.
.                      1850 Union Co, Ky census, Dist 1, p 445, #82/82, Sanford Connelly,57 Va, farmer, $7800, Elen,46 Ky, Robt,29 Ky, farmer,
.                               Mary A.,27 Ky, Margaret,25 Ky, Thos,24 Ky, farmer, Geo,18 Ky, farmer, Wm Tyler,20 Ky, farmer.
.                      issue:
(1)  Robert Connelly, b ca 1821 Union Co, m Susan Bean, b ca 1830 Ky.
.                             issue:  see Ref 3 below.
(2)  Mary A. Connelly, b ca 1823 Union Co.
(3)  Margaret Connelly, b ca 1825 Union Co.
(4)  Thomas Connelly, b ca 1826 Union Co.
(5)  George Connelly, b ca 1832 Union Co.
f.   Daniel Connelly, b 21 Aug 1792 Fluvanna Co, d 27 Feb 1851 Shelby Co, Ky, m 24 Dec 1818 Shelby Co to Mary Baskett
.                      (Polly), b 24 Jul 1796 Fluvanna Co, d 21 Aug 1834 Shelby Co, d/o Martain Baskett and Freances Shephard.
.                      issue:
(1)  Daniel Parker Connelly, b 25 Sep 1832 Shelby Co, d 18 Mar 1912 Big Stone Co, Mo, m 26 Mar 1857 to Mary Jane
.                             Wright, b 8 Jun 1836 Shelby Co, d 15 Apr 1904 Big Stone Co.
.                             issue:  see Ref 3 below.
g.   Thomas Connelly.   
h.   William Connelly.  

2.   Benjamin Ramey Connelly, b 1752 Loudoun Co.  Prob died by 1787, since not named in Sanford Ramey's will.

3.   John Donaldson Connelly, b 22 Aug 1757 Loudoun Co, m Frances Brent (Fanny).  (her name Ann acc to Ref 2 below)
.                Moved to Nelson Co, Ky.
.                Some sources claim he was the s/o John Connelly and Elizabeth Donaldson (see below)
.                William Elsey Connelley claimed that John Donaldson Conley was a first cousin (or brother) of Capt Henry Conley.  However
.                it is highly unlikely that he was Henry's brother, since that was apparently
John Connely (#A) of Ashe Co, NC.  If there was
.                a relationship, it would be a few generations earlier when there are practically no available documents.

.          According to William Elsey Connelly in "
Doniphan's Expedition and the Conquest of New Mexico and California", 1907, John Don-
.          aldson Connelly had two half brothers Jesse and James, and a half sister Mary, who also moved to Nelson Co, Ky about 1789.  This
.          source has many false assumptions and errors, so the following are questionable.  If true, they would have to be children of another
.          wife of John, since they are not mentioned in Sanford Ramey's will.  There are so many errors in Mr. Connelley's accounts that one
.          should make no asumptions.  For example he concerning the parentage of Sanford Ramey Connelly and John Donaldson Conley: "I
.          have not succeeded in securing the records of the family, and cannot state positively which one of a number of brothers was their
.          father.  However, there is little doubt that it was Thomas....."

4.   Jesse Connelly.  

5.   James Connelly.  

6.   Mary Connelly.  

.          Ref:  1.   
The Pelphrey Page gave some of the above lineage.  Other sources claim John Donaldson Connelly was a s/o John Connelly
.                         and Elizabeth Donaldson.  This author (me) has no way to prove or disprove these claims, however it is inconsistent with
.                         all the other information given by his family's descendants.
.                   2.   Louis Shackleton's notes at
www.rootsweb.com, email: DesignShack@aol.com   
.                         Info from "
The Conley Page", Joseph E. Conley.
.                         Acc to this source, Henry B. Connelly's (s/o above John Donaldson Connelly) writings state that his ancestor was
.                         Thomas Connelly who arrived in Charleston, SC in 1689 with his brothers.  Omitted from Henry's writings is the name
.                         of his great-grandfather, son of Thomas.
.                   3.   James (Jim) Scott'snotes at
www.rootsweb.com, email: Jamesscott4@juno.com    
.                         with notes from "
The Remy Family in America 1650-1942", Dr. Bonnelle William Rhamy, p 369.

.          Note:  1.   The above John Donaldson Connelly has been claimed by William Elsey Connelley (1855-1930), and many websites,
.                           to be the 1st cousin or brother of
Capt Henry Conley (#D) of Floyd Co, Ky.  William Elsey Connelley, an educated
.                           person, may have corresponded with some of Henry B. Connelly's descendants, or read his writings.
.                     2.   Jerry Conley's website claims that John Connelly, s/o Thomas, marr Elizabeth Donaldson and had children William, b
.                           ca 1770, Sanford, Daniel, and John.  John Van Harlingen Conley d ca 1790.  He quotes this from Reginald Dowaine
.                           Conley's book, on the descendants of
Henry Connely/Conley Jr (#D5) .
.                     3.   To show how loosely the evidence is tossed about on these early Connelly generations, I quote one source that claims
.                           that John "Donalson" Connelly, who m Frances Brent, was a brother of Gov Henry Connelly and both were sons of
.                           John Connelly and Elizabeth Donaldson.  This same source butchered some of the descendant lines of Capt Henry.
.                     4.   Many sources claim that Thomas Connelly (Capt Henry's reputed father) had son John Connelly, b 1749 Guilford Co,
.                           NC, d 1820 Orange Co, NC, m 1769 Guilford Co, NC to Elizabeth Donaldson.  This John supposedly served in Col
.                           James Armstrong's NC regiment.  One website claims that this John Connelly was b 1749 Chester Co, Pa, but this is
.                           an obvious assumption without evidence, since this same website butchers other branches of the Conley family.
.                     5.   The most believable document that clearly proves that Gov Henry B. Connelly's family is the one above was written
.                           by James Connelly Duncan in 1902: "
An Historical Account of the Duncan Family".   He is a grandson of the above
.                           John Connelly and Frances Brent.  
.                           He states that the above John Conley (who m Frances Brent) and his brother Sanford came from Ireland when very
.                           young.  This is inconsistent with the idea that John Connelly (b 1720) was a s/o
Edmund Connelly.
.                     6.   Following from website of James Scott:
.                           Will dated Dec. 9, 1787 Book C:314 Loudoun Co., Va. 1788, recorded Feb. 11, 1788, according to "Virginia Wills and
.                           Administrations -- 1632 to 1800," by Gust Skordas, Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Co. 1986. His will specifically
.                           mentions his grandsons John Donaldson Connelly and Sanford Reamy Connelly: "Legatees: Sanford Reamy Connally,
.                           John Donaldson Connally, Ann Sanford Connally (dau. of Sanford M. Connally and wife mary), John Conally (son of S.
.                           R. Connally), sister mary Corder, William Conally (son of Sanford R. Conally), Judith Corder. Heirs of brother John
.                           Remey, dec'd. Exrs: Sanford R. Conally, John Donaldson Conally. Wit: Richard Spurr, William Whaley, Bryan Allison,
.                           Jonathan Pike."

.                        "In the name of God Amen I Sanford Reamy of the County of Loudoun and state of Virginia being very weak in body but
.                          of sound sence and memory and being willing as far as in me lied to prevent all disputes that may arise about my temporal
.                          Estate with which it hath pleased God to blefs me with do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form fol-
.                          lowing
.                          Imprimis I give and bequeath unto Sanford Reamy Connally the following slaves (to wit, Sunnon Vollentine ester lish Hen-
.                          cen and Hannah and the future increas of the female slave to him and his heirs forever
.                          Item I give and bequesth unto John Donaldson Connally the following slaves to wht.Sam Senor Sam Junior Winey Jane and
.                          Simon Ely with the future increas of the female slaves to him and his heirs forever
.                          Item I give and bequeath unto Ann Sanford Conaly the Daughter of Sanford Ramy Conaly and AMary his Wife the fol-
.                          lowing slaves to wit William and Amy and her increase to her and her heirs forever
.                          Item I give and bequeath unto John Conaly Son of Sanford Conaly and Mary his wife the following slave to wit Major and
.                          Mary and her increase to him and his heirs forever
.                          Item I lend to my sister Mary Carder during her natural life one Negroe girl names peny and after her decease I give and
.                          bequeath the said negro girl unto William Conaly son of Sanford Ramy Connelly and Mary his Wife and her increase to him
.                          and his heirs forever
.                          Item I give and bequeath unto Judith Carder one mare Sally and Fanny likewise my will is that Sanford Ramy Conaly give
.                          the said Judith Carder Ten pounds spacia and John Donaldson Conaly give her Tenpounds
.                          Item I give and bequeath unto Sanford Ramy Conaly one Feather Bed and Furniture whereon I ownly and one Pine chest
.                          and one third of all my cattle and hogs except those now fattening for my Family youse and one horse named Jack under
.                          the incumberance of maintaining my Brother William Ramey during his Natural life
.                          Item I give and bequesth to the lawful heir of my Brother John Ramy Deceased Ten Shillings sterling and no more
.                          Item I give and bequesth John Donaldson Conaly three feather Beds and their furniture one Desk &poplar chest and one
.                          mare named Fly one horse named Dick and one Sorrel colt and one black colt and young colt with a __ face to him and his
.                          heirs forever
.                          Item my will and desire is that the crop now made after deducting one fifth for John Donaldson Conaly shear rent and taxes
.                          paid that the tobacco then left be equally divided between John Donaldson Conaly and sanford rqamy conaly to have
.                          twenty five barrels of corn
.                          Item my furtherwill and desire is that after the rest of my estate that is not already given bequeathed or mentioned be equal-
.                          ly divided between Sanford Conaly and John Donaldson Conaly and their heirs forever
.                          Lastly I nominate Constitute and appoint Sanford Ramy Connelly and John Donaldson Conaly Executors of this my last
.                          will and testament whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affirmed my seal this ninth day of December on thousand
.                          seven hundred and eighty seven
.                          Signed sealed declared and ] his
.                          Pronounced to be his last ] Sanford X Ramy
.                          Will and Testament ] Mark

.                     7.   Currently unidentified: Mildred Ann Conley, b 10 May 1770 Loudoun Co, Va, d Nov 1844 Ralls Co, Mo, m 10 Mar
.                           1789 to Thomas Wilcoxon Conn, b 15 Nov 1765 Loudoun Co, d 29 Dec 1835 Ralls Co, s/o Alexander Hugh Conn (Hugh)
.                           and Mary Trammell.  Mildred was supposedly a dau of John Connelly/Conlee, who was a brother of Francis Connelly.
.                           John and Francis were in the 1788 and 1789 Loudoun Co tax lists.  
.                           Descendant: Jean, email: