.    Henry B. Connelly, 1800 - 1866, s/o John Donaldson Connelly
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.                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

X32   Henry B. Connelly,3                                                                                                                   X3   (John,2,John,1)
.               b Sep 1800 Nelson Co (now Spencer Co), Ky; d 12 Aug 1866 Santa Fe, NM.
.               m(1) ____, b Mexico, who died before his 2nd marriage.
.               m(2) Dolores Perea, b ca 1814-15 NM, wid of Jose Chavez.

.               Henry received a medical degree from Transylvania Univ, Lexington, Ky in 1828 and went that year to Liberty, Clay Co, Mo,
.               where he practiced medicine for a few months.  He went to Chihuahua, Mexico, where he went into business with Edward J.
.               Glasgow.  Because of the War with Mexico he went to Peralta, NM in 1846, where he operated a very successful trading busi-
.               ness.  He was appointed Governor of New Mexico on 4 Sep 1861, and he retired from that position on 16 Jul 1866, a month
.               before his death.

.               1830 and 1840 census', Henry not located.  (living in Mexico then)
.               1850 Bernalillo Co, NM terr census, p 87, #1521, Henry Comelly,49 Va, merchant, $8000, Dolores,35, Josefa Charvis,11, Bomi-
.                        ficia,8, Victorianna,1, Gregoria,35, Rosa,22, Franco Garcia,12.
.               1860 Bernalillo Co, NM terr census, Los Pinos Pct, p 160, #1525/1346, Henry Connelly,59 Ky, merchant, $58,000, $84,000,
.                        Dolores,46 NM, Victoriana,11 NM, Henry,9 NM, Julian,6 NM, plus six servants.
.               1870 Valencia Co, NM terr census, Pct 15 Peralta, p 10, #91/91, Dolores Connelly,48 NM, $20,000, $4,500, Henry,18 NM,
.                        Vitoriana Viven,20 NM, Emelia Romers,13 NM, Rafaela,4 NM, Jose Chavez,35 NM, domestic servant.
.               1880 Valencia Co census, Peralta, p 377A, #2/2, Dolores Connelly,65 NM (wid/div, NM/NM), Emilda Romero,23 NM, appren-
.                        tice, plus 3 servants.
.           ?  1900 Valencia Co census, Peralta Pct, ED 171, sheet 4A, #75/75, Connlley, Sep 1820 "NY" ("daughter", age 79), living with Vic-
.                        tor.... Connelley.  (Victoria Connelly, see below)

.               issue:

1.   Joseph Connelly, b 23 Aug 1838 Jesus Maria, Chihuahua, Mexico, m Anna M. (Annie) ____.
.                     Lived in Jackson and Vernon Co's, Mo.

2.   Peter T. Connelly, b 25 Nov 1841 Chihuahua, Mexico, m(1) Cornelia Davy, m(2) 1877 Alice Doran.
.                     Lived in Lafayette, Wyandotte, and Jackson Co's, Mo.
.                     Claimed to be Henry B. Connelly's son in William Elsey Connelly's papers.

3.   Victoriana Connelly (Victoria), b ca 1849-50 NM, m ____.
.                     1880 Valencia Co census, Peralta, p 377A,#4/4, Victoria Connelly,29 (no place of birth given) (Ky,NM) (marital status not
.                              clear), Rapla Romero,14 NM, apprenctice.
.                     1900 Valencia Co census, Peralta Pct, ED 171, sheet 4A, #75/75, Victor... Connelley, Oct 1849 NM (wid, marr 2 yrs, 1 ch,
.                              1 living), teacher, Connlley, Sep 1820 NY (daughter, age 79).
.                     1910 Bernalillo Co, NM census, Albuquerque, ED 11, sheet 4A, 917 S Arno, #89/96, Victoria Connelly,58 NM (wid, 1 ch,
.                              1 living, Ky,NM), Anita,26 NM (Ohio,NM), saleslady, dry goods, living in household of Mannelita Swope.
.                     1920 census, Victoria not located.
.                     issue:
a.   Anita ____, b ca 1884 NM.  Not located in 1900 census, unless she was the "Connlley", b Sep 1820 NY, listed as dau.

4.   Henry Connelly (Enrique), b ca 1851-53 NM, m Ophelia ____.
.                     Moved to Bernalillo Co, NM.

5.   Julian P. Connelly, b Nov 1855 NM, m Francisca Romero.

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The Conley Page", Joseph E. Conley:
.                        3.   The writings of
William Elsey Connelley (#D2311).  He apparently is the original and only source for the early
.                              Connelly generations, and claimed that Henry B. Connelly was related to
Capt Henry Conley (#D) of Floyd Co, Ky.
.                             "
Eastern Kentucky Papers, The Founding of Harman's Station, With an Account of The Indian Captivity of Mrs. Jennie
.                              Wiley and the Exploration and Settlement of the Big Sandy Valley in the Virginias and Kentucky, To Which is Affixed a
.                              Brief Account of the Connelly Family and Some of Its Collateral and Related Families in America
", 1910, p 97: referring
.                              to Dr. Henry Connelly, Governor of NM:  "His father was John Donaldson Connelly, born in Virginia, and either bro-
.                              ther or first cousin to Capt Henry Connelly..."  Since Henry's brother was apparently
John Connely (#A) of Ashe Co,
.                              NC, then by deduction, John Donaldson Connelly was Capt Henry's 1st cousin and a grandson of
Edmund Connelly.
.                              Of course this line of reasoning isn't proof.
.                        4. "
Doniphan's Expedition and the Conquest of New Mexico and California", John Taylor Hughes, William Elsey Connel-
.                              ley, 1907, with info on Henry B. Connelly's life and family.  On p 177: "The descendants of Thomas are far more num-
.                              erous than are those of Edmund.  Dr. Henry Connelly was one of the descendants of Thomas".   With respect to Henry
.                              B. Connelly's father John Donaldson Connelly and uncle Sanford Ramey Connelly, Mr. Connelley wrote on p 279: "I
.                              have not succeeded in securing the records of the family, and cannot state positively which one of a number of brothers
.                              was their father.  However, there is litle doubt that it was Thomas....."  This shows the degree of stretch that Mr. Con-
.                              nelly did in order to show that Gov Henry B. Connelly was related to Mr. Connelley's ancestor Capt Henry Conley.
.                        5.   Jim Scott's notes at
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