Abner B. Fairchild, c1810-12 - 1880+, s/o Hezekiah Fairchild
                                                             author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

13435   Abner B. Fairchild,6                                        1343   (Hezekiah,5,Gershom,4,Caleb,3,Zachariah,2,Thomas,1)

                b ca 1810-12 Va; d after 1880.
                m Matilda ____, b ca 1818-20 Tenn..

                1830 census, Abner not located.
                1840 Sullivan Co, Tenn, p 141, Abner Fairchild, 20011-0011101.
                1850 Hawkins Co, Tenn census, p 318, Abner Fairchild,50 Tenn, blacksmith, Matilda,31 Tenn, Jefferson,10 Tenn, Olivir,10
                         Tenn, Doretta,8 Tenn, Almeda,6 Tenn, Eleander,3 Tenn, Jasper,1 Tenn, Newton,1 Tenn.
                1860 Hawkins Co census, Dist 9, p 95, #729/678, Abner B. Fairchild,49 Va, blacksmith, $100, Matilda,41 Tenn, Jefferson,22
                         Tenn, laborer, Oliver,20 Tenn, laborer, Dormitta,18 Tenn, Almedia,15 Tenn, Eleanor,12 Tenn, Jasper,7 Tenn, Newton,7
                         Tenn, Elmira,6 Tenn, Rosalphia,5 Tenn.
                1870 Grainger Co, Tenn census, Dist 6, p 69, #86/86, A. Farchild,58 Va, black sm, $750, Matilda,50 Tenn, Elmira,18 Tenn,
                         Rosialphia,16 Tenn, Jasper,21 Tenn, macanic, twins, Newton,21 Tenn, macanic, twins.
                1880 Knox Co, Tenn census, 18th Dist, p 255B, #15/15, Abner Fairchiles,68 Va (f b NJ, m b Va), blacksmith, Matilda,61
                         Tenn, Jasper A.,26 Tenn, carpenter, Newton W.,26 Tenn, carpenter, Samuel Turpin,7 Tenn, boarder.


1.   Jefferson Fairchild, b ca 1838-40 Tenn.
                      1870 and 1880 census', Jefferson not located.

2.   Oliver Fairchild, b ca 1837-44 Tenn, m Martha ____, b ca 1848-52 Tenn.
                      1870 Jefferson Co, Tenn census, New Market, p 404, #43/43, Oliver Fairchild,26 Tenn, blacksmith, Martha,22 Tenn, Wil-
                               liam,1 Tenn.
                      1880 Grainger Co, Tenn census, 6th Dist, p 449A, #125/129, Oliver Fairchild,43 Va, blacksmith, Martha,38 Tenn, William
                               M.,9 Tenn, Cordelia,7 Tenn, Newton,6 Tenn.

3.   Doretta/Dormitta Fairchild, b ca 1842 Tenn.

4.   Almeda Fairchild, b ca 1844-45 Tenn.

5.   Sarah Ellen Fairchild, b ca 1847-49 Tenn.  Apparently same as "Eleander", age 3 in 1850, and "Eleanor", age 12 in 1860,
                      and the birth year of 1841 given in the ref below is probably an error.  That reference listed her as Sarah Ellen Fairchild, b
                      24 Dec 1841 Tenn, d 18 Aug 1918 Jefferson Co, Tenn, m 13 Aug 1866 Dandridge, Jefferson Co to Jasper Clowers, b 12
                      Feb 1841 Mossy Creek, Jefferson Co, s/o James W. Clowers and Christina Hinckle.  She was age 21 in 1870 and age 25 in
                      1870 Grainger Co, Tenn census, Dist 6, p 69, #85/85, J. Clower,22 Tenn, farm..., Sarah E.,21 Tenn, Mary J.,3 Tenn.

6.   Jasper A. Fairchild, b ca 1849 Tenn.
                      1870 and 1880 census', living with parents.

7.   Newton W. Fairchild, b ca 1849 Tenn
                      1870 and 1880 census', living with parents.

8.   Elmira Fairchild, b ca 1852-54 Tenn.

9.   Rosialphia Fairchild, b ca 1854-55 Tenn.

                Ref:  LDS submitter Toni S. (Jolla) Prevost, 939 Framlingham Ct, #205, Lake Mary, Fla 32746.  This ref gives birth years of
                        1854 for Jasper and Newton, but these are obviously wrong as they were age 1 in 1850, and age 21 in 1870.