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Clarence Nester, b ca 1933.                                                                                                             Berks Co, Pa
Clarence A. Nester, b ca 1936, m Mary Eck.                                                                                  Montgomery Co, Pa
Clarence Garson Nester (Dee), b 1962, m Bettie Wright.                                                               Pulaski Co, Va; Jefferson Co, WVa
Clarence Garson Nester (Butch), b ca 1991.                                                                                   Jefferson Co, WVa
Clarence Henry Nester, b 1898, m(1) Bernice Beer, m(2) Edra Marie Wilson.                               Kings and Fresno Cos, Cal
Clarence Leonard Nester, b 1909, m Loma Louise (Lomer) Mabry.                                               Carroll Co, Va; McDowell Co, WVa
Clarence M. Nester, b 1903, m Helen Irene R. Moyer.                                                                   Berks Co, Pa
Clarence Owen Nester, b 1963, m Sandra Mae Walker.                                                                  Carroll Co, Va
Clarence Raymond Nester, b 1907, m Lucille Lee Swallow.                                                            Jackson Co, Kans; St Clair Co, Ill
Clarence Rudolph Nester, b 1921, m Grace Marie (Gracie) Wilson.                                                Patrick Co, Va; Surry Co, NC
Clarence Rudolph Nester, b 1955, m Shirley Jean Wimbish.                                                           Forsyth Co, NC
Clarence Rush Nester, b 1903.                                                                                                         Carroll Co, Va
Clarence S. Nester, b 1891, m Katie Olivia Rahn.                                                                            Montgomery and Lehigh Cos, Pa