.                    Frederick Nester, c1709 - 1782, of Berks County, Pa
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.                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

.     Frederick Nester,1                                                                                                                                     (ancestry unknown)
.        b ca 1709 apparently in Germany; d 21 Apr 1782 Berks Co, Pa, bur 23 Apr 1782 Goshenhoppen Catholic Church, Bally Twp,
.           Hereford Twp, Berks Co.  AKA: Most Blessed Sacrament Church Cemetery, "Friedrich Nester, b. unknown, d. Apr. 21, 1782".
.           Acc to www.findagrave.com, quoting Goshenhoppern church records, he was Friedrich Nester (Fred), and was age 72 when he
.           died.
.           There was a Johann Georg Friedrich Nestor, born and bapt 30 Mar 1709 Heinsheim, Baden, Prussen, s/o Johann Adam Nestor and
.           Anna Barbara Nester.  Heinsheim is about 35 miles NE of Karlsruhe.  No proof this is our Frederick Nester.
.        m Catherine ____, b Aug 1708, d 18 Apr 1791.  She m(2) 15 Nov 1785 St Paul's Roman Catholic Church, Berks Co to Conrad
.            Reintzel, widower, d 22 Sep 1792.  Witnesses to marriage: Jacob Gruss, William Strunck, Micharl Hartmann, Joseph Schmitt,
.           "who all bound themselves under their seal and signature that no attempt would be made to break this marriage".
.            Conrad had m(1) 12 May 1778 to Elizabeth Killian, and m(3) 23 Apr 1792 Swedes Church, Philadelphia, Pa to Eva Pothin/Plotkin.
.        Acc to the records of The Lutheran Church in New Hanover, Montgomery Co, Pa, Catherine Nester d 9 Sep 1795.  Either the above
.        death date for Catherine, widow of Frederick, is wrong, or this is another Catherine, unidentified.

.        This Nester family apparently came from Hagsfeld, Germany, which is part of the present Karlsruhe metropolitan area.  I have cited
.        some references from the Hagsfield records below, although they are incomplete and difficult to read.

.        Frederick Nester supposedly came to America about 1750, and his first record is a 1754 Berks Co tax list.  He lived in Hereford Twp.
.        The Nesters were Lutheran and Catherine was Catholic.  One week prior to his death, Frederick joined the Goshenhoppen Catholic
.        Church, "so that I may be buried aside of my wife".  The name was supposedly pronounced "Neshter" in the early days, which is
.        supposedly characteristic of the Alemannisch dialect of German, spoken in some parts of Switzerland and southwest Germany.

.        His 1782 estate settlement in Berks Co mentions his wife Catherine and "his eldest son Fridrick Nester."  There is no proof that
.        Catherine was the mother of his sons Frederick and Andrew, but Catherine was apparently at least the mother of Catherine, since
.        she was listed as grandmother of two of Catherine's children in their baptismal records.

.        The area of Berks Co in which the early Nesters lived was part of Philadelphia Co, prior to Berks Co being formed in 1752 from
.        portions of Chester, Lancaster, and Philadelphia Co's.  The Ontelaunee region of Philadelphia Co was included into Albany Twp,
.        and the Manatawny region of Philadelphia Co was included into Colebrookdale Twp.  Hereford Twp was formed in 1753 from
.        Colebrookdale Twp.  The Philadelphia Co records may contain some references to this Nester family, but that hasn't yet been thor-
.        oughly searched.

.        1754 Berks Co tax list: Frederic Nester.
.        1760-63 Berks Co tax lists: Frederick Nester.
.        1764 Berks Co tax list: Frederick Neshtor.
.        1764, 1 Sep: Frederick Nester witnessed the will of Thomas Banfield.  (see 1770 entry below)
.        1765-66 Berks Co tax lists: Frederick Nestor.
.        1767 Hereford Township Proprietary Return: Frederick Nester, 60 acr, 2 horses, 2 cattle, 4 sheep, tax 2.
.        1768 Hereford Township Proprietary Return: Fredrich Nester, 200 acr, 4 horses, 5 cattle, 6 sheep, tax 13.
.        1768 Berks Co tax list: Frederich Nester, 60A, 20A cleard, 40A uncleard, 6A sew'd, 1 horse, 1 mare, 2 cows, tax 2.
.        1769, 31 May: Berks Co Warranties of Land: Frederick Nestor, 35 acres.  (This could be Frederick Jr)
.        1770-72 Berks Co tax lists: Frederick Nester.
.        1770, 31 May: Berks Co: Warranties of Land, #9: 35 acres in Hereford, survey for Frederick Nestor, date of return: 10 Jun 1773,
.                  32.100 acres, recorded Bk AA 8, p 13, survey copied Bk C143, p 235.
.        1770, 4 Jun: Berks Co Will Bk 2, p 77: will of Thomas Banfield, of Oley, dated 1 Sep 1764: witness Fredrick Nester, age about 64
.                  years old, and a German, who did not understand the English language.
.        1771, 17 Mar: From the "
Staatbote", an 18th century Philadelphia German newspaper:
.                 "Peter Schmidt, b Carlsruh in Durlachischen, who arrived in Philadelphia recently with Captain Smith, inquires for Friedrich
.                  Nester, living in the vicinity of the Blue Mountains.  Peter Schmidt is in the employ of Andre McGlove, merchant, at the
.                  lower bridge (drawbridge) Philadelphia.  He is a son of Sigmund Schmidt, who is still in Germany".   (Note:  Johann Peter
.                  Schmidts arrived in in Philadelpia on 13 Sep 1764 and 9 Sep 1765.  Also it is possible that this ad was inquiring about Frede-
.                  rick Nester Jr).
.        1773, 9 Jun: Berks Co: Warranties of Land, #21: 45 acres in Hereford, survey for Frederick Nestor, date of return: 10 Jun 1773, 45
.                  acres, recorded Bk AA 8, p 13, p 503, survey copied Bk C143, p 234.  See
image of his patent below.
.        1779 Hereford Township Proprietary Return: Fred'k Nester, no land, no horses, 1 cattle, tax 30.
.        1779, 3/13 May: Frederick and Catherine Nester were sponsors for the baptism of John Jacob Meyer, son of Casper and Catherine
.                  Meyer, and listed as his grandparents.
.        1781 Berks Co tax list, p 124: Fredk Nestor, "How" 30.
.        1781, 18 Oct: Frederick and Catherine Nester were sponsors for the baptism of John Frederick Meyer, son of Casper and Catherine
.                  Meyer, and listed as his grandparents.
.        1782, 27 May: Berks Co Adm Bk 3, p 318: Frederick Nester's estate was adm, with his widow "Catharine" the adm.  Other than
.                 "his ouldest son Fridrick Nester", no dau's or son's mentioned.
.        1782, 15 Jun: Berks Co: Inv of estate of Frederick Nester.
.        1782, 27 May: Berks Co Letters of Adm Bk 3, p 318: to Catharine Nester, widow of relief of Frederick Nester, late of Herfort Twp.
.        1790 Berks Co census, Hereford Twp, p 3, Conrad Reintzel, 1-0-3.
.        1800 census, Conrad and Catharine not located.

.        issue:

1.   Frederick Nester, b 24 Apr 1739 Germany, d 1836 Campbell Co, Tenn, m(1) Maria Barbara ____, m(2) Nancy Ann ____, m(3)
.              Nancy Reynolds.  He was Johann Frederich Nester acc to his son Jacob's 1766 baptismal record.
.              Johann Friederich Nester was possibly bapt 24 Apr 1747 Hagsfield, Germany, s/o Joh. Fridrich and Catharina Nester, alhough this
.              event is written in German, and this author can't read it, but the date is unquestionably this date.  See two
images of this record
.              below (supplied by Joseph N. Lofaro).
.              From Frederick Nester's estate record (see page below): "Ditto and further there said ould Frederick Nester deceased hath given to
.                         his ouldest son Frederick Nester fifty two pouints ten shillings hard money silver and gold on part of his ......"
.              Frederick moved to NC, Va, Ky, and Tenn.

2.   Andrew Nester (Andreas), b 14 Apr 1748 Germany, d 14 Oct 1824 Berks, m(1) Maria Catherine Herb (Catherine), m(2) Maria
.              Barbara Herb (Barbara).
.              His name also Andreas in some records.
.              He was a Rev War soldier from Berks Co.  He took over his father's farm about 1773-79.

3.   Catherine Nester, b ca 1750, d after 1823, m 5 Apr 1768 New Hanover Lutheran Church, Montgomery Co to Casper Meier
.              (Moyer), d 1823, poss s/o Martin and Magdalena Meier.  Catherine's parentage proven by the fact that Frederick and Catherine
.              Nester were listed as grandparents in two of their children's baptismal records.
.              1823, 12 Apr: Berks Co, Pa Will Bk M: probate of will of Casper Moyer (dated 6 Apr 1822): Mentions eldest son Martin
.                        Moyers two children Catharine and Abraham Moyers, and second son Jacob Moyer, son Frederick Moyer, youngest son
.                        John Moyer, dau Elizabeth Brighton, wife of Rober Brighton, dau Sarah, dau Mary Nestor deceased, her youngest child
.                        Martin Nestor, dau Catherine Richards wife of Samuel Rich., her dau Catherine  is to have one equal eight part, and dau
.                        Margaret.  His wife Catharine Moyer and son Frederick Moyer appointed executrix and executor.  [The will gives each child
.                        1/8 of the estate, but 9 children mentioned.]
.               issue:
a.   Elizabeth Moyer, b 27 Jan 1769, m Reuben Brighton (Robert).
b.   Martin Moyer, b 20 Dec 1770 (sponsors Martin Barth and Elizabeth Hermel), d 1815, m Catherine ____.
c.   Salome Moyer, b 3 May 1775 (sponsors Jacob Ende and wife).
d.   John Jacob Moyer (Jacob), b 3 (?13) May 1779 (sponsors Frederick and Catherine Nester, grandparents).
e.   John Frederick Moyer (Frederick), b 18 Oct 1781 (sponsors Frederick and Catherine Nester, grandparents).
f.   John Moyer.
.               g.   Sarah Moyer.
.               h.   Anna Maria Moyer (Maria,Mary), b 1 Mar 1773 (sponsors Jacob Ende and wife), d prior 1822, m her 1st cousin Christian
.                     Nester (#24), b 17 Jun 1783, s/o Andrew Nester (Andreas) and Maria Catherine Herb (Catherine).
i.   Catherine Moyer, d prior 1822, m Samuel Richards.
j.   Margaret Moyer.

3       4.   Possible unknown Nesters may be the father of a number of Nesters who were in Eastern Pennsylvania and of the right age to
.              be a son of Frederick, or children of son(s) of Frederick.  This category includes Elias Nester, who arrived in Philadelphia in 1753.
.              On this page for
unknown Nesters I've listed all the unidentified early Nesters in the Eastern Pennsylvania area, any of whom
.              could be related to the Frederick Nester family.  This includes three who have a known Berks County connection, namely, Cath-
.              arine Nester, b ca 1753, who m Jacob Gruss, and
Jacob Nester (#R), b 1761, who moved to Randolph Co, Va (WVa), and
.              Elizabeth Nester, b 1764, who m John (Johannes) Moyer.  Many internet sites have listed this Jacob Nester as a son of Frede-
.              rick, but there is not a shred of evidence for this, which comes from blindly copying a speculative list of Frederick's children
.              created over 25 years ago.  There was also a Conrad Nester, whose estate was mentioned in 1787 in Philadelphia.

.         One undocumented list of Frederick's children include:
1.   Johannes Friedrich Nester, unknown date of birth.  (b 1739, see above)
2.   Johann Gottlieb Nester, b 4 Nov 1743.  The author of this list says he came on the ship Sally on 29 Oct 1770.  This is similar
.               to the documented arrival of Johann Gottfried Nestler on the ship Sally in 1773.
3.   Anna Margaretha Nester, b 4 Jan 1746.
4.   Andreas Nester, b 14 Apr 1748.  (Andrew Nester, see above)
5.   Johann Martin Nester, b 1751, m Anna Marie Seel, b 23 Jul 1750.
6.   Christina Nester, b 3 Apr 1753.
.         This list omitted Catharine, and also included Andrew B. Nester who marr Marie Catherine Herb, and is a confusion with a great-
.          grandson of Andrew.  There is no evidence that Frederick's son Andrew had a middle initial of B.  Johann Gottlieb "Nester" was
.          likely a Nestler, not a Nester.

.         Notes: from "
Family Search" :
.                   1.   Johann Daniel Jost Nester, bapt 9 Sep 1739, b Hagsfeld, Baden, Germany, s/o Joh. Friederich and Catharina Nester.
.                         (GS Film number 1189443)
.                   2.   Eva Christina Nester, b 1741, d 13 Oct 1744 Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany, age 3, parents Joh. Friedr. and Catharina Nester.
.                         (GS Film number 1053796)
.                   3.   Anna Francisca Nester, b 13 Oct 1744, bapt 13 Oct 1744 Sankt Stephan, Karlsruhe, Baden, d/o Johann Friedrich and
.                         Catharina Nester.  (GS Film number 1053796)
.                   4.   Johannes Franciscus David Nester, b 28 Nov 1745, bapt 28 Nov 1745 Sankt Stephan, Karlsruhe, Baden, s/o Johnan Fried-
.                         rich and Anna Catharina Nester.  (GS Film number 1053796)
.                   5.   Johann Friedrich Nester, b 24 Apr 1747 Hagsfeld, Baden, s/o Johann Friedrich and Catharina Nester.
.                         (reference: FHL microfilm 1189443; indexing project (batch) number: C73935-8)
.                         (This date is similar to that of Frederick Nester II, who was b 24 Apr 1739, except for the year.)
.                   6.   Catharina Nester, b 3 Apr 1749 Hagsfeld, Karlsruhe, Baden, d/o Johann Friedrich and Catharina Nester.
.                         (GS Film number 1189443)
.                   7.   Jacob Friedrich Nester, b 16 Sep 1723 Hagsfeld, Baden, s/o Thomas Nester and Anna Maria Bahn.
.           (Hagsfeld is inside the current city of Karlsruhe)

.         Ref:  1.  "
Frederick Nester (ca 1709 - 1782) Of Berks County, Pennsylvania And Descendants", May 2003, Michael D. Nestor.
.                        email:
mdn3557@yahoo.com   To order a copy of this book, go to: BOOK ORDERS   
.                        Outline of Nester family:
.                  2.   Robert Reinsel's HTML database.  Info on Conrad Reintzel.
.                  3.   Joseph N. Lofaro (Joe), email:
jfn01@yahoo.com, supplied images of misc church records of Hagsfield, Germany, see
.                        below.  He is a descendant of Nancy Jane Nester Moore (d/o
Matthew Ganey Nester (#I23)).
.                  4.   From Joe Lofaro: "A J Coffman," started linking them to ours on "FamilySearch." Not only that, but he discovered two more
.                        possible children, in the "Germany Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1500-1971" database, and each child has two
.                        different records:"
.                        Carolina Elisabetha Ursula Nester" - bapt: 11 Dec 1734, in Karlsruhe, Parents: Joh Fri(e)drich Nester and Catharina Barbara:
.                            Pages: 116-117 & 330-331
.                        Johan(n) Fri(e)d(e)rich Nester" - bapt: 30 January 1737, in Karlsruhe, Parents: Johan(n) Fri(e)d(e)rich Nester and Catharina
.                            Barbara: Pages: 164-165 & 360-361
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