.                      Frederick Nester, 1739 - 1836, s/o Frederick Nester
.                                                                                                         (INDEX)
.                                                                   author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

1    Frederick Nester,2                                                                                                                                                 (Frederick,1)
.         b 24 Apr 1739 Germany; apparently died in 1836 in Campbell Co, Tenn when he was removed from the RW pension rolls.
.            Frederick was apparently living in Berks Co, Pa in 1766, when his son Jacob was born there  He was Johann Frederich Nester, acc
.            to Jacob's baptismal record.
.         m(1) Maria Barbara ____, the mother of Jacob, proven by his baptismal record.  Her last name has been listed by some as Parbakes/
.                  Parbares, but there is no evidence given for this, and unfortunately this last name has been spread around on many internet
.                  sites.  I have found no one by that last name in any of the millions of names on many genealogy sites, and there is no one by
.                  that last name in the present national US phone index.  "Parbares" is probably a misreading of the name Barbara.  The only
.                  document containing her name is son Johann Jacob's baptismal record which only gave "Maria Barbara".
.         m(2) Nancy (Ann) ____.   She was "Nancy" in an 1810 deed in Montgomery Co, Va.  She was "Ann" in an 1813 Pulaski Co, Ky
.                  deed.
.         m(3) 14 Jun 1814 Pulaski Co, Ky to Nancy Reynolds, Henry L. Mills surety.  It is conceivable that this Nancy was the same per-
.                  son as the Nancy/Ann in the 1810 and 1813 deeds, and perhaps she was his common law wife whom he married.  There is
.                  insufficient evidence to prove this either way.  I recently visited the Pulaski Co courthouse (Mar 2010) and observed that
.                  the only current reference to this marriage is a typed version, listing "Francis" Nester, instead of Frederick Nester, the latter
.                  being reported in the past.

.         Frederick moved to the Tryon/Rutherford Co area of NC in 1770's, where he entered service in the RW war.  He moved to Mont-
.         gomery Co, Va in the 1780's, and about 1810-11 moved to Pulaski Co, Ky.  He later was in Pike Co, Ky, and then went to Camp-
.         bell Co, Tenn in the early 1830's, where he filed a RW pension application, which outlined some details of his life.
.         In summary, in his old age, Frederick lived in Pulaski Co, Ky, Pike Co, Ky, and Campbell Co, Tenn, the exact 3 counties where his
.         daughters lived.

.         1775, Apr: Tryon Co, NC Court minutes, p 179, 13 Feb 1775: Robert Johnson deeded 50 acres to Frederick Neister.  Deed Bk 2, p
.                   162: Robert Johnson to Frederic Nester.  (This tract would be in present Lincoln or Gaston Co)
.         1778, 15 Oct: Burke Co, NC land entry, #873, p 289: Frederick Reaster transferred 150 acres on N side of Gunpowder Creek to
.                   John Spencer.
.         1778, 30 Nov: Burke Co land entry #1089, p 358: Fredeick Neuster transferred 100 acres on Gunpowder Creek to John Spencer.
.         1783, 7 Oct: Burke Co land entry Bk 85, #1849, p 104: 300 acres on Gunpowder Creek for John Spencer, originally entered by
.                   Frederik Nester.
.         1782 Montgomery Co, Va tax list, Frederick Nester, 1 poll, no slaves.
.         1783, 10 May: Montgomery Co Plott Bk B, p 175: 150 acres on ridge dividing Underwood fork and Greasy Creek surveyed for
.                   Frederick Nestor.
.         1786, 22 Jun: Montgomery Co Plott Bk F, p 43: 200 acres on Pine branch surveyed for Frederick Nestor.
.         1787 Montgomery Co personal property tax list C: Frederick Nestor, no WM 16-21, no blacks < 16, 1 horse, 5 cattle.
.         1788, 11 Feb: Montgomery Co personal propert tax list C: Fredrick Nestor, no WM 16-21, no slaves, 1 horse.
.         1789, 27 Mar:  Montgomery Co tax list: Frederick Nestor, living on ridge dividing Underwood Fork and Greasy Creek of New
.                   (River), no WM 16-21, no slaves, 2 horses.
.         1797, 29 May: Montgomery Co Deed Bk C, p 34-35 (rec May 1797): Roley and Milly Ann Jacobs sold 100 acres on Little River
.                   to Frederick Nester for 60 pounds.
.         1798, 28 Jun: Montgomery Co: Land Grant: Israel Lorton Grantee.  85 acres on the Pilot Mountain on the waters of Little River ad-
.                   joining Nathan Ratcliff, Elizabeth Dobbins, Frederick Nester, &c.
.         1800-06 Montgomery Co Land Bk: Frederick/Frederic Nester/-or, 100 acres 1800-04; 148 acres in 1805, and 169 acres in 1806.
.         1805, March Court: Montgomery Co Chancery Cause:  Frederick Nester plaintiff vs Jonathan Elswick defendant.  This involved a
.                   note for $20 to Solomon Acres (Akers) for 2 buschels of salt and 17 gallons of whiskey.  This note was later transferred to
.                   Frederick Nester, who brought suit.  Elswick asked that Acres and Nester be made defendants.  This case began in Mar 1805
.                   and was settled in Sept 1805.  Frederick's signature appears almost identical to the one in the 1810 deed, see
image below.
.         1801, 6 Mar: Montgomery Co Plott Bk E, p 479: 69 acres on Little River surveyed for Frederick Nester.
.         1810 Montgomery Co, Va census, p 10, Frederick Nester, 00001-00001-00.
.         1810, 15 Sep: Montgomery Co, Va Deed Bk E, p 49-50:  Frederic and Nancy Nester sold 100 acres on Little River to John Carmikle
.                   for $500.  Frederick affixed a very detailed signature in German, but in a dialect that the Univ of Louisville German dept was
.                   unable to decipher, other than to say the name did not read "
Nester" and that the middle part of the signature can be inter-
.                   preted as "
von".  See image below.  A more recent interpretation (see below) is that this reads "Fiedrich ??? est....".
.         1810, 24 Dec: Pulaski Co, Ky Deed Bk 2, p 203-04: Thomas Richardson and wife Nancy deeded 100 acres on Flat Lick Creek of
.                   Buck Creek to Frederick Nester for $300.  Both parties of Pulaski Co.
.         1806-14: Pulaski Co, Ky Deed Bk 2: Indentures #375, #245, involving Frederick Nester.
.         1811 Pulaski Co tax list, Frederick Nester, 100 acres and 50 acres on Flat Lick, 1 WM > 21, 2 horses.
.         1812 Pulaski Co tax list, Frederic Nester, 100 acres and 50 acres on Flat Lick, 1 WM > 21, 2 horses.
.         1813, 30 Jan: Pulaski Co Deed Bk 2, p 285-86: Frederick Nester and wife Ann deeded 100 acres on Flat Lick Creek of Buck Creek to
.                   Larking Phelps for $400.  Both parties of Pulaski Co.  Ann relinquished her right of dower to the land.
.         1820 census, Frederick not located.
.         1822 Pulaski Co tax list, Nancy Nester.
.         1830 Pike Co, Ky census, Pike City, p 377, Frederick Nester, 00000000001-011001.  (male age 80-90)
.         1832, 11 Dec: James Chitwood filed for RW pension in Campbell Co, Tenn.  Frederick Nester Esq was listed as one of his neigh-
.                   bors "who can testify to his character for vearcity and their belief of his services as a soldier".  This application was sworn to
.                   and subscribed in open court by Frederick Nester.  James Chitwood's land patent was in Pulaski Co, Ky (the part that later
.                   became Whitley Co, Ky.  This was in a portion that became part of Campbell Co, Tenn (the part that became Scott Co when
.                   Campbell Co was subdivided), when the state line was resurveyed.
.         1833, 10 Sep: Campbell Co, Tenn: Frederick Nester applied for a pension (#S1572) for his service in the RW War.
.                   See next page for copy of his pension:
.                   He entered Capt Johnson's company of drafted militia men from Rutherford Co, NC.  He later served under various Captains,
.                   including Capt Connally (prob
Capt Henry Connelly (#D), who was an ancestor of this author's mother).
.                   His service was described as: "Drafted May 1781 until Dec 81, private for 3 mos, 15 days, teamster for 2 mos, 2 mos, and 3
.                   mos, totalling 10 mos 15 days.  Served under Capt Clark, Col Grimes, Genrl Edmonson, waggonmaster Genrl Green; age at
.                   present 93 years, abode was Burke Co, N.Carolina when he entered service; Proof by which the declaration is supported: The
.                   Judge certifies to the medsbility of evidence but the names of the evidence is not in his certificate."
.                   See next page: nester11a1.
.         1835: Frederick Nester was on a Campbell Co, Tenn list of pensioners, private, $35/yr, NC militia, placed on roll 17 Oct 1833, age
.                   94.

.         issue: (mother of the dau's not proven)

1.   Jacob Nester, b 14 Mar 1766 Berks Co, Pa, m(b) 2 Jun 1789 Montgomery Co, Va to Catherine Goad.
.               Acc to Daniel Schumacher's Baptismal Records published in "
Publications of the Pennsylvania German Society", Vol 1, 1968,
.               p 318:  "Johann Jacob Nester, b 14 Mar 1766, bapt 28 Mar 1766, Good Friday in Allemangel, s/o Johann Frederich and Maria
.               Barbara Nester, sponsors Jacob and Regina Frey".  This was also recorded in the records of the Gettysburg Theological Seminary,
.               Gettysburg, Adams Co, as s/o Johann Friderich and Maria Barbara Nester, sponsors Jacob and Regina Catharina Frey.
.               Jacob lived out his life in Montgomery Co, Va.

2.   Mary Nester, prob b ca 1770, m(b) 24 Aug 1789 Montgomery Co, Va to Jonathan Richardson, prob b ca 1770 Montgomery Co,
.               d 15 Aug 1816 Pulaski Co, Ky.
.               They moved to Pulaski Co, Ky.

3.   Sarah Nester (Sally), b ca 1770 Va, m(b) 6 Sep 1803 Montgomery Co, Va to Jeremiah Ratliff, b ca 1780 Va, s/o Nathan Ratliff
.               and Polly Farmer.
.               Moved to Pike/Floyd Co, Ky, and later to Wayne Co, Va (now WVa).

4.   Charity Nester, b 1770's, m(b) 2 Jun 1795 Montgomery Co, Va to Stephen Elswick, prob s/o Jonathan Elswick, whose will
.               was probated 1828 Montgomery Co.
.               They moved to Anderson Co, Tenn, then Campbell Co, Tenn.

Unidentified Nesters mentioned in documents in Pulaski and Pike Co's, Ky, who are likely related to Frederick Nester, either issue
.         of his 3rd wife or of an unidentified daughter or unidentified son.  Three young females were living with Frederick in 1830, but they
.         weren't with him in 1810.  There was an "Israel" Nester in Capt William Love's Co of Montgomery Co militia, on an undated list,
.         but between 1777-90.  Either this is another s/o Frederick or a misreading of the name Jacob.  Also the mother of
Daniel Nester
.         (#J), b ca 1831 Va, of Logan Co, Va (WVa), was supposedly an orphaned Nester girl, who could be related to this family.  All
.         together, all of these unidentified Nesters in the area were Frederick Nester or his daughters lived indicate that he had one or more
.         currently unidentified sons or daughters.

1.   John Nester, b ca 1815.  John may have been a gs/o Frederick Nester, by an unidentified daughter.
.               1820, Mar: Pulaski Co Deed Bk 4, p 235-36:  Apprenticeship indenture (#232) between William Fox, county clerk, on behalf of
.                         John Nester, orphan of ____ Nester, and Coventon Lewis.  John Nester, age 5 yrs, was bound to Lewis until age 21.
.               John not located in any census.
.               1820 Pulaski Co census, p 194, Covington Lewis, 111101-01001.
.               1830-50 census', family not located.

2.   Sarah Nester.  Poss the female, age 30-40, listed with Frederick Nester in 1830.  Not a dau of Frederick, since his dau Sarah
.               was married to Jeremiah Ratliff.  This female could be Sarah, or Frederick's 3rd wife Nancy.  Sarah could be the widow of an
.               unidentified son of Frederick.
.               1835, Mar: Pike Co Order Bk B, p 181: Sarah Nester vs John Sword.
.               1835, 6 Jun: Pike Co Order Bk B, p 237: Subpoena issued for Sally Nester to appear at next term to show cause why her child
.                         Polly should not be bound out.  (Like the orphan John Nester, mentioned in the 1820 Pulaski Co document above, I don't
.                         know who Sally and Polly were, but there is a high probability that they were related to Frederick Nester, as there were 2
.                         young females listed in his 1830 Pike Co census entry, in addition to a female age 30-40.)
.               No further record.
.               issue:
a.   Polly Nester.   Possibly the female, age 5-10, living with Frederick Nester in 1830.
K2       ?  
b.   Catherine Nester, b ca 1815 Tenn, m Arnold Perry.
.                     Possibly the female, age 10-15, living with Frederick Nester in 1830.
.                     Lived in Logan and Wayne Cos, Va (WVa).  The 1880 census stated that both of Catherine's parents were born in NC.
.                     No evidence linking Catherine to Frederick Nester, but Frederick's dau Sally Nester Ratliff was living in Wayne Co, WVa in
.                     1850, as was Catherine Nester Perry.

.         Other early unidentified Nesters in Va, NC area:
1.   Sophie Nester, b ca 1774 Rowan Co, NC, d 28 Mar 1847 Rowan Co, m 20 Apr 1794 Rowan Co to George Whicker.
.               (IGI record)
.     ?  
2.   Savaney Nester, b ca 1764, of Pa, m 18 Jan 1785 Greenbrier Co, Va to Andrew Kissinger, b 1766 Pa, s/o Mathias Kissinger
.               and Judith Tassena.  (IGI record)  Another record says Andrew Kessinger, b 25 Dec 1756 Lancaster Co, Pa, m 18 Jan 1785
.               Greenbrier Co to Sovena Nossman.  Yet another record says this was Sivenoy (or Sophia) Nosler, d/o Sebastian or Boston Nos-
.               ler.
.               1810 Giles Co, Va census, p 15, Andrew Kessinger, 30201-11101-00.

.         Note:  1.   Frederick's pension application is online at:
.                          Also at:
.                    2.   Some internet sites still list
Frederick Nester (#B) as a s/o the above Frederick.  This bogus claim comes from a list of
.                          children for Frederick that was speculatively created over 25 years ago, with absolutely no evidence.  This appears to
.                          have been a confusion of the parentage of Frederick's grandson Frederick Nester, s/o Johann Jacob Nester.
.                    3. "
Frederick Nester (ca 1709 - 1782) Of Berks County, Pennsylvania, And Descendants", May 2003, Michael D. Nestor,
.                          p 1-2.  To order a copy of this:
Book Order.
A more recent interpretation of the above signature of Frederick Nester by Karen Higgins, a genealogist in Chester Co, Pa, is
that his signature in old German script can be read as "Fiedrich ? ? ? est...."  He omitted the 1st "r" in his first name. The capital
beginning his last name does not look like a Gernan N, but closer to a sloppy V or W.  The last "er" may have been lost as he
scribbled out the end of his last name.