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.         Pension Application of Frederick Nester:
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.         Page 1

.         Service: NC
.         Name: Nester, Fredrick
.         Record Number: Frederick Nester: S1572

.         page 2

.         22,205
.         East Tennessee
.         Frederick Nester of Campbell Co. in the State of Tennessee who was a private in the company commanded by Captain Johnson of
.         the regt commanded by Col Goynes in the N. C. (can’t read this word) line for 10 months from 1780.

.         (written in the margin)
.         Date of death not on a/b
.         Inscribed on the Roll of E. Tennessee at the rate of 35 dollars _______ cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March, 1831
.         Certificate of Pension issued the 17 day of Oct 1833 and sent to John E. Wheeler Jacksonboro
.         Arrears to the date of Oct 1833                                     $7.50
.         Some-anl. allowance ending 4 (Marh?) 36                     $7.50
.        {Revolutionary Claim, Act Jun 7, 1832}
.         Recorded by (Wm L. Allison?) Clerk,
.         Book (6?) vol 7 page 54

.         page 3

.         State of Tennessee }
.         Campbell County } ss

.         On this 10th day of September One thousand Eight hundred and thirty three personally appeared in open court before the Court of
.         pleas and quarter Sessions of said County of Campbell the same being a court of record Frederick Nester, Senior a resident of said
.         County of Campbell and State of Tennessee, Aged Ninety three years who being first duly sworn according to law doth upon his
.         oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.
.         That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated. That he entered the
.         service of the United States in Captain Johnson's company of drafted Militia men from Rutherford County in the State of North
.         Carolina in the Spring season of the year 1780. And in the month of February as well as this applicant recollects. He well remembers
.         that the buds of the trees were just putting out and making their appearance. He does not remember distinctly the names of the other
.         company officers. Col Grimes commanded the Regiment, all under the command Genl Rutherford. The campaign was directed against
.         the hostile Cherokee Indians and Tories had no general engagement. He served three months and a half for which he obtained a dis-
.         charge signed by Captain Johnson. A few days after he returned home he was called into service under Captain Jinkins to go against
.         the Cherokee Indians again. Nicholas Pick was the Lieutenant.  He got killed by the Indians.  General Rutherford and Col Grimes
.         commanded as upon the first campaign. He served two months in this campaign. Captain Jinkins died upon the tour and he has no
.         recollection of getting a discharge.

.         page 4

.         Soon after his return home he moved about twenty miles which placed his residence in Burke County North Carolina. In the early
.         part of the faul of the same year he volunteered in Captain Pickerstaff's company of Mounted Volunteers to go against the Tories.
.         Col McDowel commanded the Regiment and Genl Charles McDowel was the Brigadier who command the whole of the troops. The
.         service we performed was in ranging the Country to watch and suppress the Movements of the Tories who were numerous in that
.         section of the Country.  He served two months but has no recollection of getting a discharge.  He had been at home but a short time
.         until he was drafted for three months under Captain Connally.  Benjamin Bunt was Lieutenant does not remember the name of the
.         Ensign. William Grimes was Colonel who commanded the Regiment. All under the command of Genl McDowell.  We were marched
.         to McKahay's [?] fort and from there to Wauford's fort where we were stationed two months.  A few days before the battle of the
.         Cowpens, we were marched to join Genl Morgan, but did not arrive until the next day after the battle was fought.  He then assisted
.         in guarding the prisoners across the Catawba River to one Smith's where Genl Morgan was encamped. It was there he seen Col
.         Washington for the first time. He states he served three months. Being the time for which he was drafted; has no recollection of
.         receiving a discharge.  He returned home and in the month of May he with his wagon and team was drafted by Captain Clark to haul
.         the baggage for his Company of drafted militia from Burke County North Carolina.

.         page 5

.         Rendezvoused at the Creek three miles below what was then called the Pine tree, now called Camden in South Carolina. The troops
.         were placed under the command of Col Marberry a Regular officer who was stationed at that place. He was then attached to the reg-
.         ular army. General Edmondston was wagon master. We joined General Green and marched across the Congaree River to Thompson's
.         fort which place had been occupied by the British previous to that time, but upon the advance of the American troops under the
.         command of Genl Greene evacuated the place and marched to the Eutaw Springs, at which place Genl Greene overtook them after a
.         forced march of almost one whole night. The only part he took in the battle was in removing the wounded to the hospital in his
.         wagon. After the battle was over, from the Eutaw Springs he marched with his team to the High hills of Santee to which place the
.         troops were marched after the battle and where they were station when the news arrived of the surrender of Lord Cornwallace. He
.         continued in the services until in the month of December, when he received a discharge from General Edmondston the Wagon Master
.         for Seven months, which discharge specified that he had received no pay for himself or team.  He states that he lost two of his horses
.         belonging to the team while in service and that he never received any pay from the United States either for his services or the loss of
.         his horses.  He states that about the year he gave the last mentioned discharge to John S. Fulton an attorney at law who he had
.         employed to petition

.         page 6

.         Congress for some special provision to remunerate him for the loss of his horses and pay for his services which he had never received.
.         Shortly afterwards said Fulton removed to the State of Alabama and died. He states that he has never since seen his discharge nor does
.         he know what has become of it.  He states that he was born in Germany on the 24th April 1739. He states that he once had a record
.         of his age but that it is lost. That he was living when called into service in Rutherford County in the State of North Carolina, from
.         there removed to Burke County in the State aforesaid during the war.  From there after the close of the war to Montgomery County,
.         Virginia. From there to Tennessee and he is now a Citizen of Campbell County Tennessee. He was some times drafted and some times
.         a volunteer as stated in his declaration. He recollects Genl Greene, Genl Morgan and Col Washington. He also recollects Genl Ruther-
.         ford, Genl McDowell. The general circumstances of his services he states are set forth in the foregoing part of this declaration. He
.         states that he received a discharge for a part of the service he performed and for a part he did not as before stated in his declaration. As
.         to his character for veracity he refers to his acquaintances generally and particularly Thomas Wheeler, Daniel Martin, William Bridg-
.         man, Col Joseph Hart, Col Joseph Peterson and to the Court now upon the bench.  He states that he has no documentary evidence of
.         his service nor does he know of any person living by whom he can prove all of his services, such as he can procure he will produce to
.         the Court.

.         page 7

.         That he hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the
.         pension roll of the agency of any state. Sworn to and subscribed in open court the day and year aforesaid.

.         Frederick Nester, X his mark

.         Aforesaid sworn to in open Court this 10th day Sept 1833.
.         William Casey Clk

.         We Thomas Wheeler and Rawlings James resident citizens of the County of Campbell and State of Tennessee hereby certify that we
.         are well acquainted with Frederick Nester who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration that we believe him to be about
.         ninety three years of age. That he is reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the revolution
.         and that we concur in that opinion said Thomas Wheeler further declares that he was present when said applicant gave his discharge to
.         John S. Fulton an attorney at law for the purposes stated.  In the foregoing declaration of said applicant said Rawlings James further
.         states that he lived in the same neighborhood of Frederick Nester the present applicant about eight or ten miles distant from him
.         during the time of the Revolutionary War and heard of said applicant being out in the service several different times but did not serve
.         in the regiments with him. Sworn to and subscribed in open court this the date above written.

.                                                                            Thomas Wheeler
.                                                                            Rollins James

.        Sworn to in open court 10th Sept 1833
.                                                                            William Casey, Clerk

.        page 8

.        Pension Office
.        1833
.        Sir:
.        The evidence in support of your claim, under the act of Jun y, 1832, has been examined, and the papers are herewith returned.  The
.        following is a statement of your case in a tabular form. On comparing these papers with the following rules and the subjoined notes
.        you will readily perceive that objections exist, which must be removed, before a pension can be allowed. The notes and the regulations
.        will show what is necessary to be done. These points to which yor attention is more particularly directed, you will find marked in the
.        margin with a brace (thus: }). You will, when you return your papers to this Department, send this printed letter with them; and you
.        will, by complying with this request, greatly facilitate the investigation of your claim.

.        A STATEMENT, showing the service of Frederick Nester Campbell Co. Tennessee

.        1.   Period when the service was rendered: 1780
.              Drafted May 1781 until Dec 81. (it appears they are questioning the statement on page 1 of his service starting in 1780 for 10
.              months. Later, he says he was drafted in May 1781.)

.        2.   Duration of the claimant’s service
.              a.   years
.              b.   months: There are 4 separate entries here. 3, 2, 2, 3 totaling 10 months.
.              c.   days: 15 days is entered beside the first 3 months.

.        3.   Rank of the claimant: private, teams too

.        4.   Names and rank of the field officers under whom he served:
.              Col Johnson
.              Capt Clarke
.              Col Grimes
.              Genl Edmonson wagon master
.              Genl Green

.        5.   Age at present and place of abode when he entered the service:
.              93 yrs, Burke Co., N. Carolina

.        6.   Proof by which the declaration is supported:
.              The judge certifies to the credibility of evidence but the (word I can read) of the evidence is not in his certificates.

.                                                                                                      I am, respectfully,
.                                                                                                      Your obedient servant,
.                                                                                                      J. L. EDWARDS,
.                                                                                                      Commissioner of Pensions