.    John Ballard Nester, 1875 - 1909, s/o James Anderson Nester
.                                                                                                         (INDEX)
.                                                                   author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

C112   John Ballard Nester,7                                  C11   (James,6,Aaron,5,William,4,Jacob,3,Frederick,2,Frederick,1)
.                 b 30 Mar 1875 Carroll Co, Va (b Mar 1876 acc to 1900 census); d 1 Apr 1909 Chicago, Ill, age "34", bur Forest Home Cem.
.                    Death rec: John B. Nester, b Va, d 1 Apr 1909 Chicago, age 34, railroad conductor, married, parents born Va, residence 2566
.                    Harvard St.
.                 m ca 1899 to Ida C. Britting, b May 1879 Ohio.  Her last name given in son Raymond's death listing.
.                     See her
picture below.

.                 1900 Cook Co, Ill census, Chicago, West Town, ED 853, sheet 16B, 2560 Harvard St, #230/233, John Nester, Mar 1876 Va,
.                          RR brakeman, Ida, May 1879 Ohio (marr 1 yr, 0 ch, Ala,NY).
.                 1910 Cook Co census, Harvay City, 1st Ward, ED 118, sheet 2A, 15714 Vine Ave, #20/25, Ida C. Nester,30 Ohio (wid, 5 ch,
.                          4 living, US,NY), Ray,8 Ill, Stacy,5 Ill, Francis,4 Ill (son), Arthur,2 Ill.  (father of children listed as b in Va)
.                 1914 Harvey, Ill City Directory, p 60: Nester Ida (wid John) r 15926 Park av
.              ? 1920 Cook Co census, Chicago, Ward 5, ED 238, sheet 4B, 3838 Round, #53/82, Ida Nester,40 Ida (wid, Ida,Ida), Frank,20 Ill
.                          (Ill,Ida), clerk, city, Authur,19 Ill (Ill,Ida), shipping clerk, dry goods.
.                 1930 Cook Co census, Chicago, Ward 13, ED 16-491, sheet 8A, 951 West 35th Place, #39/65, Ida Nester,51 Ohio (wid, marr
.                          age 20, Cuba,NY).
.                 1932, 15 Apr: Washington Co, Va Will Bk 35, p 227 (rec 13 Jun): Acct of J.A. Nester, mentions children of John Nester to
.                           receive life insurance disbursements: Arthur, James Ray, Stacy Nester Cerms, and Frances.
.                 1936 Muskegon, Mich City Directory, p 320: Nester Ida C (wid John) r535 W Webster av
.                 1938 Muskegon, Mich City Directory, p 550: Nester Ida
.                 1940 Cook Co census, Chicago, Ward 17, ED 103-1129, sheet 1B, 7250 S Yale Ave, #26, Ida C. Nester,60 Ohio (wid), house-
.                          keeper for Aoni and Barbara L. Baterson family.  (Ida was living in Muskegon, Mich in 1935.)

.                 issue:

1.   James Raymond Nester (Raymond,Ray), b 1 Mar 1902 Chicago, m Minnie Clara Brandt.

2.   Stacey G. Nester (Stace), b 21 Jul 1904 Chicago, d 12 Apr 1980 (SSDI 391-68-2946 Wisc), m(1) 2 May 1921 Cook Co
.                       to Jerome Cerms, b 17 Sep 1894 Croatia, d Apr 1975 (SSDI 337-01-8869 Ill).  She m(2) James J. Reid, b ca 1902 Wisc, d
.                       2 Apr 1965 Kenosha Co (not in SSDI).  He was Jerome M. Cerms, b 10 Apr 1894 Austria in his WW II draft reg card.
.                       Stacey's LR: Madison, Dane Co, Wisc 53706.  Jerome's LR: Chicago, Cook Co 60647.
.                       Jerome may be the Jerome Cerms,36 Jugo-Slavia (married), listed as a patient in the Kankakee State Hospital, in Kankakee
.                       Co, Ill.  He was poss the Jerome Cerms who m 28 Jun 1952 Cook Co to Lottie Morman.
.                       1920 census, Stacy not located.
.                       1930 DuPage Co, Ill census, Lisle, St Joseph Bohemian Orphanage, ED 22-42, sheet 1A, Mary Cerms,7 Ill, Grace Cerms,
.                                5 Ill, Helen Cerms,4 11/12 Ill, Geraldine Cerms,2 7/12 Ill.  (Stacey not located in 1930.)
.                       1932 Stacy Nester Cerms to receive life insurance disbursement from her grandfather J. A. Nester.
.                       1937 Kenosha, Wisc City Directory, p 342: Reid Jas J (Stacey) brasswkr h7201 38th av
.                       1940 Kenosha Co, Wisc census, Kenosha, ED 30-346, sheet 2B, 7201 38th Ave, #36, James J. Reid,38 Wisc, roller, brass
.                                products, Stacey,35 Ill, Paul,14 Wisc, Rosemary,12 Wisc, Grace Cerms,15 Ill (stepdau), Helen,14 Ill (stepdau).
.                                (Stacey, Grace, and Helen were living in Cook Co, Ill in 1935.)
.                       1941 Kenosha, Wisc City Directory, p 310: Reid Jas J (Stacey) mach h7201 38th av
.                       1942, 27 Apr: Chicago, Cook Co, Ill: WW II draft registration card: Jerome M. Cerms, b 10 Apr 1894 Austria, age 48; of
.                                 5405 Princeton Ave, Chicago; contact: Geraldine Cerms of same address; employed by Boston Store, Chicago; descri-
.                                 bed as 5' 10 1/2", 157 lbs, brown eyes, black hair, dark complexion.
.                       1943 Kenosha, Wisc City Directory, p 316: Reid Jas J (Stacey) lab ABCo h6606 21st av
.                       1943 Kenosha, Wisc City Directory, p 78: Cerms Grace r6606 21st av
.                                                                                             Cerms Helen C emp N-KCorp r6606 21st av
.                       1947 Kenosha, Wisc City Directory, p 399: Reid Jas J (Stacy) brasswkr ABCo h6606 21st av
.                       1947 Kenosha, Wisc City Directory, p 399: Reid Stacy Mrs sec-treas Brass & Copper Workers Ladies Auxiliary Local
.                                19322 r6606 21st av
.                       1950 Kenosha, Wisc City Directory, p 376: Reid Jas J (Stacey) fctywkr h6606 21st av
.                       1954 Kenosha, Wisc City Directory, p 469: Reid Jas J (Stacy G) fcty wkr ABCo h6606 21st av
.                       1955 Kenosha, Wisc City Directory, p 434: Reid Jas J (Stacey) ship clk ABCo h6606 21st av
.                       1958 Kenosha, Wisc City Directory, p 284: Reid Jas J (Stacey G) fcty wkr ABCo h6606 21st av
.                       1959 Kenosha, Wisc City Directory, p 284: Reid Jas J (Stacey G) fcty wkr ABCo h6606 21st av
.                       1960 Kenosha, Wisc City Directory, p 329: Reid Jas J (Stacey G) fcty wkr ABCo h6606 21st av
.                       1968 Stace Reid mentioned in her brother Arthur's obituary.
.                       1969 Stacey Nestor mentioned in her brother Frank D. Nestor's obit.
.                       issue:
a.   Mary E. Cerms, b 5 Jun 1922 Chicago, d/o Jerome Crms, age 28, b Croatia, and Stacey Nester, age 18, b Chicago.
.                             Their address was 338 W 38th St, acc to Mary's birth certificate, see
image below.
.                             1940 Cook Co census, Chicago, South Shore Hospital, ED 103-483, sheet 12A, Mary E. Cerms,19 Ill, maid.
.                                      (She was living in Lisle, DuPage Co, Ill in 1935.)
.                             1990's: Mary E. Cerms was living at 19 E Ohio St in Chicago.
b.   Grace Cerms, b ca 1925 Ill.
c.   Helen Catherine Cerms, b 13 Apr 1925 Cook Co, d 1 Aug 1987 Contra Costa Co, Cal (SSDI 399-18-4507 Wisc), m(1)
.                             John Cornelius Adams.  She m(2) ____ Pricco.  Helen's LR: Concord, Contra Costa Co, Cal 94519.
.                             Her Cal death index gives her father's last name as Cerms and mother's maiden name as Nestor.
.                             issue:
(1)  (male) Adams, d 28 Jul 1947 Cook Co, s/o John Cornelius Adams and Helen Catherine Cerms.
d.   Geraldine Cerms, b 21 Aug 1927 Cook Co (Jeroline in birth index).  Not listed in 1940 census.
.                             Poss the Geraldine Cerms who m 5 Sep 1973 Las Vegas, Clark Co, Nev to Einar C. Hast.  She was of Idaho at that time.
.                             He was Einar Clifton Hast, b 15 Jan 1905 Minn, d 30 Dec 1988 Santa Barbara, Cal (SSDI 571-50-2135 Cal), with LR:
.                             Santa Maria, Santa Barbara Co, Cal 93455.  He had m(1) 24 Oct 193 Fremont, Iowa to Dorothy C. Nelson, b ca 1913 Ft
.                             Dodge, Iowa, d/o Carl Nelson and Esther Buckles, and they div Feb 1970 Los Angeles.  He was s/o Erick Hast and Anna
.                             Johnson.

3.   Francis D. Nestor (Frank), b 13 Dec 1905 Ill, m Theresa F. Kissel.
.                       Apparently Walter Neester, b 13 Dec 1905 Chicago, s/o John B. Neester and Ida Bitting, or this is Francis' twin.

.             ?  
4.   Grace Nester.  Claimed by Barbata family site below, although that Grace, b ca 1907, was not apparently related to John
.                       and Ida, but rather the d/o Agnes Malloy Nester (d/o Michael and Winefred Malloy) and who m Michael J. Nester/Nestor,
.                       who is not related to the Nester family of Carroll Co, Va.  John and Ida did have a 5th child, as stated in the birth record for
.                       John Ruffes Nester (Arthur D.), below.

5.   Arthur D. Nester, b 17 Apr 1908 Ill, d 21 Sep 1968 Cook Co (SSDI 322-09-0022 Ill), bur Resurrection Cem, Chicago, m(1)
.                       21 Jan 1931 Cook Co to Louise A. Kosarek, b 1912 Chicago, d 15 Sep 1944 Chicago, age 32, d/o Albert "Hosarek" and Mary
.                       Gayd, and wife of Arthur.  She was bur Resurrection Cem, Justice Park, Cook Co.  Arthur m(2) Lottie Scurek Kamon, b 29
.                       May 1912 Ill, d 7 Mar 1998 (SSDI 351-09-6702 Ill), d/o John and Mary Scurek.  Lottie's LR: Chicago, Cook Co 60632.
.                       She was the widow of Frank Kamon, b 26 Jan 1910, d 19 Feb 1936 Chicago (suicide by hanging), s/o Jacob Kamon and
.                       Katie Dlyby.  Their son was Lawrence F. Kamon, see below.
.                       Note: John Ruffes Nester, b 17 Apr 1908 at 2566 Harvard St, s/o Johan Nester, age 34, and Ida Nester, age 33.  John's
.                                 occup given as "Kundactor".  Both John and Ida born Chicago, and residence 2528 Harrison St.  Arthur listed as 5th
.                                 child of mother, with 4 total living.  See
image of his birth record below.
.                    ? 1930 Cook Co census, Chicago, Ward 4, ED 16-123, sheet 3B, 4730 Drexel Blvd, #8/82, Arthur Nester,21 Ill (Eng,Germ),
.                                manager, cigar store, lodger with Irene S. Wagner.
.                                (No proof this is same Arthur and parents' place of birth inconsistent.)
.                       1940 Cook Co census, Chicago, Ward 12, ED 103-835, sheet 17B, 4644 S Wood, #362, Arthur Nester,30 Ill, clerk, stock
.                                yd, Louise,27 Ill.
.                       1940 Cook Co census, Chicago, Ward 14, ED 103-975, sheet 3A, 4716 Marshfield St, #48, Anna Scurek,25 Ill, laborer,
.                                stock yards, Sophie,17 Ill (sister), new worker, Lottie Kamon,27 Ill (sister), laborer stock yards.
.                                (Lawrence not located in the census.)
.                       1968, 22 Sep: obit "Arthur D. Nester, beloved husband of Lottie nee Scurek; dear father of Lawrence (Geraldine) Kamon;
.                                 grandfather of four; brother of Frank (Theresa) Nester, Stace Reid, and the late Raymond Nester (the late Minnie).
.                                 Services Wednesday, 10 a.m., at Szykowny Funeral Home, 4901-07 S. Archer avenue.  Interment Resurrection.
.                                 Visitation Monday after 1 p.m. 735-7521."
.                       stepson:
.                       Lawrence F. Kamon, b 26 Aug 1936, d 18 May 2002 (SSDI 350-28-9115 Ill), m 18 Jun 1960 Cook Co to Geraldine R.
.                       Schultz, b 17 Nov 1938, d 2 Jul 2009 (SSDI 354-30-0207 Ill),
.                       Lawrence's LR: Manhattan, Will Co, Ill 60442.  Geraldine's: Mokena, Will Co, Ill 60448.

.                  Ref:  1.   Barbata family tree at
www.ancestry.com, owner: popgroove
.                                This site claims Ida's parents were Michael and Wineford Malloy, apparently confusing the following Grace Nester,
.                                 b ca 1907, with Grace, the claimed child of John and Ida.  Michael and Winneford lived in McLean Co, Ill in 1880
.                                 and Ida wasn't listed with them.  Agnes was the widow of Michael Nestor, per her 1968 obit.
.                                 1910 Cook Co census, Chicago, 11th Ward, ED 544, sheet 3A, 1848 Washburn Ave, #21/56, Winfred Malloy,62 Ill
.                                          (wid, 12 ch, 5 living, Ire,Ire), Daniel,34 Ill (Ire,Ill), machinist, machine factory, Agnes Nester,6 Ill (granddau),
.                                          Lauretta,5 Ill (granddau), Grace,3 Ill (granddau).  (The Nester children's parents listed as born in Ill.).
.                                 1920 Cook Co census, Chicago, 18th Ward, ED 1062, sheet 9A, 2028 Flournoy St, #104/172, Agnes Nestor,36 Ill
.                                          (wid, Ire,Ill), operator, western ...., Agnes,16 Ill, Loretta,14 Ill, Grace,12 Ill, Winifred Malloy,72 Ill (mother,
.                                           wid).  (The children's father listed as born in Ill.)
.                                 1930 Cook Co census, Chicago, 18th Ward, ED 16-692, sheet 12 A, 2549 W Marquette Rd, #134/248, Agnes Nes-
.                                          tor,46 Ill (wid), service clerk, Western Union, Agnes,26 Ill (dau), teacher, public school, Winifold Malloy,82
.                                          Ill (wid, mother, Ire,Ire).
.                                 1900 Cook Co census, the above family was Mike Malloy, May 1843 Ire, Wineford, Jan 1849 Ill, Daniel, Jan 76 Ill,
.                                          Agnes, May 83 Ill, Grace, Mar 89 Ill.
.                                 This site also says that John's widow Ida was the same Ida Nester who m 23 Oct 1970 Cook Co to Calvin Adkins, d
.                                 23 Oct 1970 Chicago (not in SSDI).  But this doesn't seem likely.
.                           2. "
Chicago Tribune", 29 Sep 2005, obit for Mary Godlewski, nee Scurek, d/o John and Mary Scurek, mentions sister
.                               "late Lottie (Arthur) Nester".
.                 Ida C. Nester  
.  Picture from Barbata family tree site