.                 William Nester, 1825 - 1901, s/o Daniel Nester
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.                                                                   author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

G3   William Nester,5                                                                                          G   (Daniel,4,Jacob,3,Frederick,2,Frederick,1)
.             b 20 Dec 1825 "Floyd" Co (Montgomery Co), Va; d 9 Apr 1901 Shenandoah Co, Va, bur Union Forge Cem, Edinburg, Shenandoah
.                Co.  See
picture of William and Barbara Nester below.
.             m 30 Aug 1858 Shenandoah Co, Va to Barbara Ann Holler (Annie), b 1 Apr 1829 Va, d 22 Oct 1902 Lantz Mill, Shenandoah Co,
.                 bur Union Forge Cem, d/o Peter Hollar and Magdalene (Sallie Dake acc to 1890 document below).  Barbara had m(2) ____ Duffy,
.                 who "abandoned her", and had the older children Mary and Jennie by him.  Marriage date was 25 Aug 1857 acc to 1890 docu-
.                 ment below.

.             William Nester attended the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind in Stanton Va, and then went to Shenandoah Co, Va, where he
.             married Barbara Holler, had two more children, and spent the remainder of his life there.  One of his granddaughters said that Wil-
.             liam "had another family down south" and this statement plus other reasoning led me to think he may have been the same person
.             as his brother Jacob, who disappeared after his 1856 marriage.  The main reasoning was that he gave his age as 12 and birth year
.             as 1837 when he enrolled in the VSDB, and the 1850 census shows William Nester, age 13, living in the VSDB, although Jacob,
.             age 13, was living at home with his parents Daniel and Elizabeth.  However other documents prove that William was born in 1825
.             and was definitely not the same person as Jacob.  His parents apparently gave a wrong younger age at the time of William's enroll-
.             ment at the VSDB in order for him to qualify for admission.

.             History of
The John Miley Maphis House at Lantz Mill, Va (where the Nester family lived)
.             Map of the
Madison Magisterial District, Liberty Furnace, Columbia Furnace, Edinburg, Lantzs Mill Right  

.             1849 Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind (VSDB), Record #102: William N
aster; Date Admitted: Nov 10, 1849; Age Admitted:
.                      12; Sex: M; Place of Birth: Floyd Co, Va; Date of Birth: Dec 20, 1837; Father's Name: Daniel N
aster; Mother's Name: Eliza-
.                      beth N
aster; Residence:  Hillsville; County: Carroll; State: Va; Other Deaf Relatives: Nancy, No 103 (William's sister): Cause
.                      of Deafness: Born deaf; Date Dismissed: June 25, 1856; Married To: Married a speaking woman; Died: April 8, 1901.
.                      Remarks (VSDB rec): Lived in Floyd Co. later in life.  Married a hearing woman at Lantz's Mill, Shenandoah Co.
.                      See
separate page for this card.
.             1850 Augusta Co, Va census, p 314 (Image 209), D&D& Blind Institution, #1434/1434, William Nestor,13 Va (deaf & dumb).
.                      (his sister Nancy Nester,7 Va (D & D) listed on the next page)
.             1850 Shenandoah Co, Va census, p 9, #123/123, Peter Hollar,60 Va, $800, Magdalene,55 Va, Peter Jun,30 Va, Henry,26 Va, Bar-
.                      bara A.,22 Va, William H.,9 Va, Mary (?J.) (?Keifer),5/12 Va.
.             1856, 25 Jun: William was dismissed from the VSDB.
.             1860 Shenandoah Co census, Lantz Mill Dist, p 176, #1191/1189, Henry Hollar,30 Va, farmer, $800, $150, William Nestor,35 Va,
.                      farmhand, $400, $250 (deaf & dumb), Barbara Nestor,28 Va, Jane Hollar,10 Va, Lydia Hollar,8 Va, Peter Hollar,35 Va, farm-
.                      hand, $400, --.
.             1870 Shenandoah Co census, Madison Twp, Lantz Mill, p 6. #48/48, William Nester,40 Botetourt Co (deaf & dumb), farmer,
.                      $300, $100, Barbara Nester,40 Shenandoah Co, Mary J. Hottel,19 Shenandoah Co, Virginia Hottel,16 Shenandoah Co, Isa-
.                      bella Nester,8 Shenandoah Co, John Nester,6 Shenandoah Co, Henry P. Hottel,31 Shenandoah Co, laborer, $300, --, Peter
.                      Holler,42 Shenandoah Co, laborer, $300, --.
.             1880 Shenandoah Co census, Madison Twp, p 433C, #193/197, William Nester,55 Va (deaf & dumb), farmer, Annie,53 Va (deaf &
.                      dumb), Bell,19 Va (cannot write), John,16 Va, farm hand, Peter Hollar,55 Va (bro-in-law), farmer.
.             1886, 24 Apr: Shenandoah Co Deed Bk 27, p 122-23 (rec 26 Apr): Peter Hollar Jr, William Nester and Barbara of Shendoah Co to
.                       John R. and Isabel Nester, heirs of Wm and Barbara, for $600, for a tract of land in Shanandoah Co (11 acres, 3 quarters,10
.                       poles).  This land was previously owned by Peter Hollar, and conveyed to Peter Hollar Jr and Barbara as his heirs.
.             1890, 28 Oct: William and Barbara filled out a form detailing their marriage, birthdates, parents, siblngs, etc.  This states he was
.                       born in 1825, which is consistent with the 1900 census and his age of "76" when he died in 1901.  This document also says
.                       he was the 3rd child in the family.  See
separate page for this 4 page document.
.             1900 Shenandoah Co census, Madison Dist, ED 79, sheet 9B, #183/183, William Nestor, Dec 1825 Va (can read, can write, cannot
.                      speak English), (no occup), Barbara, Apr 1835 Va (marr 40 yrs, 1 ch, 1 living, can read, can write, can speak English), Isabel,
.                      Nov 1860 Va.
.             1901, 15 Apr: "
The Goodson Gazette": Wednesday Morning.  "Mr Nestor had been in bad health for some time.  He was born in
.                       Floyd County, Va, was educated in the Institute for deaf mutes at Staunton, came here before the war and married Barbara
.                       Hollar, who survives him.  Mr Nestor was 76 years of age.  Ex resident of Lantz's Mill, who was educated at this school in
.                       the fifties, died Tuesday, the 9th of April, leaving a wife and two children."

.             issue (of Barbara Hollar Nester, born prior to her marriage to "William", and hence these are not descendants of William Nester,
.                      but are half-siblings of John R. and Isabelle Nester, below; they were adopted by William Nester):

1.   Mary Jane Nester, b 5 Feb 1849 Shenandoah Co, Va, d 24 Nov 1911, m 8 Jan 1874 Shenandoah Co ("age 22, d/o Wm and
.                   Barbara Nestor") to Zebadee Fadeley (Zeb) ("Fadely" in marr rec), b 17 Jun 1851 Shenandoah Co, d 20 Sep 1922, s/o Augus-
.                   tine Hage Fadely and Mary Jane Hollar.  See
pictures of Mary and of their tombstone below.
.                   issue:
a.   Samuel L. Fadeley, b 10 Dec 1872 Va, d 27 Aug 1924, m Annie Lee Hollar, b 5 Apr 1874 Shenandoa Co, d 23 May 1943.
b.   Minnie Virginia Fadeley, b 1 Jan 1875 Lantz Mill, d 21 Aug 1950 Woodstock, m Walter Dallas Hollar, b 21 Mar 1877,
.                         d 6 Aug 1965, s/o Isaac Hollar and Elizabeth Marshall.
c.   William Henry Fadeley, b 20 Sep 1876 Lantz Mill, d 14 Apr 1957, m Carrie Virginia Richard, b 18 Jun 1877, d 12 Sep
.                         1914.
d.   Frank David Fadeley, b 1 Mar 1878, d 27 Mar 1973, m Maggie Jane Shipp, b 21 Jun 1878, d 16 Nov 1965.
e.   Mollie Cathy Fadeley, b 22 Apr 1880, d 21 Jan 1967, m Bernard Eugene Coffelt, b 8 Aug 1880 Shenandoah Co, d 15 Jul
.                         1948, s/o Joseph Calvin Coffelt and Ellen Virginia Hollar (Jennie).
f.    Delbert C. Fadeley, b 26 Sep 1882 Shenandoah Co, d 7 Oct 1972 Edinburg (SSDI 223-50-3292 Va), m Vallie Regina Cof-
.                         felt, b 10 Nov 1876, d 5 Sep 1959, d/o Gideon Coffelt and Mahala Haus.  Delbert's LR: Edinburg, Shenandoah Co 22824.
g.   Clara Belle Fadeley, b 24 Jan 1893 Lantz Mill, d 21 Jan 1949, m Charles August Hisey, b 7 Feb 1889 Woodstock, d 29
.                         Apr 1956, s/o Samuel Augustus Hisey and Frances Katherine Miller.

2.   Lydia Virginia Nester (Virginia,Jennie), b 18 Dec 1853 Shenandoah Co, d 20 Mar 1919 Edinburg, Shenandoah Co ("d/o Wil-
.                   liam Nester and Barbra Hollar, d of stomach cancer"), bur Union Forge Cem, Edinburg, m 14 Dec 1873 Shenandoah Co to
.                   George F. Coffelt, b 5 Apr 1852 Shenandoah Co, d 7 Jun 1932 Edinburg, s/o John Coffelt and Christina Coffman.
.                   See
pictures of Lydia and George and of their tombstone below.
.                   issue:
a.   Rosanna May Coffelt, b 25 Nov 1874 Edinburg, Va, d 5 Sep 1928 Edinburg, m 29 Dec 1904 Shenandoah Co to John
.                         Henry Stickley, b ca 1877 Shenandoah Co, s/o Jno H. and Mary Stickley.
b.   David Oscar Coffelt, b 3 Oct 1878 Shenandoah Co, d 20 Sep 1961 Va, m 6 Sep 1903 Shenandoah Co to Ida May Grim, b
.                         ca 1878 Shenandoah Co, d/o Sallie Grim.
c.   Noah Cameron Grim (Cameron), b 30 Oct 1881 Shenandoah Co, d 2 Apr 1956 Staunton, Va.  Single.
d.   Daisy Virginia Coffelt, b 3 Jul 1883 Edinburg, d 4 Jan 1947, m(1) Fletcher Webb, m(2) Lewis Ryman.
e.   Mary Magdaline Coffelt, b 12 May 1885 Lantz Mill, d 16 Jul 1936 Edinburg, m 9 Mar 1910 Shenandoah Co to Franklin
.                         Stoneburner (Frank), wid, b ca 1876 Shenandoah Co, s/o William H. and Margaret Stoneburner.
f.   Chauncey Monroe Coffelt, b 3 (?23) Oct 1887 Edinburg, d 20 Oct 1963 Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, Ohio, m Mary ____.
.                         He was "Chaunce" in the Ohio death index.
g.   Zella Blanche Coffelt (Blanche), b 4 Aug 1893 Edinburg, d 21 Jul 1981 Greenbelt, Md (SSDI b Aug "1892" 224-64-9792
.                         Va), m 9 May 1915 Edinburg to Grover Lee Joseph, b 17 Sep 1880 Mount Clifton, Shenandoah Co, d 27 Mar 1958 Mount
.                         Clifton, s/o Abner Joseph and Elizabeth Ann Arey (Bettie).  Zella's LR: Md 20811.
.                         issue:
(1)  Jessie Virginia Joseph, b 3 Feb 1916 Mount Clifton, d 22 Sep 1980 Laurel, Md (SSDI 579-28-2093 DC), m 3 Sep
.                                1943 Washington, DC to Francis Edward Barber, b 22 Dec 1919 Washington DC (or Rockingham Co), d 8 Apr 1970
.                                Cheverly, Md (SSDI 577-28-7245 DC).  Her LR: Md 20811.
.                                issue:
(a)  William Lynn Barber (Bill), b 1953 Harrisonburg, Va.  (See Ref below)
h.   Angie Rebecca Coffelt, b 23 May 1897 Edinburg, d 30 May 1985 Md (not in SSDI), m 3 Dec 1916 to Oscar J. Estep.

.             issue: (of William and Barbara)

3.   Isabelle H. Nester (Belle), b 14 Nov 1860 Va, d 19 Oct 1920 Lantz Mill, Shenandoah Co, bur Union Forge Cem, Edinburg.
.                   See
pictures of her and of her tombstone below.

4.   John Robert Nester, b 1 Nov 1863 Shenandoah Co, Va, m(1) Elizabeth Ann Bowman (Lizzie), m(2) Bessie L.Thompson.

.              Ref:  1.   William Lynn Barber (Bill) of Laurel, Md, email:
.                             He is a gs of Zella Blanche Coffelt, above.
.                       2.   
www.findagrave.com, info by Billy Barber and Norman P.  Miller.  This has obit for Lydia Virginia Nester Coffelt.
                        William and Barbara Nester
  Picture courtesy of William L. (Bill) Barber to author
(this is a better copy from the Shenandoah Co, Va website)
        Lydia Virginia Nester Coffelt
Picture courtesy of William L. (Bill) Barber
     (on Shenandoah Co, Va website)
                 George F. Coffelt
Picture courtesy of William L. (Bill) Barber
      (on Shenandoah Co, Va website)
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