.                 William Nester, 1825 - 1901, s/o Daniel Nester
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.                                                                   author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

G3   William Nester,5                                                                                          G   (Daniel,4,Jacob,3,Frederick,2,Frederick,1)
.            b 20 Dec 1825 "Floyd" Co (Montgomery Co), Va; d 9 Apr 1901 Shenandoah Co, Va, bur Union Forge Cem, Edinburg, Shenandoah
.               Co.  See
picture of William and Barbara Nester below.
.            m 30 Aug 1858 Shenandoah Co, Va to Barbara Ann Holler (Annie), b 1 Apr 1829 Va, d 22 Oct 1902 Lantz Mill, Shenandoah Co,
.                bur Union Forge Cem, d/o Peter Hollar and Magdalene (Sallie Dake acc to 1890 document below).  Barbara had m(2) ____ Duffy,
.                who "abandoned her", and had the older children Mary and Jennie by him.  Marriage date was 25 Aug 1857 acc to 1890 docu-
.                ment below.

.            William Nester attended the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind in Stanton Va, and then went to Shenandoah Co, Va, where he
.            married Barbara Holler, had two more children, and spent the remainder of his life there.  One of his granddaughters said that Wil-
.            liam "had another family down south" and this statement plus other reasoning led me to think he may have been the same person
.            as his brother Jacob, who disappeared after his 1856 marriage.  The main reasoning was that he gave his age as 12 and birth year
.            as 1837 when he enrolled in the VSDB, and the 1850 census shows William Nester, age 13, living in the VSDB, although Jacob,
.            age 13, was living at home with his parents Daniel and Elizabeth.  However other documents prove that William was born in 1825
.            and was definitely not the same person as Jacob.  His parents apparently gave a wrong younger age at the time of William's enroll-
.            ment at the VSDB in order for him to qualify for admission.

.            History of
The John Miley Maphis House at Lantz Mill, Va (where the Nester family lived)
.            Map of the
Madison Magisterial District, Liberty Furnace, Columbia Furnace, Edinburg, Lantzs Mill Right  

.            1849 Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind (VSDB), Record #102: William N
aster; Date Admitted: Nov 10, 1849; Age Admitted:
.                     12; Sex: M; Place of Birth: Floyd Co, Va; Date of Birth: Dec 20, 1837; Father's Name: Daniel N
aster; Mother's Name: Eliza-
.                     beth N
aster; Residence:  Hillsville; County: Carroll; State: Va; Other Deaf Relatives: Nancy, No 103 (William's sister): Cause
.                     of Deafness: Born deaf; Date Dismissed: June 25, 1856; Married To: Married a speaking woman; Died: April 8, 1901.
.                     Remarks (VSDB rec): Lived in Floyd Co. later in life.  Married a hearing woman at Lantz's Mill, Shenandoah Co.
.                     See
separate page for this card.
.            1850 Augusta Co, Va census, p 314 (Image 209), D&D& Blind Institution, #1434/1434, William Nestor,13 Va (deaf & dumb).
.                     (his sister Nancy Nester,7 Va (D & D) listed on the next page)
.            1850 Shenandoah Co, Va census, p 9, #123/123, Peter Hollar,60 Va, $800, Magdalene,55 Va, Peter Jun,30 Va, Henry,26 Va, Bar-
.                     bara A.,22 Va, William H.,9 Va, Mary (?J.) (?Keifer),5/12 Va.
.            1856, 25 Jun: William was dismissed from the VSDB.
.            1860 Shenandoah Co census, Lantz Mill Dist, p 176, #1191/1189, Henry Hollar,30 Va, farmer, $800, $150, William Nestor,35 Va,
.                     farmhand, $400, $250 (deaf & dumb), Barbara Nestor,28 Va, Jane Hollar,10 Va, Lydia Hollar,8 Va, Peter Hollar,35 Va, farm-
.                     hand, $400, --.
.            1870 Shenandoah Co census, Madison Twp, Lantz Mill, p 6. #48/48, William Nester,40 Botetourt Co (deaf & dumb), farmer,
.                     $300, $100, Barbara Nester,40 Shenandoah Co, Mary J. Hottel,19 Shenandoah Co, Virginia Hottel,16 Shenandoah Co, Isa-
.                     bella Nester,8 Shenandoah Co, John Nester,6 Shenandoah Co, Henry P. Hottel,31 Shenandoah Co, laborer, $300, --, Peter
.                     Holler,42 Shenandoah Co, laborer, $300, --.
.            1880 Shenandoah Co census, Madison Twp, p 433C, #193/197, William Nester,55 Va (deaf & dumb), farmer, Annie,53 Va (deaf &
.                     dumb), Bell,19 Va (cannot write), John,16 Va, farm hand, Peter Hollar,55 Va (bro-in-law), farmer.
.            1886, 24 Apr: Shenandoah Co Deed Bk 27, p 122-23 (rec 26 Apr): Peter Hollar Jr, William Nester and Barbara of Shendoah Co to
.                      John R. and Isabel Nester, heirs of Wm and Barbara, for $600, for a tract of land in Shanandoah Co (11 acres, 3 quarters,10
.                      poles).  This land was previously owned by Peter Hollar, and conveyed to Peter Hollar Jr and Barbara as his heirs.
.            1890, 28 Oct: William and Barbara filled out a form detailing their marriage, birthdates, parents, siblngs, etc.  This states he was
.                      born in 1825, which is consistent with the 1900 census and his age of "76" when he died in 1901.  This document also says
.                      he was the 3rd child in the family.  See
separate page for this 4 page document.
.            1900 Shenandoah Co census, Madison Dist, ED 79, sheet 9B, #183/183, William Nestor, Dec 1825 Va (can read, can write, cannot
.                     speak English), (no occup), Barbara, Apr 1835 Va (marr 40 yrs, 1 ch, 1 living, can read, can write, can speak English), Isabel,
.                     Nov 1860 Va.
.            1901, 15 Apr: "
The Goodson Gazette": Wednesday Morning.  "Mr Nestor had been in bad health for some time.  He was born in
.                      Floyd County, Va, was educated in the Institute for deaf mutes at Staunton, came here before the war and married Barbara
.                      Hollar, who survives him.  Mr Nestor was 76 years of age.  Ex resident of Lantz's Mill, who was educated at this school in
.                      the fifties, died Tuesday, the 9th of April, leaving a wife and two children."

.            issue (of Barbara Hollar Nester, born prior to her marriage to William, and hence these are not descendants of William Nester, but
.                      are half-siblings of John R. and Isabelle Nester, below; they were adopted by William Nester):

1.   Mary Jane Nester, b 5 Feb 1849 Shenandoah Co, Va, d 24 Nov 1911, m 8 Jan 1874 Shenandoah Co ("age 22, d/o Wm and
.                  Barbara Nestor") to Zebadee Fadeley (Zeb) ("Fadely" in marr rec), b 17 Jun 1851 Shenandoah Co, d 20 Sep 1922, s/o Augus-
.                  tine Hage Fadely and Mary Jane Hollar.  See
pictures of Mary and of their tombstone below.
.                  issue:
a.   Samuel L. Fadeley, b 10 Dec 1872 Va, d 27 Aug 1924, m Annie Lee Hollar, b 5 Apr 1874 Shenandoa Co, d 23 May 1943.
b.   Minnie Virginia Fadeley, b 1 Jan 1875 Lantz Mill, d 21 Aug 1950 Woodstock, m Walter Dallas Hollar, b 21 Mar 1877,
.                        d 6 Aug 1965, s/o Isaac Hollar and Elizabeth Marshall.
c.   William Henry Fadeley, b 20 Sep 1876 Lantz Mill, d 14 Apr 1957, m Carrie Virginia Richard, b 18 Jun 1877, d 12 Sep
.                        1914.
d.   Frank David Fadeley, b 1 Mar 1878, d 27 Mar 1973, m Maggie Jane Shipp, b 21 Jun 1878, d 16 Nov 1965.
e.   Mollie Cathy Fadeley, b 22 Apr 1880, d 21 Jan 1967, m Bernard Eugene Coffelt, b 8 Aug 1880 Shenandoah Co, d 15 Jul
.                        1948, s/o Joseph Calvin Coffelt and Ellen Virginia Hollar (Jennie).
f.    Delbert C. Fadeley, b 26 Sep 1882 Shenandoah Co, d 7 Oct 1972 Edinburg (SSDI 223-50-3292 Va), m Vallie Regina Cof-
.                        felt, b 10 Nov 1876, d 5 Sep 1959, d/o Gideon Coffelt and Mahala Haus.  Delbert's LR: Edinburg, Shenandoah Co 22824.
g.   Clara Belle Fadeley, b 24 Jan 1893 Lantz Mill, d 21 Jan 1949, m Charles August Hisey, b 7 Feb 1889 Woodstock, d 29
.                        Apr 1956, s/o Samuel Augustus Hisey and Frances Katherine Miller.

2.   Lydia Virginia Nester (Virginia,Jennie), b 18 Dec 1853 Shenandoah Co, d 20 Mar 1919 Edinburg, Shenandoah Co ("d/o Wil-
.                  liam Nester and Barbra Hollar, d of stomach cancer"), bur Union Forge Cem, Edinburg, m 14 Dec 1873 Shenandoah Co to
.                  George F. Coffelt, b 5 Apr 1852 Shenandoah Co, d 7 Jun 1932 Edinburg, s/o John Coffelt and Christina Coffman.
.                  See
pictures of Lydia and George and of their tombstone below.
.                  issue:
a.   Rosanna May Coffelt, b 25 Nov 1874 Edinburg, Va, d 5 Sep 1928 Edinburg, m 29 Dec 1904 Shenandoah Co to John
.                        Henry Stickley, b ca 1877 Shenandoah Co, s/o Jno H. and Mary Stickley.
b.   David Oscar Coffelt, b 3 Oct 1878 Shenandoah Co, d 20 Sep 1961 Va, m 6 Sep 1903 Shenandoah Co to Ida May Grim, b
.                        ca 1878 Shenandoah Co, d/o Sallie Grim.
c.   Noah Cameron Grim (Cameron), b 30 Oct 1881 Shenandoah Co, d 2 Apr 1956 Staunton, Va.  Single.
d.   Daisy Virginia Coffelt, b 3 Jul 1883 Edinburg, d 4 Jan 1947, m(1) Fletcher Webb, m(2) Lewis Ryman.
e.   Mary Magdaline Coffelt, b 12 May 1885 Lantz Mill, d 16 Jul 1936 Edinburg, m 9 Mar 1910 Shenandoah Co to Franklin
.                        Stoneburner (Frank), wid, b ca 1876 Shenandoah Co, s/o William H. and Margaret Stoneburner.
f.   Chauncey Monroe Coffelt, b 3 (?23) Oct 1887 Edinburg, d 20 Oct 1963 Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, Ohio, m Mary ____.
.                        He was "Chaunce" in the Ohio death index.
g.   Zella Blanche Coffelt (Blanche), b 4 Aug 1893 Edinburg, d 21 Jul 1981 Greenbelt, Md (SSDI b Aug "1892" 224-64-9792
.                        Va), m 9 May 1915 Edinburg to Grover Lee Joseph, b 17 Sep 1880 Mount Clifton, Shenandoah Co, d 27 Mar 1958 Mount
.                        Clifton, s/o Abner Joseph and Elizabeth Ann Arey (Bettie).  Zella's LR: Md 20811.
.                        issue:
(1)  Jessie Virginia Joseph, b 3 Feb 1916 Mount Clifton, d 22 Sep 1980 Laurel, Md (SSDI 579-28-2093 DC), m 3 Sep
.                               1943 Washington, DC to Francis Edward Barber, b 22 Dec 1919 Washington DC (or Rockingham Co), d 8 Apr 1970
.                               Cheverly, Md (SSDI 577-28-7245 DC).  Her LR: Md 20811.
.                               issue:
(a)  William Lynn Barber (Bill), b 1953 Harrisonburg, Va.  (See Ref below)
h.   Angie Rebecca Coffelt, b 23 May 1897 Edinburg, d 30 May 1985 Md (not in SSDI), m 3 Dec 1916 to Oscar J. Estep.

.            issue: (of William and Barbara)

3.   Isabelle H. Nester (Belle), b 14 Nov 1860 Va, d 19 Oct 1920 Lantz Mill, Shenandoah Co, bur Union Forge Cem, Edinburg.
.                  See
pictures of her and of her tombstone below.

4.   John Robert Nester, b 1 Nov 1863 Shenandoah Co, Va, m(1) Elizabeth Ann Bowman (Lizzie), m(2) Bessie L.Thompson.

.             Ref:  1.   William Lynn Barber (Bill) of Laurel, Md, email:
.                            He is a gs of Zella Blanche Coffelt, above.
.                      2.   
www.findagrave.com, info by Billy Barber and Norman P.  Miller.  This has obit for Lydia Virginia Nester Coffelt.
.                           William and Barbara Nester
.     Picture courtesy of William L. (Bill) Barber to author
.  (this is a better copy from the Shenandoah Co, Va website)
.            Lydia Virginia Nester Coffelt
.  Picture courtesy of William L. (Bill) Barber
.          (on Shenandoah Co, Va website)
.                     George F. Coffelt
.  Picture courtesy of William L. (Bill) Barber
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.    Isabelle Nester and Mary Nester Fadeley
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