.              Christian Nester, 1783 - 1830+, s/o Andrew Nester
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.                                                                   author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

24    Christian Nester,3                                                                                                                        2   (Andrew,2,Frederick,1)
.            b 17 Ju1 1783 Berks Co (bapt 21 Jul 1783 Berks Co); d after 1830.
.            m his 1st cousin Anna Maria Meier (Maria,Mary), b 1 Mar 1773, d prior Apr 1822, d/o Casper Meier (Moyer) and Catherine Nes-
.                ter (d/o
Frederick Nester).
.            Christian may have married again, assuming he was the Christian "Nesler" listed in the 1830 Berks Co, Pa census, living near Bar-
.            bara "Nesler", the widow of
Andrew Nester (#2).  Or the older female in the 1830 census was his possible daughter Elizabeth.

.            1817 Lancaster Co, Pa tax list, Elizabeth Twp, Chris
n Neistor, 0 horses, 1 cattle, tax 6 cents.
.            1818 Lancaster Co tax list, Elizabeth Twp, Christian Neister, 0 horses, 1 cattle, tax 6 cents.
.            1820 Lancaster Co census, Elizabeth Twp (Image 38), p 58, Christian Nester, 500010-01110.
.            1820 Lancaster Co tax list, Elizabeth Twp, Christian Nestor, inmate, 2 horses, 2 cattle, farmer, tax 25 cents.
.            1821 Lancaster Co tax list, Elizabeth Twp, Christian Nestor, inmate, 2 horses, 2 cattle, tax 12 1/2 cents.
.            1823, 12 Apr: Berks Co, Pa Will Bk M: probate of will of Casper Moyer (dated 6 Apr 1822): ....I give and bequeath unto my daug-
.                      hter Mary Nestor deceased her equal eighth part I give the whole of it to Martin Nestor her youngest child....
.            1827 Berks Co Deed Bk 36, p 448, rec 30 Apr 1827: Deed by John Bickel Esq, High Sheriff of Berks Co, "by a writ of Fieri Facias
.                     bearing test the eighteenth day of November last, I was commanded that of the goods and Chattels land and tenements of John
.                     Nester late of Berks County yeoman in my bailiwick I should cause to be saved as well a certain debt of seven hundred
.                     twenty two pounds 14/8 pence Lawful money of Pennsylvania which Barbara Nester + Daniel Nester administrators of
.                     Andrew Nester deceased lately in our County Court of Common pleas of the County of Berks before our Judge at Reading".
.                     Mentions a tract of land of about 39 acres in Hereford Twp, which was sold to Christian Nester for 438 dollars as highest
.                     bidder.
.            1828 Berks Co Orphans Court Index, Vol 9, p 450, Christian Nester was appointed guardian of dec wife's son Martin Nester.
.            1829, 9 Jan: petition of guardian Christian Nester: "To the honorable the Judges of the Orphans Court in .. the County of Berks
.                      the petition of Christian Nester of Hereford township respectfully represents that his wife died leaving a son, Martin Nester,
.                      who is but eight years old and that since the death of his wife, her father died leaving to the said son the sum of thirty two
.                      dollars and twelve cents - your petitioner prays the court to appoint some suitable person as guardian for said son."
.                      His Mark Christian + Nester.  [this was in Anna Nester's estate file]
.            1829 Berks Co Register of Wills, p 1, Anna Nester.
.            1830 Berks Co census, Hereford Twp (Image 1), p 258, Christian Nesler, 0112001-11011.

.            issue:  (Martin and Samuel are certain.  No proof for the rest  In 1828, only Martin was less than age 14, the age below which a
.                       guardian would normally be appointed.  Anna Maria Meier was age 48 when Martin was born and age 36-40 when the
.                       others were born, which seems unusual.  The key piece of evidence is that Martin, Andrew, Christian, and George Nester
.                       participated in communion on the same dates at Huffs Union Church, implying a close relationship.  Only once was any
.                       Nester in the Daniel Nester and Jacob Nester group present on those days.)

242   ?  
1.   Andrew Anthony Nester (Anthony), b 10 Jan 1807 Pa, m(1) Josephine Moyer, m(2) Christianna Bower (Christiane, Chris-
.                  tine).

.        ?  
2.   Elizabeth Nester, d 1 Dec 1845, age 36-3-10, m 16 May 1833 Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading to Samuel Everhard of Green-
.                  wich Twp.
.                  No proof she was a d/o Christian, and she could be a d/o
John Nester (#23).
.                  1828, 21 Sep: Elis Nester participated in communion at Huffs Union Church.
.                  1828, 29 Sep: Elizabeth Nester and John Reppert were sponsors for the bapt of John Stoely, b 29 May 1830, parents George
.                            and Elizabeth.

3.   Samuel Nester, b ca 1810-11 Pa acc to census records (b 11 May 1816 acc to bapt rec), m Sarah Ann Burns.
.                  Baptismal record: Samuel Nester, b 11 May 1816, bapt 20 May 1816 Evangelical Lutheran Church, Warwick, Lancaster Co,
.                  Pa, s/o Christian Nester and wf Maria, sponsor Cath Wunderlich.  (birth and baptismal dates apparently reversed in record)

244   ?  
4.   Christian Nester (Christie), b ca 1810-13 Pa, m Hanna C. Felker.

245   ?  
5.   George Nester, b 26 Nov 1812 Lancaster Co, Pa, m(1) Judith Will, m(2) Rebecca Hoffman.
.                  He was listed as attending a number of communion services at Huffs Union Church with Martin, Andrew, and Christian Nes-
.                  ter.

6.   Martin Nester, b ca 22 Aug 1821 Pa, m Susan Grove.
.                  Baptismal record: Martin Nester, b Aug 1820, bapt 17 Mar 1820 Evangelical Lutheran Church, Warwick, Lancaster Co, Pa,
.                  s/o Christ Nester and wf Maria, sponsor Cath Meyer.

.             Note:  Christian Nester and John Nester were living in Jefferson Co, Ky and adjacent Floyd Co, Ind in the 1830's, but these were
.                        part of a number of German Nesters who came from Germany to southern Ind in the early 1800's.

.             Ref:  Research of Lancaster Co, Pa records by Karen Higgins, a professional genealogist, email: