.            unknown Nesters, possible issue of Frederick Nester
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.                                                                   author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

3   unknown Nesters,2                                                                                                                                            ?   (Frederick,1)
.        There is no proof for the existence of another son or sons of Frederick Nester, but there are Nesters of the right age who came to
.        America, and some who lived in and around Berks County, Pa, who are of the right age to be the children of this possible son or
.        sons of Frederick Nester.

.        Possible sons of Frederick Nester:

1.   Elias Nester.
.              1753, 17 Sep: Elias Nester came on the Patience, from Rotterdam, via Cowes, to Philadelphia, where he took the oath of allegiance
.                        upon disembarking.
.              No further record.

2.  Johann Gottfried Nestler. (prob not a Nester)
.              1773 "Johann Gottfried Nestler arrived in Philadelphia, "imported in the ship Sally, John Osmond Commander, from Rotterdam
.                         in Holland, but last from Portsmouth in England - 23rd day of August, 1773"
.                         Ref: "
Pennsylvania German Society Proceedings", Vol 42-43, F 146 D23.
.              1773, 23 Aug: "John Osmon Commander, list 306 at Messrs Willing & Morris's Store in Philadelphia (sponsors in America)".
.              Note: The above Johann Gottfried Nestler has been speculated to be the father of Jacob Nester, below, whose family reputedly
.                        came to America when Jacob was 8.  Supposedly after 3 years Jacob's father returned to Germany on business and Jacob
.                        was left with an aunt.  There is no evidence linking Johann Gottfried Nestler to the Nester family, other than speculation
.                        and the desire to identify his father.  Jacob served in the militia in Berks Co, Pa.  A couple of the baptismal records for
.                        Jacob's children, while he lived in Maryland, recorded the family name as Nestler.
.              One undocumented note on the internet gives Johann Gottfried Nestler's birth date as 24 Apr 1730.  Another site gives his birth
.              as ca 1720 and spouse Anna Rosina Graupner, b ca 1721.

.        Some of the following are possibly grandchildren of Frederick Nester, not currently proven, and may be children of one or more sons
.        of Frederick Nester.  Some may have no relationship:

1.   Catharine Nester, b ca 1753.  Single, age 15, m 20 Sep 1768 Gossenhoppen Church, Berks Co to Jacob Gruss, widower, wit-
.              nesses Andrew Nester, James Mathes (?Maerten), Margaret Mathes (?Maerten).  Jacob Gruss was the witness to Frederick
.              Nester's widow Catherine's 1785 marriage to Conrad Reintzel.

2.   Catharina Nesteer, m 29 Jul 1781 Reading, Berks Co to Conrad Fuss.  Her name also Catharina Nestler Fuss in the marr rec.

3.   Jacob Nester, b Feb 1761 Germany, m(1) Elizabeth Bedford, m(2) Maria Magdalena Durr, m(3) Elizabeth Ann Fansler.
.              Moved to Maryland and to Randolph Co, Va (WVa).
.              Some have speculated his father was the above Johann Gottfried Nestler, but without any evidence.  Jacob's service in the militia
.              in Berks Co, Pa is a small piece of indirect evidence that he could be related to the Frederick Nester.  Lack of use of the name
.              Frederick by Jacob's descendants is evidence to the contrary.  The internet is loaded with websites claiming as a fact the relation-
.              ship between Jacob Nester and Johann Gottfried Nestler, when my observation of this evolution over the past 25 years is that it
.              is purely speculative and without a single document connecting the two.

4.   Elizabeth Nester, b 1764, m John (Johannes) Moyer, b 13 Oct 1761 Berks Co, s/o Johannes Moyer.  Acc to Ref 1 below,
.             "Elisabeth's" birth date was 14 Mar 1766 Allemangel, Berks Co.  This is the exact same birthday as for
Jacob Nester (#11),
.              s/o Frederick.  If this is true, she would likely be his twin sister, but Frederick Nester II went to NC in the 1770's and this
.              theory implies that he left a young daughter behind in Berks Co.
.              issue:
a.   Francis Moyer, b 16 Feb 1797, d 16 Mar 1899, m 16 Dec 1821 to Rebecca Reitenaur, b 3 Oct 1798, d 19 Apr 1864, d/o
.                    Jacob Reitenaur and Anna Margaretha Benfield.
.                    Ref:  "
Descendants of Johnann (HARP) Herb", Donald Neal Herb.
.                    issue:
(1)  Marie Moyer, b 21 May 1823, d 17 Jan 1903, m 15 Sep 1848 to Gideon Reitenaur, b 17 Aug 1821, d 28 Oct 1899, s/o
.                           John Reitenaur and Susan Moyer..
(2)  Simeon Moyer, b 5 Jan 1825, d 22 Feb 1906, m(1) 7 Aug 185 to Caroline Wentz, b 10 Aug 1832, d 31 Jul 1857.  He
.                           m(2) 20 Oct 1860 to Dorothea Orerender, b 26 Sep 1841, d 24 Mar 1924..
(3)  Anna  Moyer, b 24 Nov 1826, m Joel Focht Huber.

5.   Christian Nester, b ca 1774.
.              1804, 3 Nov: Christian Nester, age 30, arrived on the
.              He was supposedly on an 1804 Philadelphia tax list.

6.   Petter Nester.  
.              1785, Fall: "
Pennsylvania Archives", Series 6, Vol 3: Petter Nester was in the muster roll of Captn Pattrick Hay's Co (Lancaster
.                        Co, Pa), Class 7th.

7.   Ann Nester, m 1 Jun 1794 Christ's Church, Philadelphia to Peter Daugart.

8.   William Nester, b ca 1761.
.              1777, 12 Aug: "
Pennsylvania Evening Post", from "Pennsylvania Vital Records", Vol II:
.                       "Deserted from the ship Montgomery, commanded by William Allen, a certain William Nester, about 16 years of age, 5' 6"
.                         or 7" high.  Four Dollars reward.  William Allen, Capt."

9.   Gertrant Nesteer, bur 10 Oct 1792 Berks Co.  From the records of Schwartzwald Reformed Church, which also give her birth
.              year as 1720.

10.   Antone Nester, b 1790's, m ____.
.              1840 Philadelphia Co, Pa census, North Liberties Ward 7, p 195, Antone Nester, 0000001-00001.
.              Not located in any other record.

11.   Conred Nester, m Maria Katerina Reintzel, b 15 Mar 1765 Berks Co, d/o Johan Valentine Reintzel Sr and Maria Sarah Riegel.
.              This info comes from "
Descendants of Johnan Nicholas Reintzel".
.               Conrad apparently died by 1787:
.               1787 Philadelphia, Northern Liberties:
.                        John Feiverig                              51         2.10
.                        for Conred Nester est              800          2  4

.         Ref:  1.   Wendy Kelly, email:
wendy@wendykelly.com   Info on Elizabeth Nester Moyer and descendants.
.                  2.   Arlene Houghton, email:
arbuch@sonic.net Descendant of Elizabeth Nester Moyer.