.                                                                                   Nestor Family News                                                                
.                                                                                              March 22nd, 2017

.         Dad and Julia are still living in Ashland, Ky.  Dad's high school 50th reunion was in the Fall of 2014, and fortunately he was been able to schedule a vacation week that over-
.         lapped that weekend.  The class has established the "Class of 1964 Fund", with the intent of contributing to the STEM progam at Ashland High School, and other worthwhile
.         projects.  Julia attended her 38th year Portsmouth High School reunion in the Spring of 2016, and a good time was had by all 20 who attended.

.         Uncle (great uncle)
Paul Nestor is doing well and his daughter Judy Deme had moved in with him.  He was transferred to the North Carolina State Veteran's Home in Kinston a
.         few months ago.

Valerie and family moved from Jamestown, NY to Ft Mitchell, Ky in July 2015, and in December 2016 they moved back to Louisville, where Otis has joined a radiology group.

Jake finished a 3 year pediatric residency at Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio in Jul 2013, was a member of a pediatric group in Danville, Ky, and in Februay 2017 joined
.         a pediatric practice in Lexington, Ky.  He is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics.

Rachel graduated from nursing school at the Univ of Ky, on May 4th, 2012, with a BSN, and she passed her RN nursing boards.  She first worked in the cardiac ICU at
.         Central Baptist Hospital ICU (Lexington), and in Feb 2014 took a new job in the ICU at Baptist East Hospital in Louisville, Ky early in 2014.  She married Matt Snyder on
.         July 15th, 2015 at Riviera Maya, Mexico.  She is in a Nurse Practitioner program.

Josh finished the APT program at ACTC and received an associate degree.  He is now attending Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Ky, working on a degree in industrial
.         safety/health.

Michael just finished his 1st semester at the University of Louisville, majoring in computer science, and changed to a math major.  He is a member of the Cards, a singing group
.         at the University, and may be seen on youtube.

Laura is in the 10th grade at Raceland High School, where she is a member of the marching band, playing flute.

.         Contact the Nestors and related individuals:

.                                      Mike:  mdn3557@yahoo.com (pager 606-327-9453, work 606-833-3791, cell 606-923-9298)
.                                                  Michael D. and Julia F. Nestor, 544 Sunset Dr, Ashland, Ky 41101 (606-324-2584)
.                                       Julia:   
jfnestor_2001@yahoo.com (cell 606-923-8661)
.                                    Valerie:  
.                                                  Chris and Ann Colvin, 445 Oakwood Circle, Pendleton, Ky 40055, 502-743-5433  
.                                                  Jack and Doris Colvin, 3105 Limerick Lane, Louisville, Ky 40242, 502-425-1237
.                                      Jacob:  
jker2001@gmail.com (cell 859-361-8156)
.                                                  Samuel J. (Jake) Watson, 17A Charleston Greene, Danville, Ky 40422
.                                    Rachel:
 rachn87@windstream.net (cell 606-922-7183)
.                                    Joshua:  (cell 606-465-4105)  (mother's cell 606-922-4584, Bob's 923-5890)
.                                                  email:
.                                                  Josh Nestor and Trish and Bob McKeon, 2620 Central Pkwy, Ashland, Ky 41102
.                         Karen Nestor:  (cell 502-382-0641)  email
.                                                  450 Westwood Dr, Apt 3, Frankfort, Ky 40601
.                        Steve and Jane:  
stevenestor@cbceng.com and: sjnest73@yahoo.com    
.                                                  (304-522-0324) and Steve's work: (304-926-0458)
.                                                  Steve and Jane Nestor, 1846 Military Rd, Huntington, WVa 25701
.                                                  Kelly's picture:  
Picture     Jane's Picture
.                                    Megan:  megannestor@yahoo.com  
.                                                  Megan K. Nestor, 4148 36th Ave SW #D, Seattle, WA 98126-4446
.                             Chris Little:  
.                                                  Drs Christopher R. and Jennifer (Jenn) Little, PhD, 3898 Golden Eagle Dr, Manhattan, Kans 66502.
.                                                  prof address: Dept of Plant Pathology, Kansas State Univ, 4024 Throckmorton Plant Sciences Center,
.                                                                        Manhattan, Kans 66506-5502; phone 956-279-3185, email:
.                       Dan and Cathy:  (765-966-3870)  (work 765-973-7292)  work email  dans@RP-L.com  
.                                                  Daniel E. and Cathleen F. Straight, 3331 Geraldine Lane, Richmond, Ind 47374
.                                         Jeff:  
pcwc@acool.net (706-855-0524)
.                                                  Jeffrey V. Straight, 4533 Glennwood Drive, Evans, Ga 30809
.           Lynn and Joe McLeod:  
jlynnmcl@aol.com (304-760-1110)
.                                                  114 Litchfield Lane, Hurricane, WVa 25526
.      James R. and Anita Crace:  
.                    Dick and Harriet:  
rstrait@cinci.rr.com (513-422-0413)  (his cell 513-320-0260)
.                                                  Richard E. and Harriet L. Strait, 6635 Stonyrill Lane, Franklin, Ohio 45005
.                  Jessica and Kevin:   Kevin and Jessica Fraley, 1115 Radford Dr, Russell Ky 41169 (606-923-8965 and 922-1036)
.                                                  Kelsie and Drew King, 247 Bellefonte Circle, Ashland, Ky 41101
.                  Jennifer and Todd:  Todd and Jennifer Hellmich, 1621 Acacia Ave, Torrance, CA 90501.
.                          Kerry Cutlip:  68 Stuart Circle, Hurricane, WVa 25526 (304-562-2067)
.                                        Paul:  
janetandpaulnestor@gmail.com (252-527-7955)
.                                                  A. Paul Nestor, #C111, North Carolina State Veterans Home, 2150 Hull Rd, Kinston, NC 28504
.                                                  Webpage for
A. Paul Nestor Award.  Paul's picture.
.                                   Marsha:  (919-873-1152), 1800 Dunes Ct, Raleigh, NC 27615  
.                                                  Marsha Nestor Hendrixson, email:
.                                       Judy:  (252-527-6579), 758 Colony Place, Kinston, NC 28501
.                                                  Judy Nestor Deme: email:
.                                        Bob:  Robert E. (Bob) Whitsitt (408-712-3833, 408-712-3834), 55 Skyline Crest, Monterey, CA 93940
.                                                  Bob and wife Lana Bryan are retired web page creators, having done business as
The Write Team:
.                                                  webpage:
.                                                  email: Bob.Whitsitt@writeteam.com
.                                          Jill:  Jill M. Whitsitt DeLisle and husband Ken, and daughters Lia and Kim (608-334-1039 or 608-886-8288)
.                                                  1924 Kendall Ave, Madison, Wisc 53705-4008
.                                                  email:
.                     Richard and Jan:  Richard (Rich) and Jan Whitsitt (815-398-5669) email: richw@rockfordspring.com
.                                                  120 S Prospect, Rockford, Ill 61104

.     Individual Portraits
.     Christmas 2003    Sunset Beach, Jun 2004    Rachel's Tennis    Halloween 2004
.     San Diego 2004 (incl Jake, Rachel, and Josh in Dec 04)    Gilbert's 1st Birthday
.     Emma and Chad's Wedding (Aug 04)
.     Home Oct 04    Christmas 2004     Disney World 2005    Michael's 2005 B-Ball
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.     Michael's 7th Birthday    Lucy's Picture   Spring Break 2006   Father's Day 2006
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.     Josh's 2007 Prom Picture      Josh's 2008 Prom Picture
.     Laura's 2007 Kindergarten graduation    Trip to Ajijic, Mexico
.     Emma Frowine, 1st Lt USMC body building pictures
.     Otis and Valerie's European Vacation
.     Michael: Guitar Hero
.     Girl Scout Father/Daughter Dance (Dad/Laura)
.     Mike's Air Force Site   Anna's ultrasound pictures
Anna, age 2 1/2 mos
Momma Valerie and Anna
Granddaddy Nestor and Anna
Valerie, Aunt Rachel & Anna, Daddy Otis
Valerie, Otis, and Anna
Valerie, Jake, Mike, Julia, Josh
Michael, Rachel, Laura
Naomi Judd and Julia Nestor - Sept 2009 - at the Paul G. Blazer High School 45th reunion  
Penny Colvin, age 6 months  
          Laura Nestor, 2015
Russell High School Marching Band  
                    Anna and Natalie  
Camden Park, Huntington, WVa   Aug 2014   
Father's Day, 2014, Pendleton, Ky