.                                                                                   Nestor Family News                                                                
.                                                                                                   May 25th, 2015

.         Dad and Julia are still living in Ashland, Ky.  Dad's high school 50th reunion was this past Fall, and fortunately he was been able to schedule a vacation week that overlaped
.         that weekend   Julia attended her 38th yeaar high school reunion this past Spring, and a good time was had by all 20 who attended.

.         Uncle (great uncle)
Paul Nestor is doing well and his daughter Judy Deme has moved in with him.

.         Aunt (great aunt)
Billie Whitsitt's ex-husband Bob Whittsitt Sr died in Rockford, Ill in October 2014.

Valerie and family have moved to Jamestown, NY, and they just welcomed the newest member of their family in Nov 2014, Penelope Jane Colvin (Penny).  See her picture
.         below  Otis completed a year long fellowship in musculoskeletal radiology at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Ariz in June 2014, and is now a member of the radiology group in
.         Jamestown, NY.  He is joining a group in Cincinnati, Ohio in July 2015, at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Jake finished a 3 year pediatric residency at Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio in Jul 2013, and is a member of a pediatric group in Danville, Ky.  He is certified by the
.         American Board of Pediatrics.

Rachel graduated from nursing school at the Univ of Ky, on May 4th, 2012, with a BSN, and she passed her RN nursing boards.  She first worked in the cardiac ICU at
.         Central Baptist Hospital ICU (Lexington), and in Feb 2014 took a new job in the ICU at Baptist East Hospital in Louisville, Ky early in 2014.  She recentlly became engaged
.         to Matt Snyder, and they are planning a July 15th, 2015 wedding on the Riviera Maya.

Josh finished the Spring 2015 semester at ACTC and is in a technical training program which could lead to a job as an operator at the Marathan Refinery in Catlettsburg, Ky,
.         or something similar.  He also has been working part-time at Foodland.

Michael is a junior at Russell High School.

Laura is in the 8th grade at Russell Middle School.  She was on the dance team and the academic team.  She made Kentucky All State Choir last year and can be heard as part of
.         1000 Kentucky high school students singing the national anthem at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Louisville.  This is on
You-Tube and was planned but unrehearsed.  She also
.         was All District in flute in the Spring of 2014, and is now a member of the Russell High School marching band, playing the flute.

.         Contact the Nestors and related individuals:

.                                      Mike:  mdn3557@yahoo.com (pager 606-327-9453, work 606-833-3791, cell 606-923-9298)
.                                                  Michael D. and Julia F. Nestor, 544 Sunset Dr, Ashland, Ky 41101 (606-324-2584)
.                                       Julia:   
jfnestor_2001@yahoo.com (cell 606-923-8661)
.                                    Valerie:  
.                                                  Chris and Ann Colvin, 445 Oakwood Circle, Pendleton, Ky 40055, 502-743-5433  
.                                                  Jack and Doris Colvin, 3105 Limerick Lane, Louisville, Ky 40242, 502-425-1237
.                                      Jacob:  
jker2001@gmail.com (cell 859-361-8156)
.                                                  Samuel J. (Jake) Watson, 17A Charleston Greene, Danville, Ky 40422
.                                    Rachel:
 rachn87@windstream.net (cell 606-922-7183)
.                                    Joshua:  (cell 606-465-4105)  (mother's cell 606-922-4584, Bob's 923-5890)
.                                                  email:
.                                                  Josh Nestor and Trish and Bob McKeon, 2620 Central Pkwy, Ashland, Ky 41102
.                         Karen Nestor:  (cell 502-382-0641)  email
.                                                  450 Westwood Dr, Apt 3, Frankfort, Ky 40601
.                        Steve and Jane:  
stevenestor@cbceng.com and: sjnest73@yahoo.com    
.                                                  (304-522-0324) and Steve's work: (304-926-0458)
.                                                  Steve and Jane Nestor, 1846 Military Rd, Huntington, WVa 25701
.                                                  Kelly's picture:  
Picture     Jane's Picture
.                                    Megan:  megannestor@yahoo.com  
.                                                  Megan K. Nestor, 4148 36th Ave SW #D, Seattle, WA 98126-4446
.                             Chris Little:  
.                                                  Drs Christopher R. and Jennifer (Jenn) Little, PhD, 3898 Golden Eagle Dr, Manhattan, Kans 66502.
.                                                  prof address: Dept of Plant Pathology, Kansas State Univ, 4024 Throckmorton Plant Sciences Center,
.                                                                        Manhattan, Kans 66506-5502; phone 956-279-3185, email:
.                       Dan and Cathy:  (765-966-3870)  (work 765-973-7292)  work email  dans@RP-L.com  
.                                                  Daniel E. and Cathleen F. Straight, 3331 Geraldine Lane, Richmond, Ind 47374
.                                         Jeff:  
pcwc@acool.net (706-855-0524)
.                                                  Jeffrey V. Straight, 4533 Glennwood Drive, Evans, Ga 30809
.           Lynn and Joe McLeod:  
jlynnmcl@aol.com (304-760-1110)
.                                                  114 Litchfield Lane, Hurricane, WVa 25526
.      James R. and Anita Crace:  
.                    Dick and Harriet:  
rstrait@cinci.rr.com (513-422-0413)  (his cell 513-320-0260)
.                                                  Richard E. and Harriet L. Strait, 6635 Stonyrill Lane, Franklin, Ohio 45005
.                   Jessica and Kevin:  Kevin and Jessica Fraley, 1115 Radford Dr, Russell Ky 41169 (606-923-8965 and 922-1036)
.                  Jennifer and Todd:  Todd and Jennifer Hellmich, 1444 Fairway Drive, Ashland, Ky 41102 (606-585-0087)
.                          Kerry Cutlip:  68 Stuart Circle, Hurricane, WVa 25526 (304-562-2067)
.                                        Paul:  
janetandpaulnestor@gmail.com (252-527-7955)
.                                                  A. Paul Nestor, 758 Colony Place, Kinston, NC 28501
.                                                  Webpage for
A. Paul Nestor Award.  Paul's picture.
.                                   Marsha:  (919-873-1152), 1800 Dunes Ct, Raleigh, NC 27615  
.                                                  Marsha Nestor Hendrixson, email:
.                                       Judy:  (252-527-6579), 758 Colony Place, Kinston, NC 28501
.                                                  Judy Nestor Deme: email:
.                                       Billie:  (608-277-0919)
.                                                  Billie M. Whitsitt, 5440 Caddis Bnd, Madison, Wisc 53711
.                                        Bob:  Robert E. (Bob) Whitsitt (408-712-3833, 408-712-3834), 55 Skyline Crest, Monterey, CA 93940
.                                                  Bob and wife Lana Bryan are retired web page creators, having done business as
The Write Team:
.                                                  webpage:
.                                                  email: Bob.Whitsitt@writeteam.com
.                                          Jill:  Jill M. Whitsitt DeLisle and husband Ken, and daughters Lia and Kim (608-334-1039 or 608-886-8288)
.                                                  1924 Kendall Ave, Madison, Wisc 53705-4008
.                                                  email:
.                     Richard and Jan:  Richard (Rich) and Jan Whitsitt (815-398-5669) email: richw@rockfordspring.com
.                                                  120 S Prospect, Rockford, Ill 61104

.     Individual Portraits
.     Christmas 2003    Sunset Beach, Jun 2004    Rachel's Tennis    Halloween 2004
.     San Diego 2004 (incl Jake, Rachel, and Josh in Dec 04)    Gilbert's 1st Birthday
.     Emma and Chad's Wedding (Aug 04)
.     Home Oct 04    Christmas 2004     Disney World 2005    Michael's 2005 B-Ball
.     Snowman, Feb 05    San Diego, Feb 05    Ethan's 6th Birthday   San Diego, Apr 05
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.     Michael's 2006-07 B-Ball   Laura's Teeth  
.     Josh's 2007 Prom Picture      Josh's 2008 Prom Picture
.     Laura's 2007 Kindergarten graduation    Trip to Ajijic, Mexico
.     Emma Frowine, 1st Lt USMC body building pictures
.     Otis and Valerie's European Vacation
.     Michael: Guitar Hero
.     Girl Scout Father/Daughter Dance (Dad/Laura)
.     Mike's Air Force Site   Anna's ultrasound pictures
Anna, age 2 1/2 mos
Momma Valerie and Anna
Granddaddy Nestor and Anna
Valerie, Aunt Rachel & Anna, Daddy Otis
Valerie, Otis, and Anna
Valerie, Jake, Mike, Julia, Josh
  Michael, Rachel, Laura
Naomi Judd and Julia Nestor - Sept 2009 - at the Paul G. Blazer High School 45th reunion  
Penny Colvin, age 6 months  
             Laura Nestor, 2015
Russell High School Marching Band  
                       Anna and Natalie  
Camden Park, Huntington, WVa   Aug 2014   
Father's Day, 2014, Pendleton, Ky