.                      Misc Straights/Straits, unidentified
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.                                                               author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

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.           Abraham Strait came to Morris Co, NJ before 1750.  Acc to "
Rockewey History of Morris Co, NJ", Abraham came from Holland.
.              He had children Abraham, Isaac Stephen, John, Christian, Mary Ann, Jacob, all b 1730-40.  His grandson Abraham A. Strait, b
.              1791, moved to Franklin Co, Ohio.

.           1840 Athens Co, Ohio census, Ames, p 323, P. Strait, 0310001-1110001.  (listed in same county as
Benjamin Straight (#1633))

Abraham B. Straight, b 1798, m Eunice Davis.                                                        of  Rensselaer Co, NY and Bennington Co, Vt
.           Reported s/o
Daniel Straight (#222) of Morris Co, NJ, but this is highly unlikely.

Benjamin Straight, b ca 1765-75, m ____.                                                                          of Rensselaer and Washington Cos, NY
.           More likely the s/o
William Straight (#231), than the Benjamin, below.

Benjamin Straight, b ca 1803 NY, m Persis (Percy) Hill.
.           Lived in Warren Co, NY.  Listed in Lazell's book as supposed s/o
William Straight (#231), but this cannot be correct.  More
.           likely a s/o the older Benjamin Straight, above.

Ephraim Straight, b ca 1799 Monongalia Co, Va (now WVa), m(1) Catherine Rice/Royce, m(2) Susanna ____.
.           Listed in Lazell's book as s/o
Henry Straight (#2312), but this is undoubtedly wrong.
.           Other, more likely correct, sources, say he was a s/o John W. Straight, s/o Jacob W. Straight, who apparently wasn't of the RI
.           Straight family.

Nathaniel Strait, b 1795, m Louisa Barnes.                                                                                                           of Perry Co, Ohio
.           He was a s/o Jacob Strait, b ca 1774 Morris Co, NY.

.           1810 Litchfield Co, Conn census, Kent, p 914, (?Thomas) Straight, 01101-00001.  (indexed as "Himes")
.           1820 Windham Co, Conn census, Plainfield, p 2071, Henry Straight, 00100-10100-01.  (poss sons of
Nathan Straight (#234))
.                                                                                                Thos Straight, 100100-10010-01.
.           1830 Windham Co, Conn census, Killingly, p 129, Amos Streight, 000001-000001.
.           1830 Windham Co, Conn census, Brooklyn, p 23, John Straight, 202001-111111.
.                     ("2" possibly corrected to "1" in males, age 30-40)

.           1840 Wayne Co, NY census, Walworth, p 236, William Straight, 00000001-000010001.  (William b 1780's)
.                    listed adjacent: Horace M. Straight, 01001-00001.
.                    This William also listed as poss same as
William Straight (#1344), but no proof)
.                    This William listed as William Straight, b ca 1795 RI, and Horace M. Straight, b 1811 NY, m Matilda Levise, b 1817 NY,
.                     by Donna Londeen at
www.rootsweb.com, email: DonnaL@cox.net
.                    William could be the William Straight, b "1797", s/o William Straight (#2311) of Ontario Co, NY.
.           1830 Ontario Co, NY census, Canandaigua, p 125, William M. Strait, 0112001-0110201.
.           1830 Ontario Co, NY census, Farmington, p 205, Gardner Strait, 1010101-0010101.  (this is
Gardner Straight (#23111))

.           John Strait
.                1800 Cheshire Co, NH census, Plainfield, p 4, John Strait, 00010-20010.

William H. Straight/Strait, b ca 1781-82, m Mary H. ____.
.           of Medina Co, Ohio
John Straight/Strait (#213) of Gallia Co, Ohio had a son William, who "went West".  Poss this William, but no proof.